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Emigrant’s Directory.

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This volume lacks the map mentioned on
the title-page. A photo static copy of
the map, entitled "Inited States" may
be found in the Map Room of the Library.

Through every part of the Republic :

Particularising the States of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio,
Indiana, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois; and the Territories of
Alabama, Missouri, with a description of the newly-acquired countries,
East and West Florida, Michigan, and North-western; and compri-
sing important details on the mode of settling, prospect of adventurers,
religious opinions, manners and customs of the inhabitants, principal
towns and villages, their manufactures, commerce, objects of curiosity,
&c.; with a minute and comprehensive description of the soil, pro-

ductions, climate and aspect of the country; likewise, an account of
the British Possessions in


Accompanied by a whole Sheet Map of the United States; and cor-

rect Table or List of the principal Post and Cross Roads throughout
the United States.

Compiled by several Gentlemen, from a variety of Original
Manuscripts, and from the latest and best authorities.

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*Lombon :
Printed for Edwards & Knibb; W. Grapel, Liverpool, &c. &c.
– ooo-o-

Jouxson, PRINTER, Live R pool.

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