Django RESTful Web Services: The easiest way to build Python RESTful APIs and web services with Django

Packt Publishing Ltd, 25/01/2018 - 326 páginas

Design, build and test RESTful web services with the Django framework and Python

Key Features
  • Create efficient real-world RESTful web services with the latest Django framework
  • Authenticate, secure, and integrate third-party packages efficiently in your Web Services
  • Leverage the power of Python for faster Web Service development
Book Description

Django is a Python web framework that makes the web development process very easy. It reduces the amount of trivial code, which simplifies the creation of web applications and results in faster development. It is very powerful and a great choice for creating RESTful web services.

If you are a Python developer and want to efficiently create RESTful web services with Django for your apps, then this is the right book for you.

The book starts off by showing you how to install and configure the environment, required software, and tools to create RESTful web services with Django and the Django REST framework. We then move on to working with advanced serialization and migrations to interact with SQLite and non-SQL data sources. We will use the features included in the Django REST framework to improve our simple web service.

Further, we will create API views to process diverse HTTP requests on objects, go through relationships and hyperlinked API management, and then discover the necessary steps to include security and permissions related to data models and APIs. We will also apply throttling rules and run tests to check that versioning works as expected. Next we will run automated tests to improve code coverage.

By the end of the book, you will be able to build RESTful web services with Django.

What you will learn
  • The best way to build a RESTful Web Service or API with Django and the Django REST Framework
  • Develop complex RESTful APIs from scratch with Django and the Django REST Framework
  • Work with either SQL or NoSQL data sources
  • Design RESTful Web Services based on application requirements
  • Use third-party packages and extensions to perform common tasks
  • Create automated tests for RESTful web services
  • Debug, test, and profile RESTful web services with Django and the Django REST Framework
Who this book is for

This book is for Python developers who want to create RESTful web services with Django; you need to have a basic working knowledge of Django but no previous experience with RESTful web services is required.



Installing the Required Software and Tools
Working with Models Migrations Serialization and Deserialization
Creating API Views
Using Generalized Behavior from the APIView Class
Understanding and Customizing the Browsable API Feature
Working with Advanced Relationships and Serialization
Using Constraints Filtering Searching Ordering and Pagination
Securing the API with Authentication and Permissions
Applying Throttling Rules and Versioning Management
Automating Tests
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