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Foreign bills of exchange,...
Domestic bills,..
Due from others, not included in the above, -
Michigan bonds and warrants, ....
State bonds deposited with State Treasurer,
Expense account,
Personal estate, --
Bank fixtures,
Contingent account,
Stock in this bank,...

63,190 53 50,258 32 10,826 37 47,446 14 107,430 36

1,593 00 2,165 35 1,490 09 1,781 15 19,546 98

Total, ...

-$412,078 78

LIABILITIES. Due depositors,

$206,849 97 “ other banks,

1,633 58 Circulation,

$107,400 00 Less this amount on hand, 13,362 00

94,038 00 Profit and loss, ...

9,557 23 Capital stock, ..

100,000 00

$412,078 78

State of Michigan, County of Wayne, ss.

Henry H. Brown, Cashier of the Peninsular Bank, being duly sworn, deposeth and says, that the above is a true statement of the condition of the Peninsular Bank, on the 27th day of December, 1851.

H. H. BROWN, Cashier. Sworn and subscribed before me,


Notary Public, Wayne County.

Statement showing the condition of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Michigan on the morning of the 29th day of Dec., A. D. 1851.

RESOURCES. Bills discounted and other loans...

-$410,940 59 Bills of exchange...

36,289 48 Michigan State stocks.

50,001 70

Real estate.....
Bonds and mortgages
Land contracts....
Personal property
Detroit city bonds
Due from banks and bankers
Bank notes and checks on other banks and items count-

ed as cash ... Coin

166,888 27 72,936 40 10,951 87 15,355 51 15,496 35 3,571 75

300 00 9,114 13

8,192 00 6,783 28

$806,821 33


LIABILITIES. Bonds to stockholders payable in 1856, and other loans $327,580 65 Circulation, (secured by stocks,)....

25,760 00 do secured by personal liability

6,744 00 branch notes ...

976 00 Deposits applicable to payment of debts due the bank. 115,460 03 Due depositors

8,451 89 Certificate account..

470 29 Collection

1,308 63 Due banks and bankers,

2,535 99 Excess of resources over liability,

317,533 85


$806,821 33

State of Michigan, county of Wayne, 88.

Powers L. Green, being duly sworn, says that he is the Cashier of the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Michigan, and that the above is a statement of the condition of said bank on the morning of the 29th day of December, A. D. 1851, as appears by the books of said bank.

P. L. GREEN, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn this 29th day of December, A. D. 1851.

Notary Public, Wayne Co., Mich.



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ANNUAL REPORT of the Board of State Audi


Lansing, Mich., January 1, 1852.
To his Excellency, Rob'T MCCLELLAND,

Governor of the State of Michigan: Sir-The undersigned respectfully submit the following report of the doings of the Board of State Auditors, for the year ending November 30, 1851:

On the 18th day of December, 1850, the Board examined the 80counts of Bernard C. Whittemore, State Treasurer, and found that at the close of the fiscal year last past, he had on hand in cash, the suur of thirty-six thousand fifty-seven dollars and eighty-five coats, (638,057.85,) which sum being exhibited to us as on hand in the State Treasury, was by us examined, and found correct.


Serdary of Stars DOHS 2. ADAM,

Anditor General On the 21st day of December, 1850, the Board examined the co toplots of Jastus Goodwin, agent of the State Priron, up to the color of the last fiscal year, and compared the same with the books and vouchers in the office of the Auditor General, and upon such examination found that the said Justus Goodwin has fully accounted for all sums of money which came into his hands during the said year; and that he had presented vouchers which have been audited and allowed, over and above all moneys so received, to the amount of two hundred and sixty-seven dollars and sixty-four cents, ($267.64.)


Secretary of State. JOHN J. ADAM,

Auditor General. January 8th, 1851, the Board met upon adjournment, and examined the claim of the State against the Michigan Southern Railroad Company, for a Locomotive and freight cars, put on said road by the State, after July, 1846, referred under the provisions of act No. 195, of 1850, and after a careful examination of the proofs presented, and hearing the arguments of counsel, the Board considered and ad. judged that there is justly and equitably due to the State of Michigan from the said Michigan Southern Railroad Company, the sum of nine thousand dollars, ($9,000.00,) with interest from the twentythird day of December, 1846, making in all the sum of eleven thousand five hundred forty-seven dollars and sixty-two cents, ($11,547.62,) and gave decision accordingly, in favor of the State and against said company, for that amount.

March 31st, 1851, the Board examined the claim of Edward G. Adderly, presented under Joint Resolution No. 47, of 1848, and upon the proofs presented allowed the claimant the sum of $199.00.

August 28th, 1851, the Board examined the claim of Oliver M. Hyde, for lumber furnished the State in the years 1842 and 1843, used for repairing the Dearborn bridge, and planking about the Depot in the city of Detroit, presented under Joint Resolution No. 30, of 1847, and after careful examination of the proof presented, and the testimony of H. A. Hayden, on behalf of the State, the claim was disallowed.

List of Claims allowed by the Board from December

Ist, 1850, to November 30th, 1851, inclusive.

Dec. 27. Commissioner of State Land Office, incidental

expenses and appraisal of salt spring lands, $28 40 State Treasurer, improvements at Lansing, 79 26

do do incidental expenses, stoves, &c., 118 75 1851. Ja 14. Thomas Gallagher, bill of candles for Auditor General's office,

73 50 Commissioner of State Land office, expenses to .

Springwells and back, examining university
land, &c.,

12 50 J. Frink & Co., transportation,

53 43 C. C. Mitchell, services as porter, &c..

78 63
Z. Chandler & Co., bill of carpeting for Senate, 129 46
Turner, Barnum & Co., cast iron pillars for

92 00
J. C. Bailey, expenses to Detroit on business
for State, &c.,

14 88 Commissioner of Land Office, cushion for stool, 1 25 State Treasurer, expenses, Lansing to Detroit and back, on business for State,

19 50 State Treasurer, incidental expenses,

5 50 April 4. Cass Co. Advocate, for publishing revised con., 25 00 Olive Branch,


25 00 Clinton Express,


25 00 Ionia Gazette,


25 00 Marshall Expounder, do do & paper, 26 00 Paw Paw Free Press, do


25 00 R. W. Ingals, for printing debates of constitu

tional convention and other printing, 1,659 65



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