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284. London Charitable Institutions—285. The Prison-Leigh Hunt and

George IV.-Byron and Tom Moore-286. A Chamber of Horrors-

287. Magistrates' Report - Oakum-picking, no Punishment to the

hardened - 288. Education in Horsemonger-lane-289. A Prisoner's
Remonstrance--290. A poor Wretch in Solitude-Manacles—Theory of
Correction–291. Decrease of Prison Punishments -A stony Bed.

292. The Iron Duke repulsed—293. A Man shot at while attempting to

escape-294. Anecdote told by Howard of a Prisoner in Berne-

295. Over-crowding of Prisoners—Three in a Cell---296. Low Lodging-

house Morals-297. Insubordination in Chapel-298. Unhealthiness of
the Prison-Compared with Coldbath-Fields—299. New Gaol for the
County-How 80,0001. might be saved.

355, A bad Reputation--The two Systems in presence--356. Horrors of

the old Prison--357. The redeeming Character of the Work-rooms-

358. Sights and Sounds of Industry- Necessity for having the Minor

Officers instructed in Handicrafts-359. Combinations among Work-
men to prevent Prison-labour-360. Causes and Remedy for this Evil
-Example of France after the late Revolution--36). Specimen of a
defective Law- 362. Imprisonment for Life because unable to find
Bail_363. Wretched Results of the Discipline employed.


36t. A Foreigner's Opinion on English Prisons—365. Absurdities in our

recent Gaol Architecture-366. The Sword of Damocles-367. What
Re-commitments prove-Power to amend and to deter—368. Size and
Cost of the Prison-309. Absence of the Governor-370. The System
of Discipline in Force - Effects of Separation - 371. Tendency to
Insanity unquestionable-372. Examples--373. Opinions of the Magis-
terial body.

74. A Prison of the old School-375. Romantic situation of the Gaol on
a ledge of Rock-Description of the Entrance---376. The Iron-room
- A Criminal Chamber in the Rock-377. Prison Discipline of the old
Times—The false Report-378. The Turnkey Teacher – 379. Model
Cells - Prison Offences—?80. Philosophy of Punishments in Gaol-
Curious Christmas Custom-381. Excellent Feeding in Notts Gaol-
Cost of Prisoners' Maintenance.

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