On consumption

John Churchill, 1858 - 302 páginas

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Página 12 - These vary in size, from that of a pin's head to that of a small pea, but
Página 6 - The truly consumptive symptoms are never dependent upon the amount or even the condition of the tubercular deposit, but upon the degree of functional disorder under which it has been produced or altered; and of this no better proof can be given, than the fact, that cases often present themselves, in which, although the tubercle is as yet
Página 244 - Had I leisure, I would collect facts to prove that there are more natives (not strangers, but inhabitants born and bred in the place) who die of consumption in Nice, than in any town in England of the same amount of population."*
Página 3 - has no individuality ;—it is a process which, like many others, is so subtle and far removed even from our conceptions, that it seems destined to remain for ever beyond our reach ; we are allowed to do nothing more than study its laws, and, in some measure, control its actions.
Página 100 - either pallid or sallow ; the expression is that of care, united with animation ; the features are somewhat sharpened ; the movements of the body are hurried and anxious ; the mental condition is irritable and capricious ; whilst every act betrays an effort, sometimes instinctive, and at others
Página 71 - frequently traceable ; and I am convinced, that the many bearings of this subject upon the physical and mental energies, have a much closer and more frequent relationship to phthisical affections, than we can ever expect, from their peculiar nature, to see fully demonstrated.
Página 253 - They bore her to that healthful isle, Whose rocks of terraced verdure rise And catch the Morn's celestial smile, Responsive to the greeting skies ; And vainly prophesied the island-breeze Would freshen her white cheek, and waft away disease.
Página 253 - Madeira is no more to be relied on than any other place for certainty of fine weather, and it has equally its annual variations of temperature".^
Página 99 - almost instinctive blindness to the real cause of distress, that in its absence, however suspicious certain symptoms appear, these may, with much probability of accuracy, be pronounced unconnected with phthisis. The complexion is usually

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