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air as might become a man who had tra Married.-At St. Mary's, R. N. C. Hamilvelled, and mixed in the best society. ton, Esq. eldest son of Sir F. Hamilton, Bart. to

Constance, daughter of General Sir G. Anson, He had always a reserve of pleasantry,

K.C.B., M.P., &c. and a flow of ready mirth ; but he lacked

At Aldingbourne, Sussex, J. W. Buller, Esq. the effervescence of Lewis. In the pro of Dowriés, M.P., to Charlotte Juliana Jane, cession on Shakspeare's birth-day, insti third daughter of the late Lord Henry Howard. tuted by Garrick, and restored with zeal At St. George's, Hanover Square, the Hon. by Elliston, he personated Sir John Fal Augustus Villiers, to the Hon. Miss Elphinstone.

At Great Milton, Oxon, the Rey, W. M. staff, and gave some snatches of that

Ellis, A.M., to Eliza, youngest daughter of the rich, out-breaking, unctuous laugh,which Rev. J. C. Townsend. formed so essential a point of his success Mr. H. Hearne, of Aylesbury, to Miss Polin the original. As a manager, his in- den. trinsic knowledge of the stage, and his The Rev. T. S. Hedges, Rector of Little taste in theatrical matters, which was

Waltham, Essex, to Mary, youngest daughter of

James Coggan, Esq. enlarged by some literary acquirements,

The Rev. L. Lewellen, D.C.L. of Jesas Colafforded bim advantages which few ma lege, Oxford, to Caroline, third daughter of nagers possess. Behind the curtain he George Smith, Esq. was rigid, and perhaps dictatorial ; but At St. Mary's, Bryanston Sqnare, the Rev. he always carried himself with the po E. T. Champnes, to Miss M. Dawson, of

Portman Street. liteness of a courtier-except when an occasional flash of temper suffered him M.A., late Fellow of Worcester College, Ox

At Ellenbridge, the Rev. Joseph Amphlett, to forget his interests and bis station,

ford, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late G. Mr. Elliston became a widower March Penrice, Esq. 31, 1821. He has left several sons. His At Rodmarton, the Rev. J. Haygarth, Rector funeral took place on the 15th of July, at of Upham, Hants, to Sarah, eldest daughter of St. John's Church, Waterloo Road.

the Rev. Daniel Lysons.

At Isleworth, the Rev. G. Thompson, B.A., to

Mary Anne, second daughter of Captain J. L. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

White, of Richmond, Surrey. The Rev. S. Cobbold, A.M. to the Rectory of - At Christ Church, Hants, Mr. W. Tracy, of Woolpit, Norfolk.- The Rev. R. G. Jeston, to Mount Street, Lambeth, to Sarah, youngest the Rectory of Marston Sicca, Gloucestershire, daughter of the late Mrs. Strond, of Reading. vacant by the death of the Rev. W. Loggin. At Hawridge, Bucks, Mr. E. Brackley, of The Rev. S. H. Alderson, M.A. to the Vicarage Bellingdon, to Miss E. Weedon. of Buckden, Hunts, lapsed to the Crown by Dr. Maltby's promotion to the See of Chichester. - Died.--At Bury, C. Blomfield, Esq. father. The Rev.W.R. Colbeck, to the Lecturership to the Lord Bishop of London. of the United Parishes of All Saints and St. At High Wycombe, Robert Nash, Esq. John, Hertford, with the Liberty of Bricken At Cheltenham, in his 88th year, the Hon. don and Little Amwell, on the resignation of Robert Moore. the Rev. T. Lloyd.-The Rev. T. Gaisford, Pre At the Rectory-house, Chelvey, Somersetbend of Durham, to the Deanery of Christ sbire, aged 83, the Rev. Wm. Shaw, D.D. Church, on the resignation of Dr. S. Smith, and F.S.A. Dr. Smith to the Prebendary of Durham.--The J. H. North, Esq. M.P. for Drogheda. Rev. G. Pickering, to the Vicarage of Arskey, At Gayton-le-Marsh, Lincoloshire, Mrs. Maynear Doncaster, in the room of the Rev. Å. field, in the 102nd year of her age. Cooke, resigned.-The Rev. E.J. Howman, A.M. In Wimpole Street, the Right Hon. Lord Le to the Rectory of Bexwell, Norfolk.--The Rev. Despencer. S. Rickards, to the Rectory of Chelsworth, At Wheatfield, Oxon, the Rev. Frederick Suffolk.The Rev. C. Collins, M.A. on his own Charles Spencer. presentation, to the Rectories of Finstead and At Southampton, William Bailey, Esq. of Milstead.--The Rev. J. H. Sparke, A.M. to the Tonbridge Castle, Kent. Rectory of Gunthorpe with Bale, in Norfolk.- At Boxford, near Newbury, Mary Ann, The Rev. Francis Cobbold, to the Perpetual second daughter of Mr. R. Martin. Curacy of St. Mary in the Tower, Ipswich. At Lyne, the Rev. Michael Babbs, in his The Rev. W. Sharpe, M.A. to the Donative and Perpetual Curacy of Pattiswick, Essex. At Brighton, the Hon. C. W. Lambton. The Rev. T. Halsted, A.M. to the Rectory of The Rev. J. P. Boteler, M.A. of Henley-on Little Bradley, Suffolk.-The Rev. J. C. Wyn Thames. ter, B.A. to the Rectory of Donington on Baine, At Barnstaple, aged 85, the Rev. Dr. CorLincolnshire; patron, Lord Monson.-- The Rev. nelius Cardew, Rector of St. Erme, many J. Tyson, to the Vicarage of Merrington, vacant years Master of Truro Grammar Scheol. by the resignation of the Rev. T. Ebdon.-The At Leckhampstead, Bucks, Mrs. Brickwell. Rev. P. George, to the Perpetual Curacy of St. At Munich, the Rev. Thomas Briggs, Preben. Margaret's, Durham, vacant by the resignation dary of Stoke Newington. of the Rev. W. S. Gilly. - The Rev. W.J. Mr. Spiller, Librarian to the House of Com. Philpotts, B.A. to the Vicarage of St. Ewnie mons. Lanant, Cornwall, vacant by the death of the George Grant, of Shenley Hill, Herts, Esq. Rev. C. Cardew.--The Rev. D. G. Stacy, At Wooburn, Bucks, the Rev. Joshua Harris B.C.L., to the Vicarage of Hornchurch, Essex, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. Walker: The Rev. Wm. Wilson, Rector of Harring Th v. J. Morton, to Prebend of Leigh- ton, Northamptonshire. This gentleman was ton Beaudesert, in the Cathedral of Lincoln, killed by the accidental discharge of his gun, and to the Vicarage of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, whilst partridge-shooting. void by the promotion of Dr. E. Maltby to the At the Vicarage, Winchcombe, Gloncester See of Chichester.

shire, aged 62, the Rev, J. J. Lates, M.A.

S8th year.

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