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Fryingpan shoals, near Cape Fear river, (N.C.)
(Part of season; see also Sections IV and V.)
Albemarle, Roanoke, and Croatan sounds, com-
pleted; Currituck sound commenced.
Entrance to Cape Fear river, (N.C.) (Part of
season; see also Section W.)
Exploration of Gulf Stream—continued.

East and west ends of Edisto base (S. C.) occu-
pied; lines opened; secondary triangulation of
North Edisto and Dawho rivers; recommaissance
for secondary triangulation to Stono river.
Difference of longitude of Charleston and Savan-
nah stations.
South Edisto and Ashepoo rivers and St. Helena
sound. (See also Section IV.)
Preliminary triangulation of entrance to Savannah
river. (Close of season.) -
South Edisto entrance and river, and Edisto island,
near east end of base. (See also Section III.)
Harbor of Savannah and approaches. (During
part of season; see also Section III.)
Charleston harbor completed; North Edisto har-
bor of refuge completed; harbor of Savannah
completed. Preliminary survey of entrance to
Savannah river.
Inspection of progress of parties in Section, &c.
Preparation of sites of bases; connexion of Tortu-
gas and Marquesas, Cedar Keys, and Crystal
river harbor, &c. (See also Section VIII.)
Triangulation of Cedar Keys and vicinity, and of
Crystal river harbor, commenced.
Triangulation of Florida keys, from Key Biscayne
to Soldier key. (Part of season; see also Sec-
tion I.)
Triangulation of Florida keys continued from Sol-
dier key to Turkey key. (Part of season; see
also Section IV.)

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J. H. Adams, sub-assistant, and | Marquesas, &c., Bahia Honda, &c., Key Biscayne
Mr. R. M. Bache. (Double and main, to limits of triangulation, completed.

(See also Section I.)
Lieut. Comm'g John Rodgers, U. | Key West harbor and approaches completed;
S. navy, assistant.

Boca Grande, Bahia Honda, reconnaissance of

Musquito inlet, (eastern coast of Florida.)
F. H. Gerdes, assistant, and Mr. Station points secured. (Part of season; see also
Henry Ginder.

Section VI.)

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S. A. Gilbert, assistant - - Revision of previous work and extension west

ward into Lake Borgne; Biloxi and St. Louis
bays triangulated; signals placed in Lake Borgne

and on eastern shore Pontchartrain.
W. E. Greenwell, assistant, and West Pascagoula river, Mississippi, to Biloxi
Mr. Wm. M. Johnson.

bay and Back bay; Pass Christian, from Pitcher

Point to Henderson's Point.
Lieut. Comm'g B. F. Sands, U. S. Eastward and westward of Mobile entrance; Pass
navy, assistant.

Christian; reconnaissance of Southwest Pass

and Pass à l'outre, mouths of Mississippi.
Lieut. Comm'g Jas. Alden, U. S. Bonsecours bay, near entrance of Mobile bay.
navy, assistant.

(Part of season.)
Jas. S. Williams, assist., and Spen- From Base on Galveston island, Texas, and High-

cer C. McCorkle, sub-assistant. land bayou, westward to “Peninsula” station.

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Sub-assistant J. M. Wampler

• Head of Galveston bay; entrance to San Jacinto

| river; delta of Trinity river and Turtle bay;

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fast and West bays, near entrance of Gal.

veston bay, to limits of triangulation. (See also

Section III.)
Galveston entrance, approaches and Lower bay.

Determination of Farallones; entrance to San
Francisco bay; San Diego harbor.
Latitude and longitude of Point Pinos, Monterey,
California; of Point Loma, San Diego, Cali-
fornia; of Cape Disappointment, Columbia
river, Oregon; diff long. San Francisco and
Cape Disappointment.
North and south sides of entrance to San Fran-
cisco bay; Mare island, for site for fortification
and navy yard; sites of light-houses at entrance
to San Francisco bay, on Farallones, and on Bird
Sites of light-houses at Point Conception, at Point
Pinos, (Monterey,) at Point Loma, (San Diego,
California,) and at Cape Disappointment, (Ore-
gon,) and Point Adams, Oregon,
Trinidad bay and river; Humboldt bay, Califor-
nia; views of entrance to Columbia river; gen-
eral reconnaissance of the coast south of San
Francisco; hydrography of the harbor of Mon-
terey; and continuation of reconnaissance of
coast south of Monterey.



A list of army officers on Coast Survey duty, September 1, 1851.



Date of attachment.

Thomas J. Cram,,...
Henry Prince........
Isaac I. Stevens......
Augustus A. Gibson ,...
James Totten........
William M. Gardner,..
Richard H. Rush ,.....
Joseph S. Totten.......
George W. Lay..........
Edward B. Hunt, , .
William P. Trowbridge, ..

Captain topographical engineers , ....,,.,,.
Captain and brevet major 4th infantry ......
1st lieutenant and brevet major engineers,...
1st lieutenant ad artillery ......
1st lieutenant 2d artillery .....,

1st lieytenant 7th artillery,...

1st lieutenant 2d artillery ......
1st lieutenant 2d artillery ......
1st lieutenant and brevet captain 6th infantry.,...

2d lieutenant engineers, ...
.., 2d lieutenant engineers, ......

December 17, 1846
December 10, 1850
September 14, 1849
January 17, 1851
December 10, 1850
February 1, 1851
December 10, 1850
December 10, 1850
December 10, 1850
May 5, 1851
April 18, 1851

List of nary oficers on Coast Survey duty, March 1, 1861.


Locality of service.



Date of attachment.

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C. H. McBlair .. Lieut. commanding - April 11, 1849
H. A. Wise ... Lieutenant.. Oct. 8, 1849
C. St. Geo. Noland ............ May 29, 1850
F. S. Conover ....... Passed midshipman . Feb. 21, 1851
M. Woodhull........ Lieut. commanding . Mar. 30, 1848
E. A. Barnet..... .. Lieutenant. ........ Sept. 8, 1849
J. H. March.. Passed midshipman .

G. H. Bier........ July 30, 1850
Wm. Van
T. A. Jenkins. Lieut. commanding. Feb. 17, 1849
J. S. Taylor

Lieutenant ........ July 18, 1850
A. S. Baldwin.....

Jan. 9, 1849
W. A.

May 29, 1848
S. Nicholson .... Passed midshipman . Oct. 17, 1849
J. N. Maffitt.. Lieut. commanding.. Feb. 8, 1851
Daniel Ammen...... Lieutenant.........

J. D. Bullock ....... Passed midshipman . Aug. 29, 1849
J. D. May 29, 1850
A. C. Rhind Nov. 27, 1848

John Rodgers ....... Lieut. commanding.. Apr. 27, 1849
| J. D. Read .........l Lieutenant.........


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