The Discoveries of the World, from Their First Original Unto the Year of Our Lord 1555

Hakluyt Society, 1862 - 242 páginas

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Página 67 - King of Portugals eldest sonne, was a great traveller. He went into England, France, Almaine, and from thence into the Holy Land, and to other places ; and came home by Italie, taking Rome and Venice in his way: from whence he brought a map of the world, which had all the parts of the world and earth described. The Streight of Magelan was called in it The Dragons taile: The Cape of Bona Speran9a.
Página vii - I can see there had no great matter yet come to light if my selfe had not undertaken that heavie burden, being never therein entertained to any purpose untill I had recourse unto yourselfe, by whose speciall favour and bountifull patronage I have been often much encouraged and as it were revived. Which travailes of our men, because as yet they be not come to ripenes, and have been made for the most part to places first discovered by others, when they shall come to more perfection and become more...
Página 88 - ... westward till they came in sight of land in 45 degrees of latitude towards the north, and then went straight northwards till they came into 60 degrees of latitude, where the day is eighteen hours long, and the night is very clear and bright. There they found the air cold, and great islands of ice...
Página vi - In all which space, though I have made much inquirie and sent to Lisbon, where it seemeth it was printed, yet to this day I could never obtain the originall copie; whereby I might reforme the manifold errours of the translator.
Página 83 - there grewe such a common desire of trauaile among the Spanyards that they were ready to leape into the sea to swim, if it had been possible, to those new found parts." With remarkable promptitude, seventeen vessels were equipped, and loaded with materials for the foundation of a colony. Twelve pious ecclesiastics were provided for the conversion of the natives — an object deeply at heart with the benevolent Isabella. It had been intended...
Página vi - ... by some honest and well affected marchant of our nation, whose name by no means I could attain unto, and that, as it seemeth, many yeeres ago. For it hath lien by me above these twelve yeeres.
Página 204 - There is heere a Bird as bigge as a Crane : hee flyeth not, nor hath any winges wherewith to flie, he runneth on the ground like a Deere : of their small feathers they doe make haire for their Idols.
Página 77 - In the year 148G the king Don John sent on this discovery Bartholomew Diaz, a gentleman of the court, with three sail. Coasting along, he placed pillars of stone, and discovered the Cape of Good Hope, and beyond as far as the river Infante ; and it may be said that he saw the land of India, but, like Moses and the promised land, did not enter in.
Página ix - Maffeius in their Histories of The East Indies, you shall finde more written in his singular commendation, then a large Epistle can well comprehend. The worke though small in bulke containeth so much rare and profitable matter, as I know not where to seeke the like, within so narrow and streite a compasse. For heerein is...
Página 56 - Barbarossa it is written, that there came to Lubec, a Citie of Germanie, one Canoa with certaine Indians, like unto a long Barge : which seemed to have come from the coast of Baccalaos, which standeth in the same latitude that Germanie doth...

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