Archidoxes of Magic

Kessinger Publishing, 01/01/1992 - 158 páginas
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Of the Supreme Mysteries of Nature; of the Spirits of Planets; Secrets of Alchemy; Occult Philosophy; Signs of the Zodiack, Magical Cure of Diseases; and Celestial Medicines; Partial Contents: Of Simple Fire; Multiplicity of Fire; The Metals of the Planets; Spirit of the Sun; Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; Of Tinctures how they are made; Conjunction of Male and Female; To make the Furnace; To place the Fire; The Red Colour; Of Consecrations; Of Ceremonies Magical; Of Conjurations; Supernatural Diseases must have Supernatural Cures; Visions and Dreams; Dreams natural and Supernatural; Of Imagination; Of Hidden Treasure; The Abuse of Magick; Preservatives against Witchcraft; Manner of helping persons bewitched; Of the mystery of the twelve Signs; Celestial Medicines.

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