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It only remains for me to express my thanks to the several Governors and Chaplains of the gaols visited, for the uniform kindness with which they offered every facility for inspecting the establishments under their charge. To William Merry, Esq. of Berkshire, to Joseph Adshead, Esq. of Manchester, and to the authorities at the Home Office, I am more especially indebted. To Colonel Cathcart, DeputyLieutenant of the Tower, and to George L. Chesterton, Esq. I owe a debt of gratitude for which an acknowledgment is but a poor return. And lastbut not least,—let me express my deep obligations to T. Duffus Hardy, Esq. Keeper of the Tower Records, for his assistance in reading and deciphering such of the old papers of his office as contained any new and curious matter there available for my purposes.

W. H. D.

84, St. John's Wood TERRACE,



53. Guy Fawkes-Lady Lennox–54. Beauchamp-tower full of melan-

choly Inscriptions—55. “Close " Confinement–56. Touching Story of

the Duke of Norfolk and his Son, Lord Surrey, the Poet—58. The

Words of Despair—59. The Wisdom of Suffering—60. Jane Grey, her

Prison Memorials–61. Her Character and Heroic Death-63. Guilford

Dudley and his Brother — 64. Fraternal Conundrum–65. Edmund

and Arthur Pole, the Crime and Punishment — 67. The infamous

Geoffrey Pole—68. The sad Records of Charles Bailly— 70. A recent

Discovery–71. The Prisons of Ann Boleyn — 72. Walter Raleigh's

foul Treatment by King James - 75. The Graves in the Church of

St. Peter-ad-Vincula — 77. Dark Work of the Nemesis of political

Crime-Story of the great John Eliot—78. His brilliant Harargues in

Parliament—The popular Members imprisoned-80. The Gentlemen

of England turned out of their own House-83. Eliot dies in Prison

-Ruthless Conduct of the King-84. Devereux-tower, and Elizabeth's

Earl of Essex-Bowyer-tower, and the Duke of Clarence-The Martin-

tower-85. The Fall of Essex and Southampton-Shakspeare's Genius

affected by his Friend's Misfortune-86. Baseness of Lord Bacon- The

Verdict of History on his Crime-87. Ann Boleyn-The seven Prelates

-The Jewel-house-Towers on the Eastern Ballium-Michael Moody

88. An unlucky Astrologer—89. Chronological List of the chief Pri-

soners-Flambard-de Burgh-Griffin, Prince of Wales-90. Baliol,

King of Scotland – Wallace – The Knights-Templars — Mortimer-

Murray; strange Incident-91. Bruce, King of Scotland-John, King

of France-Chaucer the Poet, “ The Testament of Love”–92. King

Richard II. — Henry VI.-The Duke of Clarence -John Frith-A

Martyr in the Stocks -93. Thomas More - Ann Boleyn - Thomas

Cromwell-Catherine Howard-Anne Askew-Earl of Surrey-Jane

Grey-Cranmer and Latimer - Ridley - 95. Devereux - Shakspeare's

Southampton-Walter Raleigh – Bacon - 96. Edward Coke - John

Eliot-Strafford-Jeremy Taylor-Davenant-97. Henry Marten, the

great Wit - 98. Harrington - Castlemaine; singular Proceeding -

99. Jeffreys – 100. The Adherents of the Pretender — 101. Arthur


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