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§ 1. Manuscript Of The Lincoln Treatises.

In this seventh and last volume of the works of Giraldus Cambrensis, are contained his two Lincoln treatises, the Life of St. Remigius with its additions, and the Life of St. Hugh of Burgundy; the latter of which appears now for the first time in print. MS of the Lincoln These treatises are preserved to us in Treatises;No.425, one manuscript only; viz. MS. 425 in C.C.C. Cambridge. th9 \i\ymTy of Corpus Christi College

Cambridge, a small 8vo. volume of vellum. They occupy about the first half of the volume; and are in double columns, in a hand of the early part of the thirteenth century,—written, it would seem, and added to in the margin or otherwise, at different times, but always, it would seem, by the same hand. They have little ornamentation, but the hand is a beautifully clear and legible one, and remarkably free from scribal blunders. An editor, generally, will find himself often at fault, and think himself unhappy, if he has but one manuscript of an old writer before him: but in the case of these Lincoln treatises, I doubt whether any number of manuscripts, however early and good, would have enabled me to give a much more correct text than is here supplied by this one manuscript. Of all the early manuscripts of Giraldus's different works which I have had to study, this C.C.C. 425 seems to me to have the best claim to be looked upon, if not as his own autograph copy, yet as

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