The Power of Positive Drinking

Penguin Random House, 2013 - 230 páginas
Drink without the downsides--12 simple lessons on how to be the life of the party without falling over, getting a hangover, or gaining weight This is not a guide on how to get drunk, but rather a guide to drinking well and thoroughly enjoying yourself. Drinking has a bad reputation in some quarters, but that's largely because we don't drink properly, as we have not yet been initiated in the art of drinking well. Most of us know plenty about healthy eating, but next to nothing about healthy drinking. This book is a master class on how to imbibe successfully, on how to reach that delicious level of intoxication where you and your fellow drinkers blossom into the favorite version of yourselves, and stay there. It explains how to ensure that every drinking occasion snowballs into a glorious and triumphant event. The finest hints and tips on stylish drinking are gleaned from seasoned and successful drinkers around the globe, including failsafe recipes for some of the world's greatest snifters--martini recipes, margarita recipes, mojitos, and cosmopolitans--along with a few of the author's own specialities, guaranteed to avoid that awful hangover. The 12 lessons include: Vloddy Marvellous Things about Vodka, No Hangover Cocktails, Skinny Low-Calorie Cocktails, Champagne, Wine, How to Win with Gin, Tuck into Tequila, Avoid Getting Frisky on Whisky, Rum, What to Absolutely Avoid, Essential Hangover Tips, and Prehab: The Rehab-Prevention Rules.

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Acerca do autor (2013)

Cleo Rocos is the essential ingredient to any party that wants to go with a swing, and has spent a lifetime partying with the best of them, as a host of bon viveurs from Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana to Alan Carr and Jack Nicholson would attest. She is also an international spirits judge.

Her love for Mexico and its favourite drink has led to her adoption by the tequila industry, where she has been honoured by its official governing body. 2012 saw her launching her own brand of 100 per cent agave tequila, AquaRiva, with high-profile lifestyle brand partners such as Virgin Atlantic, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. The Power of Positive Drinking was published in 2013. Cleo lives in London.

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