Heavy Metal

Collector's Guide Publishing, Incorporated, 2000 - 191 páginas
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Not just a blanket discussion on metal, this book offers essays on the 50 heavy metal bands that had the biggest influence on building a scene that perplexes, thrives and provokes deep into the rock 2000's. The author offers persuasive and often argumentative and explosive essays on each act, ranked within the three separate decades of metal's existence: the 70's, the 80's and the 90's. In addition each essay is peppered with fascinating and often lengthy and heartfelt direct quotes from the music makers themselves, as well as discographies of their work, just in case you want to run out and buy up what all the fuss is about! An entertaining and provocative read for anybody who wants to learn more about the most creative and fearless of metal pioneers, this book is sure to spark metal debate long into the loud night. Hail!

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