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Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side : the Stories Behind the Songs

Chris Roberts - 2004 - 142 páginas
(Book). Lou Reed has been art-rocker, iconoclast, contrary noise merchant, and junkie, yet he's always been fascinating. Only David Bowie, arguably, has re-invented himself as ...
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Heavy Words Lightly Thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme

Chris Roberts - 2004 - 176 páginas
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Wind Storm Rising

Chris Roberts - 2005 - 432 páginas
Kale is a teenager like any other. He's rapidly growing out of his clothes, his body is changing in strange new ways and it seems like his life consists of nothing but chores ...
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UCLA Bruins

Chris Roberts - 2005 - 155 páginas
Presents the history of the UCLA Bruins, concise biographies of coaches and players, anecdotes, team traditions and fans, and the crosstown rivalry between the Bruins and the ...
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Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Mike Harrison, Chris Roberts - 1991 - 287 páginas
In the few months since its release, Wing Commander has attracted a user base of over 250,000. Its incredible graphics technology combined with a challenging action game make ...
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A Mcspooky Halloween

Chris Roberts - 2006 - 70 páginas
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Doing Ethics in Media: Theories and Practical Applications

Jay Black, Chris Roberts - 2011 - 456 páginas
Providing an accessible examination of ethics, Doing Ethics in Media introduces students to ethical theory and provides a grounded discussion of ethics in the context of today ...
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Pension Confidential: 50 Things You Don't Know About Your Pension and ...

Robert Drummond, Chris Roberts - 2012 - 232 páginas
The media says you should be worried about your pension, the banks and financial advisors say Canadians aren't saving enough for their retirement, and Ottawa says drastic cuts ...
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Raised by Wolves

Chris Roberts - 2007
From Girl Scout to grocery store clerk, firearms instructor to special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and eventually to freelance writer, Chris Roberts ...
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