An Historical Sketch of the Portuguese Settlements in China: And of the Roman Catholic Church and Mission in China

J. Munroe, 1836 - 323 páginas
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Página 297 - by a perpendicular descent of many hundred feet by ladders of bamboo and rattan, over a sea rolling violently against the rocks. When the mouth of the cave is attained, the perilous task of taking the nests must often be performed by torch-light, by penetrating into recesses of the rock, where the slightest slip
Página 275 - ordnance into the fort lying close to the brink of the river ; each piece being between six and seven hundred weight, and well proportioned ; and after the end of four days, having, as they thought, sufficiently fortified themselves, they discharged divers shot, though without hurt, upon one of the barges passing by them,
Página 275 - had in all that time, since the return of the pinnace, so beslandered them to the Chinese, reporting them to be rogues, thieves, beggars, and what not, that they became very jealous of the good meaning of the English ; insomuch, that in the night time they put forty-six
Página 297 - to show the constituents; externally, they resemble ill concocted, fibrous isinglass, and are of a white color, inclining to red ; their thickness is little more than that of a silver spoon, and the weight from a quarter to half an ounce. When dry, they are brittle and wrinkled; the size is
Página 73 - Knowing as you ought to know, that the Portuguese inhabit a territory belonging to the Celestial Empire, how could you suppose that the French should ever venture to molest them. If they dared, our warlike tribes should attack, defeat, and chase them from the face of the country.
Página 298 - but their best quality, perhaps, is their being perfectly harmless. The labor bestowed to render them fit for the table is enormous; every feather, stick or impurity of any kind is carefully removed; and then, after undergoing many washings and preparations, it is made into a soft, delicious jelly. The sale of
Página 298 - be instantly fatal to the adventurers, who see nothing below them but the turbulent surf making its way into the chasms of the rock." Such is the price paid to gratify luxury.
Página 298 - they are obtained] they are separated from feathers and dirt, are carefully dried and packed, and are then fit for the market. The Chinese, who are the only people that purchase them for their own use, bring them in junks to this market, where they command extravagant prices; the best or white kind often being worth
Página 296 - and China, excepting perhaps pepper. It is found on all the islands from New Holland to Sumatra, and also on most of those in the pacific. It is produced in the greatest abundance on small coral islands, especially those to the south and east of the Sooloo group." Among the islanders it is known by the name of
Página 275 - desolate castle ; and being now furnished with some slender interpreters, they soon had speech with divers mandarins in the king's junks, to whom the cause of their arrival was declared, viz: to entertain peace and amity with them, to traffic freely as the Portuguese did. and to be forthwith supplied for their monies, with provisions for their ships ; all which those

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