Our Old Home: A Series of English Sketches

Houghton, Mifflin, 1868 - 380 páginas

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Página 23 - A person to be writing a tale, and to find that it shapes itself against his intentions; that the characters act otherwise than he thought; that unforeseen events occur; and a catastrophe comes which he strives in vain to avert. It might shadow forth his own fate, — he having made himself one of the personages.
Página 229 - And here I sat a long, long time, waiting patiently for the world to know me, and sometimes wondering why it did not know me sooner, or whether it would ever know me at all, — at least, till I were in my grave.
Página 92 - ... called an audible stillness; for though very loud and heard afar, yet the mind does not take 'note of it as a sound, so completely is its individual existence merged among the accompanying characteristics of the season.
Página 229 - Here I sit in my old accustomed chamber, where I used to sit in days gone by Here 1 have written many tales, — many that have been burned to ashes, many that doubtless deserved the same fate. This claims to be called a haunted chamber, for thousands upon thousands of visions have appeared to me in it; and some few of them have become visible to the world.
Página 230 - Indeed, we are but shadows; we are not endowed with real life, and all that seems most real about us is but the thinnest substance of a dream — till the heart be touched. That touch creates us — then we begin to be — thereby we are beings of reality and inheritors of eternity.
Página 29 - A snake, taken into a man's stomach and nourished there from fifteen years to thirty-five, tormenting him most horribly. A type of envy or some other evil passion.
Página 8 - Belovedest, I have not yet taken my first lesson in agriculture, as thou mayst well suppose— except that I went to see our cows foddered, yesterday afternoon. We have eight of our own; and the number is now increased by a transcendental heifer, belonging to Miss Margaret Fuller. She is very fractious, I believe, and apt to kick over the milk pail. Thou knowest best, whether in these traits of character, she resembles her mistress.
Página 107 - Insincerity in a man's own heart must make all his enjoyments, all that concerns him, unreal ; so that his whole life must seem like a merely dramatic representation. And this would be the case, even though he were surrounded by true-hearted relatives and friends A.
Página 39 - A rich man left by will his mansion and estate to a poor couple. They remove into it, and find there a darksome servant, whom they are forbidden by will to turn away. He becomes a torment to them ; and, in the finale, he turns out to be the former master of the estate.
Página 150 - I went to George Hillard's office, and he spoke with immitigable resolution of the necessity of my going to dine with Longfellow before returning to Concord; but I have an almost miraculous power of escaping from necessities of this kind. Destiny itself has often been worsted in the attempt to get me out to dinner.

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