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In the preparation of the following sketches, the compiler has placed a lib-eral construction on the term "public libraries," and has made it include all collections of books that are open to the public either for circulation or reference.

It was the original purpose of the Library Commission to have the work ready for the Public Printer by January, 1901. The resolution authorizing this publication made no provision for clerical assistance in the preparation of the work, which fell to the lot of the state librarian, in addition to the usual duties of his office in an unusually busy year. The work required extended correspondence and was dependent entirely upon the voluntary assistance of those in charge of the libraries represented. Responses to requests for sketches and statistics came in very slowly. Some of the larger and more important libraries of the state were latest in furnishing this material, and some have necessarily been omitted because of their failure to co-operate. This has made it absolutely impossible to procure material for a creditable publication at an earlier date. Delays, under the circumstances, were to have been expected. This is the first attenmpt at such a work in Ohio. It is hoped that when a second edition is issued the difficulties attending this venture will be in a measure avoided.

By reference to the following pages it will be found that the free library movement in Ohio is still in its infancy. Only sixty-seven free circulating and reference libraries are reported in the state. Ohio suffers by comparison with many other states. There was a time when she held high rank in this important field. Recent years have witnessed a revival of interest which the friends of the library movement believe to be prophetic of better things to follow. This has been accentuated and accelerated by the intelligent philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie. Many of his gifts have been made since the following sketches went to press. Appropriate recognition of his munificence must be left to a future publication.

The total number of volumes in all libraries reported is 2,300,074. Of these, 2,099,276 are bound, and 200,798 are unbound.

In the meantime, while we may not boast of our number of free libraries, we may console ourselves with the reflection that Ohio has recently contributed to the library cause some features that are unique, original and worthy of imitation. The county library, suggested by Governor Salmon P. Chase as early as 1857, has become a reality. The plan is on trial, and reference to the sketches of the Cincinnati Public Library and the Brumback Library of Van Wert county cannot fail to convince the reader that the plan is a demonstrated success and inspire the hope that an important step has been taken toward the solution of the library problem. It is encouraging, in this connection, to note that very recently a county library law, including among its provisions practically all of the features of the act which made the Brumback Library possible, has been enacted in one of our most progressive states. Some one has said that in educational matters Ohio is a good follower. In the county library device, she bids fair to lead.

The traveling library system, state and local, gains steadily in popularity. It is believed that the work done through this agency in Ohio, all things considered, will compare most favorably with that done in any other state. This is fully set forth in the history of the traveling library department of the Ohio State Library and the interesting sketch of the Free Traveling School Library of Franklin county.


"The Public Library in Ohio," by an eminent educator of the state, and the full history of the school library of Ohio, included in the sketch of the Columbus School Library are contributions of permanent value. The tabulated statistics are self-explanatory. The list of libraries is not so complete as desired, but it includes more names of Ohio libraries than have recently appeared in a single publication.

The Legislature made no provision for illustrations. Those found on the following pages were furnished at the expense of the libraries they represent.

With many thanks to all who have in any way assisted, and apologies to those who early responded to requests for material and have waited long and patiently, the first edition of the Sketches of Ohio Libraries is respectfully submitted, in the ihope that it may prove helpful to librarians and “stimulate library extension.”

C. B. GALBREATH, State Librarian and Secretary of the Library Commission.

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The Public Library in Ohio.


Ohio State Library


History of Ohio State Library, 1890–1901.


List of Traveling Libraries issued from Ohio State Library since the intro-

duction of the system to June, 1901. ....


Growth of the Traveling Library Department, Ohio State Library.


Supreme Court of Ohio - Law Library...


Franklin County Free Traveling School Library.


Akron Public Library.....


Library of German Wallace College..


The Philura Gould Baldwin Memorial Library.


Bryan Public Library


Bucyrus Memorial Library


The Cadiz Public Library


California Free Library


Northeastern Ohio Normal College Library.


Cardington Public Library


Library of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio..

, 92

The Public Library of Cincinnati

Young Men's Mercantile Library of Cincinnati.


Circleville Public Library


Adelbert College Library of Cleveland..


Library of St. Ignatius College, Cleveland


Case Library


Cleveland Public Library


Other Libraries of Cleveland


Library of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Blind.


Library of Ohio State University.


Public School Library of Columbus (including account of Ohio School



Public Library and Reading Room of Columbus.


Library of Pontifical College of Josephinum. ..


Other Libraries in Columbus


Corning Book Exchange


Public Library and Museum of Dayton.


Delaware City Library Association.


Ohio Wesleyan University


Carnegie Library at East Liverpool.


Birchard Library of Fremont


Gallipolis Public Library


Kenyon College Library


Platt R. Spencer Memorial Library.


Germantown Public Library


Alumnæ Library of Glendale College.


Denison University Library


Greenfield Public Library


Free-Public School Library of Greenville

Hallsville Special District Library.....

Historical Sketch of the Lane Free Library of Hamilton.

Hillsborough Public Library

Briggs Library Institute

Citizens' Library Association of Jefferson.

Lancaster Public Library

Laurel Social Club Library

Mechanics’ Institute Library of Lebanon.

Lepper Library of Lisbon

Lockland Public Library and Free Reading Room.

Mt. Vernon Public Library

Mansfield Memorial Library

McClymonds Public Library

Marietta College Library

Marysville Library

Menior Village Library

Newark Circulating Library

Historical Sketch of Oberlin College Library.

The Western College Library of Oxford.

Painesville Public Library

Schnidlapp Free School Library of Piqua.

The Pomeroy Public Library.

Salem Public Library

Sandusky Public Library

Shelby Public Library

Sidizey Public Library

Stokes Township Library

Warder Public Library of Springfield..

Zimmerman Library of Wittenberg College.

Carnegie Library of Steubenville

Toledo Public Library

Urbana University Library

Brumback County Library of Van Wert.

Warren Public Library

Public Library of Washington C. H.

Citizens' Library of Wauseon

Woodfield Public Library Association.

Wooster University Library

Xenia Library Association

Yellow Springs Public Library

Reuben McMillan Free Public Library

Buckingham Library

Carnegie Library of Greenville

Van Wormer Library Building...

Library of the University of Cincinnati.

Roster of Boards of Trustees, 1899-1900.

Gifts and Improvements

Ohio Library Statistics, 1899-1900.

Library Laws of Ohio

Andrew Carnegie -- His Gifts in Ohio

Appendix.— Newspapers and Periodicals in Ohio Libraries, and Ohio News-

papers in Library of Congress and . Library of Historical Society of


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