Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, Volume 6

Canadian Pharmaceutical Association., 1873

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Página 169 - sweet and nourishing milk. It is at the rising of the sun that this vegetable fountain is most abundant. The blacks and natives are then seen hastening from all quarters furnished with large bowls to
Página 169 - We drank considerable quantities of it in the evening before we went to bed, and very early in the morning without feeling the least injurious effect. The negroes and the free people who work in the plantations drink it, dipping
Página 169 - For several months of the year not a single shower moistens its foliage. Its branches appear dead and dried ; but when the trunk is pierced there flows from it
Página 169 - into it their bread of maize, or cassava. The majordomo of the farm told us that the negroes grow sensibly fatter during the season when the Palo de vaca furnishes them with most milk. This juice, exposed to the air, presents at its
Página 131 - in the conversion of the alkaloid into soluble acetate ; but a weak alcohol directly applied to a coarse powder does not appear to act favorably; the solution legumin and the unchanged starch interfere with the process. Water swells the material, dissolving the legumin, and if the mixture is allowed to stand in a warm place for a few days it will
Página 394 - The gum exudes from the stem in consequence of the puncture of a beetle, and, falling to the ground, becomes contaminated with earth, for which reason it does not suit the London market ; but it is used in all parts of the country for cataplasms and fumigations. Following up Mr.
Página 316 - common damage of alcoholism. They undergo congestive enlargement, fatty and fibroid change, but they do not suffer commensurately with the bloodvessels, or as frequently as the other viscera. " So far we have seen only the ill which alcohol produces. It may be asked : Is there none which it obviates ? Apart from its
Página 427 - the wilderness and solitary place to be glad, and the desert to rejoice and blossom as the rose,
Página 356 - matters, while the soup becomes richer in these. The albumen is gradually dissolved from the surface to the centre; the fibre loses more or less its quality of shortness or tenderness, and becomes hard and tough.
Página 167 - edict of Frederick, the second, granting them many privileges and perquisites, was the foundation of the position which those of our own day occupy. By that edict it was required " that the confectionarii should take an oath to keep by them fresh and sufficient drugs, and to make up

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