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sincere worker in every other sphere might as justly claim for his experience and his knowledge an influence not less wide and important.

James. HINTON.

LONDON: December 1873.



MR. PRESIDENT AND GENTLEMEN,—Mine is a pleasant task. For no one who stands here to repeat the welcome with which this hospital greets, year by year, the youths who seek access to her can fail to feel profoundly at once the honour and the pleasure of his work—a pleasure, I may add, that no sense of incompetence can banish. Standing in the name of Guy's Hospital, her governors and staff, to speak, no man need regret his inability worthily to tell her story. She has better witness than any voice could supply ; the witness of facts accomplished in the past and constantly repeated in the present.

Gentlemen, if your ambition lies in the peaceful path of the healer of disease, the unraveller of Nature's secrets; if the triumphs that you seek are those which are won by patient toil at the bedside of

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