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at this sudden tenderness of Louis laid a claim for 6000 dollars of loss Philippe for the lives and fortunes of for the imprisonment of one night and his lieges, even in the character of pic forced journey back from Tehuanterates. Time was when he was too pee to Oajaca. Their tale was that happy to effect a riddance of them by their visit to the former place had for transporting them to scenes of inevit. object the purchase of indigo, by which able “butchery" at his own special profit would have been made to the charge. We ourselves saw these miser. extent. The facts proved by the auable dupes in 1830 by hundreds and thorities of the district, and the subthousands ranged and crowded in the scribed certificate of various parties, Place Vendome at Paris, from whence, among others, of some of their own each man with his ticket of free fare more respectable countrymen resident, and quarters, they were deported by were, that two of them left Oajaca, diligence and post to the frontiers of where they never had carried or posSpain and to Belgium, where they sessed property, in debt; a Monsieur

" shot like wild beasts" without Salmon (French trader) stating that he any remonstrance, or demand of com. had advanced them on loan thirty-three pensation.

dollars (1) for the journey or escape. After a patient and unbiassed inves- They all arrived at Tehuantepee with tigation of all the other catalogue of no more effects than the clothes on French grievances, we are compelled their backs—á la ligera sin mas equi. to pronounce them nearly all, upon page que la ropa de camino que Nevethe evidence of documents of unques- ban puesta, says one of the certified dotionable authority, and from a fair col- cuments. They arrived in Tehuantepee lation of the testimony adduced by each in July: the Indigo crop is not got in of the parties to the suit, in a greater till August and September, and not or less degree, false, groundless, and ready for sale before September and wholly unjustifiable, as in the one case October. In fine, it was more than detailed. In their several shades they partially proved, besides, that their partake eminently of the character of mission to that city was to intrigue in the actual government of France. favour of the Mestecas, a body of inWhen not far-fetched and frivolous, surgents then in possession of Oajaca, they are characterised by unscrupu- the chief of whom lived in the house of lous rapacity and sordid love of lucre the French Consul there, from whence fraud and force are the elements of these men were seen to take their dewhich they are combined and by which parture. Another of the Baron's re. enforced. It is throughout, the old tinue of claimants presented a demand story of the wolf bent upon quarrel for 30,000 dollars on account of a with his powerless neighbour drinking seizure of thirty bars of silver, the exat the same stream lower down, but portation of which in that state is proaccused and devoured for troubling hibited by law, whilst in the act of the upper .waters. We might rest smuggling them on board a vessel at here and content ourselves with the Magattand. One other, and almost sample, not culled from, but a fair the most magnificent ingredient in token of the sack. A few more ex. Baron Deffandis's cauldron of grievamples, however, may be briefly cited, ances, and we have done. In the as being richly instructive ; and from suburbs of Mexico city there is a pleathese various French grievances may sant village called Tacubaya, where justly be concluded ab uno disce om- the citizens are used to recreate on

saints' days, dias de uno o dos cruces, When Baron Deffandis advertised and holidays. There a French pastryfor “grievances,” they were, of course, cook had his quarters, and regaled-all not long in forthcoming ; Seguin, the · who chose to pay with dulces bonsfortunate bookseller, with his monster bons, and other patisserie, On the grievance of 74,000 dollars, was a occurrence of some intestine broils, splendid vanguard for hungry fol- the troops of Santa Anna entered lowers. One French shopkeeper, who, Tacubaya and made free with the during a tumult, had a few panes of pastelero's bons-bons—in fine, they eat glass broken, furnished the Baron with him up, but made light of the reckon. a compte rendee forthwith for 2500 ing. Monsieur the Patissier brought dollars. Three Frenchmen, named his case, upon invitation, before his Gourjon, and two brothers Baillys, compatriot the Baron, and bashfully






War in Disguise. lumped his grievance in one line of cavil, returns were ordered from all 20,000 dollars, say upwards of L.4000. the departments of justice, of the maSuch a pastelero, it is clear, could not rine, of the army, and of the militia, be matched either in London or Paris. separately by prisons, by vessels, and Gunter to him was as Lilliput to by regiments, of the number, names, Brobdignag, as Jack to the Ogre. As. and particulars of each Frenchman so suming that bons-bons in Tacubaya serving, or incarcerated. Those reare inlaid with dollars, 20,000 of them turns are before us, but much too would be a tolerable stock; but taking numerous and long for detailed refer

S an average-a very large one-of The following summary, consixpence per bon-bon, the Frenchman's tained in a reply to the accusation by stock in hand must have amounted to General Rosas, the Governor, embo160,000. Such a stock must have dies the substance, and was so conclurequired all Tacubaya to hold, even if sive that even Admiral Le Blanc was part of the city of Mexico itself were compelled to a retractation, decisive not hired by way of depot. It is evi- though shuffling :dent the Mexican soldiers were forced to eat in self-defence, and as the only “ In the prisons of the city, and in those way of getting daylight to their quar- of the country districts of this province, ters. And yet some worthy friends there are only two Frenchmen, viz. Peter of ours, who often lounged to Tacu- Jusson, a sailor, guilty of a murder he baya, partook of the bons-bons, and perpetrated on the person of Matias Ca. well remember the white-capped cook, nete, on board the smack Atalaya, belongdeclare that pasteles, utensils in ing to Mr Francis Castellote, who was trade, cap and all, would have been an

sentenced by the Superior Tribunal of
exorbitantly dear bargain at 500 dol- Justice, on 29th of November, ultimo ;

and Peter Lavie, suttler, in one of the en.
lars, nay, some say at 100, or from
L.20 to L.100. How the partnership sued criminally, as transgressor of the

campments of the frontiers of this province,
stands between the Baron, Louis Phi. existing regulations that govern in it
lippe, and the pastry-cook, does not with regard to the discipline and good
appear, but it may be presumed the order of the troops, who, according to
latter will only be junior partner in his own confession, had stolen a sum of
the dividend.

paper money belonging to his protector; The case of Buenos Ayres is more and who is also presumed to have thus shortly told. No pretext for one sin- behaved respecting other sums, the origle dollar of money-claim could be gin of which he has not justified, in cirfound or forged, but careful forecast cumstances that different robberies had was exercised for the possible contin- been committed in said encampment ; gency of future and more fortunate and who was sentenced to prison for six ingenuity, by the following among

months that expire on 15th inst.

I canother articles, constituting the ultima

not do Your Excellency the great injustum of Admiral and negotiator Le tice to think that you refor yourself to Blanc for the redress of French griev. these criminals, on stating that I detain in ance by Buenos Ayres :

the prisons your Excellency's fellow.

countrymen. But who can these be, since Article 2. That it (Buenos Ayres) there are none detained either in the pubshould acknowledge in the French Go. lic prisons or at the soldiers' barracks ? vernment the right to reclaim indemni- And, after duly considering this, where ties in favour of the French who may have exists the irony or malevolence ? Let suffered unjustly in their persons or pro- Your Excellency decide it. perty in consequence of acts of the Argen- “ That I detain in the militia Your tine government.”

Excellency's fellow-countrymen! This is with Buenos Ayres are twofold only. In the regular army and in the militia The avowed grounds of quarrel another mistake with which the good faith

of Your Excellency has been imposed upon. First, that French subjects were with- there is no Frenchman destined to the serout cause and illegally held in prison ; vice of arms; nor are there any summonand secondly, that considerable num

ed by the Commanders of the different rebers of them were actually serving giments to perform it, although, by the compulsorily in the army and militia. laws of the country, they can be compelled Both facts were strenuously denied ; to it. Those who are serving at present but in order to place those official are six ; five volunteers, including an offidenegations beyond the possibility of cer, and another, who in the year 1835

its "

was taken

up in the country for a considerable property, and the Consul devagrant, without any known occupation, nied his liability, notwithstanding all these and respecting whose destination the Go. circumstances, to serve like other citizens vernment has not as yet given any resolu- in the militia.” tion. Even said murderer, Peter Jusson,

The succeeding extract from the sentenced by the Superior Tribunal of Justice to the navy of this republic for four

same paper, shows how the contagion years on allowance, and without pay, and infects downwards from the high placed at the disposal of Government on places-how the money. meanness of 2d of December, ultimo, has not been des- the sovereign descends among his tined by this Government to the service of humblest functionaries :arms, although the culprit himself has so- “ By far the most glaring impropriety licited it.”

alleged against the French Consul was, The following condensed statement however, the fact that he was in the habit, of minor grievances may be advanta- for a trifling gratuity, of granting certifigeously borrowed from the Times, in of whatever nation. To such a scandalous

cates of origin or of citizenship to persons
article :"-

extent had this been carried, as it is as“ Another grievance complained of was

serted, that the Sardinian Consul on his in the instance of a man named Lavie,

arrival had had bitter disputes with him messman to a canteen under the orders of about it, for on entering upon the duties Colonel Ramirez. Complaints having been of his consulship he found almost all the made of great abuses and robberies of the subjects of his sovereign certified by the clothing of the troops, a general search of French Consul as French subjects.” every person was ordered, which he vio

The French Consul played the part lently resisted. The result was that on ex

at Buenos Ayres of Baron Deffandis amination of his trunk, 900 dollars were found, which he confessed having robbed for wrongs in the character of an

at Mexico. He bullied and advertised his master of, besides 500 dollars more he had sent away, upon which he was ar.

authorized diplomatist; yet, so far difrested and sent to prison. The French

ferent from the Baron, refused to proConsul contended for his immunity from duce any credentials of the character search and imprisonment as a French citi. he assumed. So also a man named Desporey was

To demonstrate how methodically claimed as a French subject, although he

the government went to work in the had been thirty years in the country, was

verification of facts, we subjoin the married to a native, had a family, and following return of prisoners confiued : been duly naturalized. He had amassed a




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At the disposal of Government, S John Burata, or Belar, March 20th, 1837.

Laurence Bute,

Jan. 27th, 1838. At the disposal of the Judge Dr Garcia, Francis Tracy,

March 26th, 1838. At the disposal of the Judge Dr Cardenas, William Wasten, May 20th, 1838.

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At the disposal of the Judge Dr Cardenas, Francis Pacheco,

Feb. 15th, 1838.


At the disposal of the Judge Dr Garcia, Custodio Fernandez, Jan. 18th, 1836.
Buenos Ayres, March 31st, 1838.

Duly compared, Maza."

With the explanations so unreser- examination. As in the instance of vedly afforded, Admiral Le Blanc Buenos Ayres, this concession only could do no less than express his con- raised the market of demand against tentment; and, accordingly, he thus them. Baron Deffandis had a long addresses General Rosas on the 12th list of other claims, not ranging in the of April, 1838, dated off Monte Vi. same category, as he says, all produ. deo:

cible on occasion, and apparently in“ E. a déjà effacé deux de mes récla- definite. Let us compare one of these mations par des faits accomplis récemment: claims in behalf of Frenchmen with le premier est le jugement du Sieur Pierre their own practice towards other peoLavie ; le second le renvoi de la milice ple. Baron Deffandis to Mexico :des Français, qu'on y avait enrôlés contre leur volonté. Je n'ai donc plus à prétendre

“ 3d and lastly, Never to lay the smallest aujourd-hui que vous détenezin justement

tax upon the legal privilege which the

French have ever enjoyed, up to the premes compatriotes dans vos prisons ou dans votre milice; car je ne comprenais pas

sent moment, of carrying on a retail trade, dans cette expression ceux qui s'y sont en

in like manner to the natives, without prerôlés volontairement. Il ne me reste plus

viously granting them sufficient indemà demarrder que des garantiés contre le re

nity.” tour d'actes qui pourraient se renouveller French liberal practice is thus comet motiver de la part du Gouvernement memorated by a correspondent of the Français de semblables réclamations.”

Age :It will be remarked, however, by

Boulogne, Oct. 12. what a miserable subterfuge he here “ Let those who remember what Bougets rid of his former unfounded ac- logne really was, only twenty years ago, cusation, that “ numbers” of French look to the present flourishing condition men were compulsorily serving in the of the town, and ask themselves by what militia. He speaks of the renvoi or

has its prosperity been promoted ? The release of those so enrolled, as if the simple and the obvious answer must befact were so, and the Government had the gullibility and prodigal anti-patriotic

The English have yielded a contested point. It has been liberality of John Bull

. shown that there was not a man so

raised Boulogne from the state of a small released, because not one compulsorily fishing port to that of a large, opulent, and

fashionable watering-place; and yet, in enrolled. And yet, professing satis

requital of their bounty, the Government faction with the objects conceded or

of France and the native inhabitants of attained, the blockade of Buenos Ayres Boulogne are at this moment endeavourwas continued and exists to this day: ing to crush every public establishment The key-note is changed, to avoid conducted by Englishmen. coming to terms; the cry now is, “ Perhaps the greatest accommodation, "guarantees against the repetition of of late years, secured to our countrymen, acts," the non-existence of which is who spend their incomes in this town, was clearly enough developed by the con- that afforded by Bousfield's Library and clusive nature of the proof adduced. Marine Reading Room, which not only

The quarrels evidently are, in all afforded them a pleasant and convenient their circumstances, so strained and rendezvous, but put them in early posses.. unseasonably forced by a false hot- sion of all English intelligence, by laying house process, that an arriere pensée, before them the principal Metropolitan and as the French have it, is transparent Provincial Journals of England. And yet to the most superficial observer. In the Procureur du Roi has suddenly rethe cases of Mexico and Buenos Ayres solved upon enforcing a most illiberal law,

which excludes all ‘ foreigners' from carthe grand point of difference has been yielded; but, so far is this from leading rying on trade in France.

“ A worthier man, or a man more reto an accommodation, that difficulties

spected by all who have had dealings with are only increased, and new preten

him than Bousfield is, can scarcely be sions laboriously created. Mexico,

found in France; and yet he has been after vainly praying an impartial re

pounced upon in the most wanton and ference - å mixed commission, first despotic manner, and compelled to close of Mexicans and French, and, on his establishment at a few hours' notice. refusal of this, reference to an impar- The hardship of the case is, that he has tial foreign umpire-actually consent- been allowed to establish himself here at ed to admit the 600,000 dollars of in- an enormous outlay of capital, to expend demnity extortion, without proof or considerable sums of money in the im.

provement and decoration of his premises, ticle, are to be comprehended in the total and to carry on his business for upwards demand of the sum of six hundred thou. of two years ; and then, without the sha- sand dollars, which are contained in the dow of a cause of complaint, without even first article. a pretext of his having in any way incurred “ The right, most certainly, and perhaps the displeasure of the local authorities, he the duty of the undersigned, would be to is commanded to shut his shop, under a require the punishmentpenalty of a fine of five hundred francs, « of the Governor of Tehuantepee, for accompanied by the compulsory destruc- the multitude of injustices committed by tion of his establishment. This, to a young him against the French, and his inhuman man not long established in business-or conduct towards the Senores Bailly and indeed to a man under any circumstances, Gourjon. must be ruinous. The blow is aimed, not “ of the Governor of Tamaulipas, for at him exclusively, but at the people of his provoking partiality in the odious affair England in general.”

of the Senor Duranton.

Of the Counterfitting Officers, who We noticed claims urged by Baron contrived all the persecutions directed Deffandis as classed by him under against the Senor Le Dou. another head still. Here we present “ Of the Judge Zozaya, for a multitude a spice of his ultimatum referring to of oppressive and arbitrary acts, as also for this other and separate category. For his habitual insolence towards the Legaupstartarrogance and insolence, coarse tion of the King. as cowardly, there exists no counter- Of the Judge Alatorre, for the insi. part to it that we know of. The duous arrest of the Senor Burgos, and the 600,000 dollars positive, and the thrice unjust exactions carried into effect upon 600,000 in the back-ground and un

the Senor Simeon. specified category, all conceded, will

“ Of the Alcalde of Mexico, guilty of go, it is certain, but a small way to.

the innovation and savage destruction of wards the actual conclusion of strife.

the lawful and useful establishment of the Thus dictates his high behests, this

Senor Duval : and

“ Of several others, in fine, courteous and temperate official:

“ But the undersigned is desirous "of “ The General Gregorio Gomez, who availing himself, while he can, of the qualifiordered the assassination of the two French- ed latitude permitted him, by the Governmen, Demoussent and Sansieu, in Tam- ment of the King, upon the subject : he pico, shall be dismissed, and shall pay an does not wish to create any incumbrance indemnification of twenty thousand dollars to the Mexican Administration, and he to the families of the two victims.

confines himself to the requesting the “ The Colonel Pardo, commandant of punishment (very moderate) of these men, Colima, guilty of an attempted assassina. whose barbarous conduct is so widely setion, accompanied with dangerous wounds, parated from the principles of justice, of on the person of the Senor Giraud Du. morality, and of civilization, that even the long, shall be dismissed; and the indemni. Mexican Journal has thought it proper to ty of nine thousand six hundred and sixty designate one of them, very recently, and dollars, demanded by this Frenchman, who has not complained of the qualificashall be delivered to him.

tion, with the epithet of the monster " The Senor Tamayo, Judge de Letras, with a human face.” in Mexico, for the illegal, iniquitous and With the exception of Atenzingo, atrocious sentence which perversely he all the cases here referred to present passed against the Senor Pitre Lemoine, the same features of atrocious exagshall be dismissed. This Frenchman shall geration and absolute falsification as be immediately set at liberty, and an in those cited before with proof and dedemnification of two thousand dollars shall

tail. be paid to him for the prolonged deten- satellite of Louis Philippe quoting the

It is edifying to see the small tion, completely unjust, which he has suffered, and the bad personal treatment journals against the objects of his venwhich he so vilely has been made to en

geance. Will his master thank him dure in his confinement, since the sen

for taking certificates of character tence given by the Senor Tamayo, in July from such a source ? Will that maslast.

ter be content to take his own portrait An indemnity of fifteen thousand dol- as daily sketched by the press demolars shall be paid to the families of the cratic or Carlist of Paris, and hang it Frenchmen, for their unpunished assassi- up in the salons of the Tuileries, as nation at Atenzingo.

the most faithful resemblance of the “ The indemnities stipulated in this ar- original ? Why, beside the Ethiop

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