Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: In the Time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. [1736-1754], Volume 2

A. Strahan and W. Woodfall, law-printers to the King, 1754

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Página 93 - ... shall have the sole right and liberty of printing and reprinting the same for the term of fourteen years, to commence from the day of the first publishing thereof, which shall be truly engraved with the name of the proprietor on each plate, and printed on every such print or prints...
Página 558 - Now these insurances from fire have been introduced in later times, and therefore differ from insurance of ships, because there interest or no interest is almost constantly inserted, and if not inserted, you cannot recover unless you prove a property.
Página 141 - April, one thousand seven hundred and ten, the author of any book or books already printed, who hath not transferred to any other the copy or copies of such book or books, share or shares thereof, or the bookseller or booksellers, printer or printers, or other person or persons, who hath or have purchased or acquired the copy or copies of any book or books...
Página 536 - English practice, the usual method is for the defendant, to put in a plea, and demurrer; a plea of the decree, and a demurrer against opening the enrollment; so that in effect a bill of review cannot be brought without having the leave of the court in some shape; for if it be for matter appearing in the body of the decree, then upon the plea and demurrer of the defendant Co the bill the court judges whether there are any grounds for opening the enrollment ; if it be for matter come to the plaintiffs...
Página 141 - Persons, who hath or have Purchased or Acquired the Copy or Copies of any Book or Books, in order to Print or Reprint the same, shall have the sole Right and Liberty of Printing such Book and Books for the Term of...
Página 141 - ... have purchased or acquired the copy or copies of any book or books, in order to print or reprint the same...
Página 111 - If one gives a legacy charged upon land, which yields rents and profits, and there is no time of payment mentioned in the will; the legacy shall carry interest from the testator's death, because the land yields profit from that [ 379 ] time.
Página 30 - Courts order their bills to be taxed; and there are a number of cases in this Court where a client unassisted by an attorney has paid a law bill and accepted of a receipt for it, and yet has been allowed to open the whole account notwithstanding, and to take exceptions to an improper or extravagant charge in the attorney's bill.

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