Transactions of the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for the Year ..., Volume 10


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Página 5 - The President, or in his absence one of the VicePresidents, shall preside at all meetings of the Association and its Board of Directors, and perform the ordinary functions of the presiding officer.
Página 63 - These toxins probably have their origin in the ingesta, in intestinal putrefaction, in fetal metabolism— one or all — and there is coexisting sluggishness, impairment, or suspension of elimination. 4. When the prodromes of eclampsia appear the kidney should be interrogated as to its functions and all symptoms carefully watched . 5. Treatment is (a) preventive and (b) curative.
Página 305 - ... patients: A good appetite and a good assimilation are obtained in the general weakness and debility of the anemic, constipation is relieved, and, in short, the patient is built up and placed in a good condition to pass through the ordeal of labor; the uterus contracts promptly after the third stage of labor, and the use of ergot is entirely dispensed with.
Página 50 - You will be called upon, during the session, to express your views and to criticise or support the views of others. We do not wish to deal with questions that are already settled but with those that are unsettled. Though the criticism should be friendly, I trust that it will be severe ; no rash statements should be allowed to go from this Association unchallenged. " I would like for a few moments to call your attention to some unsettled questions: First, let us consider the question of peritonitis....
Página 4 - An annual subscription of one dollar shall constitute a person a member so long as such subscription be paid, and a subscription of thirty dollars shall constitute a person a member for life.
Página 339 - ... the impediment was situated at the junction of the cervix with the body of the uterus. With regard to the best method of applying mechanical relief when such was required, he thought that cases must be treated on their own merits.
Página 61 - Two lives are at stake, and by addressing ourselves assiduously to speedy delivery of the fetus we contribute in the largest manner to the conservation of both. Rapid dilatation first with steel dilators, if need be, then with manual stretching of the os and cervix, followed by the forceps, is the nearest approach to idealism. Only rarely can the deep incision of Duhrssen be required.
Página 472 - Sigh for the touch of a vanished hand And the sound of a voice that is still. And here today, within this hall glorified by the echoes of his eloquence, standing to answer the impulse of my heart...
Página 63 - Bloodletting should be employed only in plethora or cyanosis. It is liable to cause anemia if persisted in or repeated, whereas red blood corpuscles must be conserved, not wasted. Glonoin diminishes vasomotor spasm; hence may be given freely in appropriate cases. Veratrum viride is a cardiac depressant, and a dangerous remedy if pushed to an extent that will control convulsions.
Página 4 - ... of the Society and three members of the Executive Council, shall constitute quorums. Article 10. Amendments. Amendments to this constitution shall become operative after being recommended by the Executive Council and approved by two-thirds of the members present and voting at any regular monthly meeting; provided, that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given at a regular meeting of the Society, at least four weeks prior to the meeting when such proposed amendment is passed upon...

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