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Mr. QUICK. THIS excellent actor, and genuine son of mirth, whose loss to the London stage has long been regretted, and will never, perhaps, be adequately supplied, is a native of this metropolis. His father was a brewer, but young Quick so little liked the smell of malt and hops, that at twelve years old he enlisted into a theatrical corps, and was the hero of various itinerant companies in the neighbourhood of London, often performing (as he relates himself,) the characters of Richard the King, and Sharp the Valet, for the enormous sum of one shilling per night! In the course of his marches and countermarches he met with many curious adventures. It is told of him, that at the age of eighteen, while he was playing in Kent, the company he was with had made a halt at a country-town, and had fixed on a small alehouse for their place of residence during their stay. But their appearance not being very well relished by the host, he secured two large trunk which contained the riches of the strolling adventurers, who had agreed to enact Macbeth on the following day. In the evening they all repaired to the barn to rehearse. At the same time the landlord was intent in observing their movements; and, applying his ear to a crevice in the door, he heard the cry of the assembled witches of “We'll fly by night; on which this son of dark suspicion, and still darker ignorance, exclaimed suddenly, to the no small amazement of the weird sisters, Aye, aye, you villains, you


may fly, but I have secured the trunks." At another time, while he was figuring away in all the pomp of tinselled grandeur and high-sounding blank verse, as the noble Tancred, at Croydon-fair, unluckily he had the mishap to fall from a hay-loft into a stable; by which untoward accident his drapery received some additions which were not only rather unsightly, but at the same time not very grateful to the smell. The hero's mischance occasioned a delay, and the audience became impatient: but, when poor Tancred's tale was told, pity succeeded displeasure, and his return was hailed with loud plaudits, which enabled him to become “ himself again. At length he was engaged by Foote for the Haymarket, and happening to play Beau Mordecai in Love à la mode, for Shuter's benefit, he performed the part so much to the satisfaction of the author, that he recommended him strongly to Mr. Colman, then manager of CoventGarden, where he gradually rose into favour and reputation, sustaining a variety of characters with infinite humour, and contributing essentially to the snccess of every new comedy, opera, and farce, that was exhibited on that staye for a series of years.

We believe he was near thirty seasons at this theatre.

About nine or ten years ago, for something or for nothing' he quitted his situation at Covent Garden. His einoluments had for some time been considerable, and, knowing the value of independence, he had so prudently husbanded his profits, that from the metropolitan stage he retired a rich man; and resolving not again to grow poor he occasionally performs on the provincial boards.

In 1801 he played several nights at Drury Lane, during the engagement of Mrs. Billington.

Mr. Quick, when joint-manager of the Bristol theatre, married a clergyman's daughter, by whom he has two children. He is fast approaching sixty, but we are happy to understand that he enjoys at this moment as good health and spirits as at any period of his life.

The following is a list of the characters of which he was the original representative. Invasion Sir I. Evergreen. Modern Antiques Cockletop Barataria Sanco Pança. Patrick in Prussia Quiz. Crotchet Lodge Truncheon. Robin Hood - Little John. Poor Vulcan --- Crump. Highland Reel - M'Gilpin.

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