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SETHRON.- Welcome, thrice welcome ! are thy aspirations, and LUNA IN TRINE TO $ HE 4 (Chelsea.) – Your pecuniary em

cordially do we reciprocate from our innermost “heart of barrassments will in ihe end be dissipated, and your anxiety on hearts" thy delicate meanderings of thought and reveries that score will consequently be somewhat alleviated; but your about a pre-existence. We listen to the timid utterance of fortunes will suffer considerably during the troubles which inquiries which are based upon a divine problem, advanced by must occur before the final settlement of your affairs. We are us in one of our earliest numbers, and in continuation of which sorry to assure you that your suppositions are too true : your theory our correspondent thus expresses himself :-“ In this present spouse will cease to live before even you anticipate ; still midnight hour, whilst Heaven advances to my soul, robed but a second partner will ameliorate your anguish on her prein the serene majesty of Silence, that universal interrogation decessor's demise. For your own peace of mind, we refrain spontaneously arises— Have I lived before ? This question from stating the actual period of these occurrences. The will come to all, if they will listen; it is an amulet, a heavenly schemes of two nativities are deferred for careful deliberation, love-token which each soul receives from its guardian angel and the result will be given as soon as our great press of enwhen sent into this world to fulfil its mission, thus ever to gagements will permit. We are glad that you are at length remind it of a former home. And should not each soul ask, aware of the principles which actuate The ASTROLOGER; but what is my mission ? I ask it; and my soul replies to itself, we regret that you should so entirely have misunderstood the from the record left on it by its Creator. An intuitive feeling development of those marvellous secrets of the alchemists and guides me to the path of poesy and literature, as one wherein I Rosicrucians now being revealed in our publication for the may benefit my brother man, and aid him to develop and first time since the existence of their illustrious originators. In progress his soul. I would be a sunbeam to awaken the chry. the first place, it is a complete miscomprehension to associate salis from its world-wove shroud: a breeze to arouse the the transmutation of metals with astral influences, to incorpo. fragrance dormant in the flower : a prophet among men! rate them together as one science, and regard the two studies And wouldst thou bid me quell this ambition ? is not the soul as moieties of “one entire and perfect chrysolite.” Hence to itself true? It tells me to hope, and I shall attain; to have your observation, that the revival of these alchemistical theo. faith, and I shall acccomplish. Yet well do I know the ries may prove injurious to the science of Astrology, has no sacrifice demanded, the toil which must willingly be given, foundation, and is tantamount to anyone remarking that the and the requisite progressive initiation into the mysteries of introduction of French pastry would do much harm to the the spiritual life. And now I ask thee, wilt thou be my guide science of Metaphysics. Our intelligent correspondent will in this ascent; may I open to thee my heartsprings ? Wilt remember the violent opposition which Phrenology and Mes. thou not be my mentor to urge me onward in the good cause ; merism have encountered the imprisonment of Galileo for his a friend to cheer and encourage the aspiring SETHRON ?" grand astronomical discoveries, the derision showered upon the Our readers have already, we presume, perused a poetical renowned Watt when he first proposed steam as a motive offering from this correspondent, inserted in a recent number; power, the ridicule attached to Montgolfier while constructing and we make no doubt but that all who can appreciate lyrical his first balloon, and many other circumstances of a similar merit, will have discerned amongst its stanzas indications of nature, too numerous to mention. He will therefore admit more than ordinary fancy, combined with a very pleasing that everything that holds out any reasonable pretensions to sweetness and propriety of expression. There are, moreover, system and truth should be investigated with that candour and certain scintillas of metaphor scattered about those few lines liberality so requisite to arrive at any just conclusion. Here. which evidence in SETHRON an actual affinity for poetry, which tofore the proceedings of the alchemist had been conducted in would induce us to foster his abilities in that glorious field, the impenetrable obscurity of his laboratory, and were invested even if we were not impelled to such a course by the earnest with all the attributes of Doubt and Mystery; for the first ness of his appeals to our sympathetic care. The culture of a time in the annals of scientific literature these proceedings have "young mind” is at all times most agreeable; but when that been explained in print by The ASTROLOGER: the exact mode mind displays such an avidity for tuition, and such a yearning of the various operations of these celebrated philosophers has for congeniality, the pleasure of the office becomes not only been clearly and candidly given in our columns, and the result enhanced, but it becomes as it were a duty absolutely incum committed to the reason, and sanctioned by the judgment of all bent upon us as philanthropists. Let SethrON, therefore, con. unbiassed thinkers. sider himself as one of our disciples, and as one peculiarly FIDE ET FORTITUDINE.-Our valued correspondent says, “There recommended to our attention and solicitude by the gist of his is an interesting species of divination, practised in many lucubrations; he is installed among a select few in the ante

parts of Lancashire, called chrystal peeping,' which, I think, chamber of our study. We would, however, tender him a mere is well worthy of philosophic investigation. These 'seers morsel of advice, which is dictated by our sincere anxiety for assert that the charm,' by which the 'glasses are charged,' his advancement; and it is simply this :-We would conjure has been handed down, by tradition, from the time of Aaron, him to rationalize the energy or his imagination, and remind but the 'chrystal' bears no resemblance to the figures we have him, that whenever he may ascend in a balloon, it were ad.

depicted of his holy and brilliant breastplate-nor of the visable for him to prepare a parachute, in case any obstacle celebrated 'spirit stone' of Dee, which I lately saw in the prevented a safe return to earth. He will find recorded among British Museum. Some of the professors assert, that the real the works of Æsop, the circumstance of a gentleman having upon one occasion clambered up into a tree, and, upon

ones are vitrefied eggs!-to which they bear some resemblance,

and that they are the type of eternal reproduction, not only of having attained a very lofty branch, he perceived the im. animated nature and the spirit-world, but bearing within their possibility of his descent without the fracture of a limb. SETHRON, we recommend this to your consideration, though

charmed shell the visions of the past and the seeds of the

future; we would by no means damp the ardour of any rational

and so many well-authenticated and singular facts are, flights into the realms of mystery, of poetry, and of dreams,

within my knowledge, not only relating to events long passed which, like the prophetic fire, will purify even gold.

away, but to those foretold and realised, that I can hardly

doubt but that these people really see what they so accuARISTIDES.-Provided the time of birth has been correctly given, rately describe. This power of seeing' I certainly do

the following is our judgment :--The querist is not married, not possess, and, therefore, my belief only rests on what the though four years ago there was a strong tendency towards world would call "curious coincidences,'--and on the relations marriage. Moral character good, though liable to be victim of many on whose veracity I can rely; but these proofs are ised by designing acquaintances. Had two severe illnesses, so strong, that I have taken some trouble to ascertain the and several pecuniary losses. Death of a ncar relative when 'power 'that many I have seen po possess, but, as yet, have

young. Disposition sanguine, well-meaning, and aspiring. only been able to refer it to some particular 'gift' of nature, Atlas.-From an immediate inspection of the figure, we judge or, perhaps, to 'waking clairvoyance.'” We will endeavour

the native will see strange places, and be involved in a shortly to afford some information on this interesting subject. series of singular vicissitudes, which, after schooling the heart H. H.-The prospects are good ; but defer all thoughts of mar. in the excellent academy of adversity, will leave him in the riage for two years, as at present most evil influences are possession of a competency and a cottage. More anon!


PhilomATHOS.-Your reflective faculties are too much habituated WARGENT Coulson.—Your determination is nobly made, and

to the consideration of the colossal aspects of creation; the we predicate therefrom not merely more worldly comfort to mind should be occasionally relieved from that constant strain your home, but more internal composure and mental confort. upon it, produced by repeated reflections upon the sublime It is with regret that we are compelled to forewarn you of aitributes of Nature. The human intellect is too finite in its several obstacles which will tend to impede the execution of capacity to sustain an incessant intercourse with the more your projects; but, at the same time, we see from your stupendous glories of the universe ; it becomes lost and horoscope that you are endued with such resolute and staunch weakened by their very immensity, just as the optic nerves qualities, that you will finally overthrow all these impedi. are affected on gazing at the sun, or, as Milton finely expresses ments, and live a happy and contented man, Quietude and it, “ dark with excess of light !'We require recreation in our joy attend you; we shall be glad to hear of your progress. studies in order to modulate the organs of thought, and render Medicus (Bristol).-A removal from your present occupations them capable of still more earnest investigations. Thus,

would prove dangerous to your peace of mind. If you conafter wandering in fancy amongst the profundity of unending tinue in the course which has hitherto proved so smooth, you space, and picturing to ourselves the varied globes that now

will still continue to find your pathway strown with fragrant circle through its blue ether, the mind experiences a charming sense of enjoyment on descending from so sublime an altitude,

blossoms; a cessation from your labour would prove a road

diverging widely from the other, serried with the thorns and to take a microscopic view of some organised minims in our

flinty rocks of anxiety. Most cordially does the Astrologer vicinity. Let us say, for instance, that we turn our eyes towards a stagnant pool of water, and examine one of those

congratulate you on the serenity of your career. minute creatures which, at the first glance, we imagine to be AMICUS.-We will hereafter reply more at length. For the some green exudation of the vegetable kingdom, floating on its

present, curb a somewhat exuberant spirit, and beware of surface, and which, nevertheless, we find to be a living thing offending a friend, who will be of much service to you. See endowed with volition, and all the organs necessary for the also that a creditable firmness of disposition does not degeneenjoyment of life-a creature like a mere atom of moss, which, rate into an incipient obstinacy, which would be productive of if turned inside out, is found to digest its food outwards as

much evil. By dint of zeal and perseverance, you will gain a easily as it had done before, when in its natural state. Here lofty position. are glorious themes for a reverie !

H. W.-The shadowy cloud that passes over the summer field J. WALL.-The native inquired after will succeed in the pro. and leaves behind a sunny track will not be more transient

fession he has chosen, and may attain to great honours if ill than the grief which oppresses thy friend. Rouse him from health does not interfere. Let him pay great attention to his lethargy; bid him seek ancw the busy scenes of life, and a exercise, and avoid, as much as possible, the ailments arising nearer and brighter face will dawn upon him. He must notfrom a sedentary employment.

The other query was

ought not-shall not-succumb at a shrine where the sacrifice answered in a former number some weeks back. We deferent demanded is a ruined heart. ially disagree with our correspondent about the pages devoted COLBURNiensis. You are quite correct in your supposition. to advertisements. They serve advantageously as a portfolio to preserve the inner portion of the number clean, and, of

The farrago of insensate rubbish promulgated by Ainsworth,

concerning the Rosicrucian philosophy, in his “Revelations of course, can be cut off when bound.

London,” is a disgrace to his name as an author, and can only T. Palmer (Leicester). -We have been exceedingly gratified be laughed at by his readers. We much question if he ever by your letter, and earnestly exhort you to go on your way read a line on the subject at all. rejoicing. Continue to argue against such “cold, unphiloso. phical, and unscriptural doctrines," as the sovereignty of LORD OF 7, 9.-A much cheaper copy of Lilly's Astrology matter over the mind, and you will reap your reward. We

might be picked up at the book-stalls; the edition by Zadkiel shall reserve, with your permission, a portion of your letter

is decidedly the best. The lady will have but a small for publication, and the testimonies of the "spirit-world" you

share of worldly wealth ; a blonde is indicated; it is not the mention shall be attended to with pleasure.

individual you imagine, though you have seen her—where, LAWRENCE.-It were better to postpone your journey, if possible,

you probably wot not! to the 27th or 28th of the present month, as the days mentioned Bonus Homo.-It would be useless to hold out hopes which are unpropitious for thee. We thank our correspondent for his

could never be realised. The party to whom you allude interference on the score of our publication, and feel assured,

would not-could not-receive your addresses, though you from the interest he exhibits in our welfare, that he will be are unquestionably worthy of her hand, bút a successful happy to hear that large placards of The ASTROLOGER are being rival will preclude all further thoughts of an alliance. now posted in the various towns of England, and that adver- Spuinx.-you are loved by the fair one with greater ardour, tisements are in course of circulation among the mass of pro but by the dark enslaver of your heart with greater sincerity. vincial newspapers.

You will not, however, lead either of them to the altar, such 1.1. H. W. (Accrington.)--Your communication has afforded us a fate being reserved for another. The enclosure has been

very great pleasure, particularly as it gives us the assurance of duly received. our having made in you another worthy believer in the noble

ANXIETY.”-You had better move to the sea-side in Septem. science of Astrology. If your acquaintances are parties capa. ble of reasoning for themselves, we fully anticipate that you

ber, and do not apply to the homeopathist. We do not see will find them gradually dropping off from the ranks of Dogma.

any prospect of realising a sufficient sum for the contingency tical Materialism. As to your personal inquiries, we defer

yet awhile. Adopt some other signature, as the present one them for a careful examination, and an answer shall speedily SIMPLEX.—You must obtain the sum by loan, from whatever

might lead others into error. appear. ARIEL.--His former letter never came to hand. The native

course it proceeds, though a friend would be the best to will be liable to affections of the head. Easterly directions

borrow from. If you were to disclose your circumstances to will be fortunate. Expect little pecuniary benefit from

one with whom you are on terms of intimacy, we deem it most relatives. He will be fortunate in his profession, but

probable success would attend your laudable endeavours. not happy in marriage ; let him await his twenty-eighth Milton.--We very much doubt if the marriage will take place year, and then the evil will have past by. A legacy may be at all. There are too many evident tokens of insincerity. expected. The horoscope is on the whole good, but the chief Although the party will not admit the fact to you, a prior benefits will be derived from the circle of his friends.

affection has existed. S: J. D. (Bradford.)“We have no recollection of any former M. A. R. K.-To the first question, the querist will marry within

letter or enclosure, but to the question proposed thus reply. the present year. To the second, a lover of good appearance Wait for a situation in your own trade, which will be very and lively disposition will come from the east in the month of soon advantageously offered to you, and shun all partnership. September.

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Veni, VIDI, Vicr.–Our esteemed correspondent had better wait simply observe Cui bono?).-FEARFUL (Yes, but only slightly;

for the response of the second party, as more importance is after the stipulated time has elapsed you will gain new friends attached to that application than you at all conjecture. Many who will prove of material assistance).-LONDA (Received thanks for your postscript.

with thanks).-C. W. L. (Yes).-G, A. S. E. (Alas! you JUPITER.-Your horoscope has indications of fortune from legal

have yourself alone to blame, like the dove that deserted the pursuits. In a sea where so many good vessels have foun

sheltered woodlands and pined amidst sterility. Still you may dered, you may by diving possibly bring up a rich treasure to

be restored to his affections if you can gain an interview with the surface.

him on the 14th inst.).—E. M. (Yeovil) (It will prove, on the

whole, similar; with but few eccentricities of fortune). --ANN Anxioso.-By obtaining subscribers you will be in a much im.

G. (To the first query,-No; to the second, -Yes).–PERO proved position shortly, and, if your endeavours are carried

Į Sudbury] (You leave your present position, but not till 1847 out with zeal, the greatest success may be predicated. Your

is on the wane).–Virgo HenrY (A young lady of that descriptrade will be increased and your fortune established.

tion is indicated as your wife in the fifth house of your nativity). EISENBAHN.-From the figure before us, we would most strenu -Death (Annoyances are in store for you, but courage !

ously exhort you to remain where you now are. Remember you will surmount them by perseverance, and obtain satisthe mirage in the desert, which afar off is a seeming fairy factory employment before the autumn has vanished).land, but when approached resolves into an airy nothing. JANE (Within a year from this present date: masculine).

--EDITHA BLENHAM (lst. Yes, the former; 2nd. An Domino.- If you have been correct in the time of birth, you

Hibernian ; 3rd. Sedentary).-M. B. R. (Tall, lymphatic will never marry at all. ¡You have already quarrelled with one who should not have been neglected. Your hasty disposition

temperament vermeil hair, and meagre constitution).

F. B. C. (We cannot anticipate a successful issue to the quesmust be cured.

tion of property. To the other, in your twenty-sixth year.) PensieROSO.—The figure has been erected for the immediate JULIA ÅNN (Defer going into business for two years at least).

question at the very moment of our going to press. The result -B. C. B. (You must enclose postage stamps for the private is, do not accept the compromise, and a fairer and more liberal answer.)-WILLIAM Morris ('The coming winter will relieve offer will be made.

your anxieties).-J. JONES (Manchester] (So long a time will Delta.--We did not intend to cast any disrespect upon the

first elapse that you need not be so anxious now).-J. H. and individual calculator, but simply upon the carclessness dis

C. D. (You may proceed, but the benefit will be long deferred. played in his calculation; its fallacy is self-evident. In seven

He is alive and thriving, but will not return.)-M. A. B. (We months' time your circumstances will greatly improve.

cannot give you any hope of either.)-M. E. N. (Prosperous.)

-S. W. (Your native place will be most conducive to your Amicus.—The stanzas are now lying in the Astrologer's port

pecuniary welfare, as will be very speedily apparent.)-A. D. folio, for consideration, and if found suitable will be inserted

(Sackville-street] (We have no hesitation in saying your with thanks.

brother is alive, but cannot designate his abode further than ASTRAL.- We feel indebted to our correspondent for his kind that it is now eastward of his native place.)-KENUTE (Stay. ness and attention. The change will prove favourable; we Next month).-H. L. (Prosperity is your lot, but marriage conjecture towards the east.

will not take place for two years.)–1796 (Never).-W.H. SCRUTATOR.—The article was advanced as a curiosity, and pro

(You must give the time of birth.)-FLORA Mac Ivor (You ceeded from the pen of the late renowned Raphael,

will only remain in your present abode for a short time longer,

when a lady will ask you to reside with her).- Pan (All things Rose.—The question is of too delicate a nature to warrant us in go well. The private friend will again manifest himself and thus making a public reply.

revive the past).-M. A. E. (Many summers will come and go RECEIVED.-Sophia Page (To the first inquiry, Within before that thou seekest after will be obtained.)--Others in seven months; to the second, Yes).-W. Owen (By no

our next. means leave Norwich ; you will continue in your present * We are happy to announce to our readers that the new employment rather longer than you anticipate; but, on con volume will commence under the brightest and most procluding business transactions with the principal of the esta

mising auspices. An eminent writer for the magazines will blislıment in which you are now engaged, a favourable contribute a series of legendary sketches to the future pages opportunity will shortly afterwards present itself which will

of our work, and an accession of literary and astrologic talent insure you an excellent engagement in the same city).-H. has been secured, which will render the forthcoming numbers Been (Before a year and three-quarters have elapsed). gems of literature worthy the reader's setting in a permanent M. P. I. (Your conjecture is correct; write again).-8 with

and profitable form. O and JAD (Continue in your present undertaking : times will better in another year, but troubles will seem to thicken TO OUR QUERISTS AND SUBSCRIBERS.—Many letters having been before good can occur: thus the fruits are beginning to form received from persons resident in remote places, complaining when the blossoms are shed by the apple-tree).-W. N. that, in consequence of the difficulty and expense incurred in PalmERSON (The patient cannot ultimately recover, and it is procuring the work, they have been unable to avail themselves to your interest to discontinue your own personal attendance

of gratuitous astrological advice we proffer, the following by surrendering into other hands).-A. L. (Undoubtedly they arrangements have been made to meet the wishes of our will, but not before a twelvemonth will any improvement be

readers and the public generally :-All subscribers to “ Tue developed).-B. Ly. (1st. In eighteen months; 2nd. Yes; ASTROLOGER,"' by payment of six months' subscription in ad. 3rd. Tolerably affluent).-LINTON BUZZARD (Before the vance (8s. 6d.), or a quarter's subscription (4s. 3d.), will be winter has entirely past; you will not, however, remain more

entitled to a copy, sent every Friday evening, post free, to any than three or four weeks unemployed, though you will un

part of the United Kingdom, and, in addition, have priority of happily meet with much disappointment in finding a situation).

attention in the solution of such questions as they may feel -M. M. Gould (Your planet will be propitious).-S. A.

desirous of having calculated. All who may, therefore, wish (Decidedly not).-S. H. W. (Your hopes should revive, for to enjoy these privileges, are recommended to send their real within another month he will meet with an excellent engage.

name and address with the post-office order for the above sum, ment).-Mabel VINE (You had better make a stay of two drawn in favour of our publisher, to our OFFICE ONLY, and, at months at Harrowgate, and we should earnestly recommend

the same time, state the initials under which they should be you to go thither as speedily as possible. To your second

answered in the “ORACLE.” Strict honour and confidence question,--You will ultimately receive a small portion from

will be observed, and the utmost attention may be relied upon. Sidney, but still further delays will arisc in the transmission. You would receive a kind welcome in Germany, but we would All letters and communications are requested to be addressed recommend you to defer your journey to that country).-T. Hill to The Astrologer,11, Wellington-street North, Strand, (Remember Non mi ricordo, in addition to which we would London,




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