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Emotional Branding

Marc Gobé - 2007 - 288 páginas
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Joël Desgrippes and Marc Gobé on the Emotional Brand Experience

Anne Hellman, Marc Gobé, Joël Desgrippes
Degrippes Gobe is internationally sought-after firm that is leading the industry with groundbreaking work. This exciting new book shares the expertise of the world-renowned ...
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The Entertainment Economy: How Mega-Media Forces Are Transforming Our Lives

Michael Wolf - 2010 - 336 páginas
Every so often an author explains our culture in such a new and original way that from that day on we see the world around us in a new light. From Understanding Media by ...
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How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y

Joeri Van Den Bergh, Mattias Behrer - 2013 - 240 páginas
Generation Y (13-29 year olds) are the most marketing savvy and advertising critical generation ever. Three times the size of the previous Generation X, they have a much bigger ...
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How to Advertise

Kenneth Roman, Jane Maas - 2003 - 268 páginas
An updated guide to advertising contains coverage of such topics as marketing communications, generating creative ideas, advertising on the Internet, and integrating ...
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Experiential Marketing: How to Get Customers to Sense, Feel, Think, Act, Relate

Bernd H. Schmitt - 2000 - 304 páginas
Engaging, enlightening, provocative, and sensational are the words people use to describe compelling experiences and these words also describe this extraordinary book by Bernd ...
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The Truth About Best Branding Practices (Collection)

William Kane, Donna Heckler, Brian D. Till, Michael Solomon - 2010 - 672 páginas
150 powerful bite-size techniques for creating high-value brands – and keeping them strong! Three full books of bite-size, actionable guidance on branding and marketing ...
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