Rock-climbing in Skye

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1908 - 330 páginas
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Página 172 - One who never turned his back but marched breast forward. Never doubted clouds would break. Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph. Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better. Sleep to wake.
Página 2 - The ascent of Scuir-na-Gillean was deemed impossible at the time of my first visit in 1836. Talking of it with an active forester in the service of Lord Macdonald, named Duncan Macintyre, whom I engaged to guide me to Coruisk from Sligachan, he told me that he had attempted it repeatedly without success, both by himself and also with different strangers, who had engaged him for the purpose ; but he indicated a way different from those which he had tried, which he thought might be more successful....
Página 324 - Skye ! Lovest thou mountains great, Peaks to the clouds that soar, Corrie and fell where eagles dwell, And cataracts dash evermore ? Lovest thou green grassy glades, By the sunshine sweetly kist, Murmuring waves, and echoing caves ? Then go to the Isle of Mist ! The Matterhorn's good for a fall, If climbing you have no skill in, But a place as good to make ravens' food You can find upon Scoor-nan-Gillean.
Página 318 - ... rocky beach in the strangest and most precarious situations, as if abandoned by the torrents which had borne them down from above; some lay loose and tottering upon the ledges of the natural rock, with so little security that the slightest push moved them, though their weight exceeded many tons.
Página 318 - ... we returned, and often stopped to admire the ravages which storms must have made in these recesses, when all human witnesses were driven to places of more shelter and security. Stones, or rather large...
Página 317 - The shores consisted of huge strata of naked granite, here and there intermixed with bogs, and heaps of gravel and sand piled in the empty water-courses. Vegetation there was little or none ; and the mountains rose so perpendicularly from the water edge, that Borrowdale, or even Glencoe, is a jest to them.
Página 317 - ... of torrents from these rude neighbours. The shores consisted of huge layers of naked granite, here and there intermixed with bogs, and heaps of gravel and sand marking the course of torrents.
Página 104 - Many a hearth round that friendly shore Giveth warm welcome ; Charms still are there, as in days of yore, More than of mountains ; But hearths and faces are seen no more, Once of the brightest. Many a poor black cottage is there, Grimy with peat smoke, Sending up in the soft...

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