A pattern approach to interaction design

Wiley, 2001 - 246 páginas
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A much-needed guide on how to apply patterns in user interface design
While the subject of design patterns for software development has been covered extensively, little has been written about the power of the pattern format in interface design. A Pattern Approach to Interactive Design remedies this situation, providing for the first time an introduction to the concepts and application of patterns in user interface design. The author shows interface designers how to structure and capture user interface design knowledge from their projects and learn to understand each other's design principles and solutions. Key features of this book include a comprehensive pattern language for the interface design of interactive exhibits as well as a thorough introduction to original pattern work and its application in software development. The book also offers invaluable practical guidance for interface designers, project managers, and researchers working in HCI, as well as for designers of interactive systems.

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Design Pattern Languages
An Interdisciplinary Pattern Framework
A Pattern Language for Interactive Music Exhibits
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Acerca do autor (2001)

JAN BORCHERS is Acting Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. His research interests lie in Human-Computer Interaction for New Media - making the Brave New World of ubiquitous media technology usefuly, by making it usable. he has designed a series of award-winning and highly popular interactive exhibits that have been installed permanently in public exhibition centers, and has pioneered the field of HCI patterns in recent years, organizing many workshops and leading an international research task force for IFIP on the subject.
Jan Borchers holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Darmstadt, and a BSc MSc in the same field from the University of Karlsruhe. He has presented his work at most major HCI conferences, as well as in journals such as IEEE Multimedia and Computers Graphics. He is a member of ACM SIGCHI, BayCHI, and GI.

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