Blessed bi spirit: bisexual people of faith

Continuum, 21/04/2000 - 280 páginas
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Blessed with the possibility of a love that transcends the socially constructed boundary of gender identity (masculine/feminine) and the biologically constructed boundary of sex (male/female), bisexual persons speak to a number of theological principles as no others can.

Reflecting a wide spectrum of religious traditions and spiritual paths -- including Buddhist, Hindu, 12-Step, Pagan, Indigenous, Christian, and Jewish -- more than 30 contributors speak about the intersections of their faith practice and their sexual orientation. Some write about struggles in their denomination to be "out" as bisexuals. Others find their capacity to love both woman and men rooted in their faith traditions. Still others create new prayers and rituals to widen the boundaries of their faith practice.

While there have been many anthologies devoted to the specific spiritual inheritance of heterosexual women, lesbians, and gay men, this is the first such anthology in which bisexual persons speak for themselves. Contributors share rich insights on achieving wholeness, balance, and integration, on reconciling transcendence and immanence, on sacred sexuality, crossing boundaries, and living fully in one's calling.

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