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wing, near Faringurka, in the view of to retire with my corps to Rozaw. The gerting possession of that town. I had enemy has not molested me in my reonly 5000 men, under general Bago. treat. naut, to oppose the enemy on chat side.

(Signed) 'Beningsen.' They made a brave defence till I sent Rozaw, 27-15 December, 1806. a reinforcement of three battalions of Vienna, Jan. 7. The Russian am. reserve, and afterwards three more un. bassador at our court, M. Razomousky, der general Tolstoi, by which means has received intelligence of the Russians the right wing of the French was totally having taken the island of Curzola, in defeated. The second attack, equally the Adriatic, near the coasts of Dalmabrisk, was made on my righe Aank, sia, and have placed a strong garrison in where genera Barkelay De Tolly was it. The college of war has also received posted with the vanguard. This wing the unexpected news that the Servian extended, on the road towards Size insurgents have taken possession of an gocyn, to a small wood, where I had island near Semlin, called Kingsmul, placed a covered battery, which the (L'Isle de la Guerre): orders have enemy attempted to turn. I therefore already been given to drive the Servians made a movement hackwards on their from the said island, unless they quit right, which succeeded so well that I it voluntarily. It is thought that the not only frustrated the attempt of the Servians only occupy it in order to apenemy, but was also so fortunate as to proach with more advantage the for. reinforce general Barkelay De Tolly tress of Belgrade.-(Hamburgb Correu with three battalions, ten squadrons, spondenten.) and one battery, to repulse the enemy; Slutgard, Jan, 10. The discharge of on which the enemy retreated from the cannon has announced to us the sur. wood. The arrack commenced ac ele. reader of the fortress of Breslau on the ven in the morning, and lasted till dark. 5th inst. by capitulation, on the same From the relation of all the prisoners, I conditions as Glogau. The allied troops was opposed by Messrs. Murat, Da. were to enter first on the 7th, under voust, and Lasnes, with an army ex- prince Jerome of France, who was exceeding 50,000 men. They have lost pected back from Poland on the 8th. about 5000 according to their own On the 29th of December some consi. account.

derable engagements took place near . All my troops fought with the Ohlau, and on the 30th, in the vicinity greatest bravery. The following ge- of Breslau, in which the royal troops nerals particularly distinguished them. again greatly distinguished themselves, selves : -Osterman, Tolstoi, Barkelay 3000 prisoners, 13 cannons, 1200 horses, De Tolly, prince Dolgorouky, Bago. and some standards, have been the naut, Sommoff, and Sitoff, of the in- fruits of this surrender. Details will fantry ; also colonels Daviddoffsky and be given in a few days. Gondoff, &c. &c.

Breslau, Jan. 1o. After sustaining a • Field-marshal Kamenskoy departed month's siege, and a bombardment nearfrom Pulrusk for Ostrolenka on the ly of the same duration, with considera. morning of the 26th of December, pre. ble damage, our city has at length been vious to the attack, and again gave up compelled to surrender to the troops of the whole command to me, so that I the emperor of the French and king of have had the good fortune to command Italy. The besieging corps, under alone in this affair, and to beat the prince Jerome, comprising the troops of enemy.

Wurtemberg, having appeared before "I have to lament, that the long ex. this place from the 19th to the 20th of pected succour of general Buxhoevden November, it was inclosed by a corps had not arrived, although he was only of cavalry and some cannon.-From two German miles distant, and even that period' all communication with halıed half way. I should otherwise Glogau and Lower Silesia was cut off. have been able to follow up my victory. His excellency general Thile was go. I have further to lament, that the total vernor, and major-general Kraft com. wast of provisions and forage obliges mc mandaat of the fortress, -having


with him major-general Lindener, of is treated in the most hostile manne“; the corps of engineers. The bóm- in the towns all sorts of goods are takes bardment commenced in form on the away on pretence of their

being English; morning of the 10th of December, and contributions of every description are continued day and night, with some in- levied on the coun'ry, and the duke's terva's, till the 3d of January, in con- arms replaced by those of the French sequence of which the place was often emperor. on fire, and upwards of 100 of the A Ribnitz as well as Demmin de.. inhabitants parily killed and partly monstrations have been made to cross wounded. The houses and churches to this side, and to construct have suffered very materially; and as bridges for that purpose. At Meyen. the uneasiness of the people increased kebs-pass a storm threw a considerable every day, the hope of relief seemed quantity of timber collected for the confurther and further removed, and as struction of bridges on the Swedish side, any further resistance only tended to which the commanding officer of the expose this once flourishing city to in. Swedish chasseurs stationed there evitable ruin, on the 3d instant an ar. seized upon, and rejected the demand of mistice was agreed to; and on the sih the French officers who reclaimed it the capitulation, which is exactly the with contempt. same as was granted to Glogau, was Between Stemburgh and Burzow, in formally signed.

the duchy of Mecklenburgh, we underLeipzic, Jan. 12. Two other affairs stand a considerable French pirk of between the Prussian and Wurtem. artillery has been obliged to halt on berg troops have followed that of the account of the heaviness of the roads, 24th. These occurred on the 29th and which renders the conveyance of ord. 30th, when the Prussians losi 1500 nance almost impossible. prisoners and seven pieces of cannon. Frankfort on the Maine, Jan. 13., An The garrison of Breslau consists of six official account from Pultusk, of the or seven thousand men. Immediately 30th of December, says, Marshal after its surrender, general Deroi Lasnes commanded in the battle of marched to Brieg to invest that place. Puliusk 18,000 men; ne had 50,000 General Vandamme is charged to block. ' men opposed to him. He defeated ade Schweidnitz with the division under them; 12,000 were killed, and 3.000 his command, to which place the prince were taken prisoners and wounded. of Anbalt Pless has retired.

Marshal Augereau commanded ar GoStralsund, Jan, 12. The French ge- lymin; he had a horse killed under neral Mortier has again raken possession him: the result was almost equaliy of Anclam, with a corps of gooo foot splendid.' and 1000 horse : his artillery consists Augsburg, Jan. 14. This day several of 4 howitzers and 12 twelve.pounders. hundred Bavarian troops, infantry and The rest of his corps, which is in the cavalry, with four pieces of cannon, whole estimated at 14,000 men, occupy marched for the Iller, to suppress the the neighbouring country : it is said to tumultuary movements which have suffer much from want of provisions. taken place in some parts of the counGeneral Morcier left Anclam on the try, on account of the raising of recruits, 25th of last month, with the greatest but which will soon be sup. ress d. part of the garrison, and was jined Magdeburg, Jan. 17. Our hospitals between Lapin and Netzholf by three are full of sick, the forced marches in regiments of infantry, manquvred some such a season and in such bad weather days in the vicinity, and then returned have inundated us with several dis.' to Anclam.

orders, and particularly dysenteries, Io the duchy of Mecklenburgh re. The French authorities at Berlin main at present but very few French have just sent us an order to press the troops, most of them having marched to payment of the contributions, Prussia. In the mean time the country

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Edinburgh, Jan. 24.

having defeared the French, who lost HIS majesty's ship Nightingale, 80,000 men, and were retreating to captain Wilkinson, arsived last night Berlin. Captain Mote left the master in Leith roads, from off T nningen, of his ship to bring him the news that which place he left last Tuesday.. the next day's mail brough, but he had Two days before, the 18h instant, not gained ibe ship when captain Wil. captain Moti, of his majesty's armed kinson left the Eyder, on account of the ship lying there, made a signal that the frost setting in, on Tuesday the 20th. French army were defeated beyond Perhaps the mail may not have arrived Warsaw. Capt. W. immediately which he was ordered to wait for by went on board captain Motr, who in. captain Mott. formed him he had received a letter Captain Wilkinson informs me, from the consul, stating that the Rus. that the Russians had met wi!h several sians, after several defeats, and losing defears, lost many men, and from 6010 from sixty to eighty pieces of cannon, 80 pieces of cannon, and retreated. The had retreated to a distance beyond War. French had advanced considerably be. saw, and that the French had gone yond the city of Warsaw, and had gone into winter-quarters ;-hus situa d, into winter quarters. The Russians, the Russians, collecting all their forces, after collecting all their forces, attacked fell upon the French armies, the re. them in this situation, and the battle mains of which had retreated above alluded to was the result. It was Berlin, after losing 80,000 men. The also reported, that the emperor of Rusarchduke Charles, with an Austrian sia had crea:ed Constantine king of army, rad been ready to fall upon the Poland. Frech in Silesia.

· The last accounts from the Au. The reason given for the French strians were, that the archduke Charles going into quarters, was their being un. was ready to strike a blow in Silesia.' able to stand the severity of the wea. Yarmouib, Jan. 26. Yesterday after. ther.

noon arrived the Astrea frigate from Leith, Jan, 23. "His majesty's sloop Copenhagen, which place she left on Nightingale, captain Wilkinson, has the 20'h instant, at which time it was jusi come up from the Eyder, which he reported that the French had lost 60,000 left on Tuesday. Captain Wikinson men, and several pieces of cannon. The

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his carriage to take an airing; Mr. of the proprietors, offered a reward of Chivers, who was between 70 and 80 ffty guineas to any one who would disyears of age, went into his garden to cover the person who had thrown the take a walk, as was his daily custom, bottle. He was immediately pointed inspecting the gardener at his work, out, and was by the officers carried to and conversing with himn; "he latter is Bow.street. a Scotchman, 22 years of age, and full Baib, J.19. 27. A singular instance six feet high. About half past eleven of accumulated misfortune occurred in o'clock, the gardener ran into the house the family of a respectable farmer near from the garden in great agita'ion and Devises a few days since: a fever swept terror, excJaiming to the servants, • Lord, off three children at the same time; what have I done? I have struck my scarce had the unfortunate victims of master, and he has fell;' and immés disease been carried to their silent diately left the house, without giving home,' when the remaining offspring, any explanation, and made for the rown two fine boys (at the drear hour of of Capkam. The foorman went into midnight), had not returned from a the garden to discover what had hap- neighbouring school; in vain did the pened, when he found his master on the anxious parent search with quickening ground, apparrorly lifeless, and his face step each snow-clad parh ; returning a most shocking spectacle; it appearing home for aid, ome hours elapsed before that the gardener had struck his master the little wanderers were discovered with a spade that he was at work with, under a hedge; one of them in a torpid the end of which entered the lower part stare, the other just sufficiently able to of his nose, broke both his jaw bones, and articulare. The joy of the mother on penetrating nearly to a line with his cars, their being restored to her, acred so so that his head was nearly separated. strongly on her feelings, as to awaken a The gardener was soon after apprehend. conflict of pussion that had well nigh ed, and the magistrates committed him terinina:ed her existence. to Horsemonger-lane prison. The The sa ne evening a clergyman in cause of ine shocking aci, it is supposed, the neighbourhood), rerurning homeward was a dispute between him and his mas. after having performed his sacred duty, ter respecting the management of a perished ibrough intense cold; bis body tree.

was found the next morning.--A nuLast night, in the second scene of the merous family are left to lamenc his un. paotomime, at Covent Garden theatre, timely fate. and while the younger Bologna and London, Jan. 29. The business of miss Searle were on the stage, a person the house of lords to day was for a few in the two shilling gallery threw a glass minutes interrupted, in consequence of bortle, supposed to be aimed at Mr. Bo- the intrusion of the personage who so logna, jun.; it fell near the orchestra, frequently infested the court of chan. and severely wounded in the head a gen- cery a few months since as the pretleman in the pit; a great quantity of tended duke of Norfolk. He entered blood gushed from the wound ; he was the house yesterday with the utmost immediately carried out for surgical as. sang froid; stopped for a moment opsistance. The house was thrown into posite the fire place; and was appaa great confusion, and the cry of ma. rently proceeding to communicare with nager' resounded from all parts of the the lord chancellor, on the woulsack, theatre. Grimaldi came forward, and when he was recognized by some of after some tiine had elapsed he ob. their lordships, and his progress stopped tained an hearing. He stated that the by lord Kenyn. The assistance of the manager was not in the house, but a acting usher of the black rod, the sera preper officer was sent up into the galo geant at arms, and some of the attend. lery to endeavour to find out the of. ants, was of course resorted to'; and his fender. Shortly afterwards, Farley, soi disant grace was compelled to abdiwith two of the Bow-street officers, ap- care his intended sear. After he was peared in the gallery, and, in the name put out of the house and the antichame ber, he did not appear inclined to renew in her sight. The deceased was a the change.

handsome woman, about. 40 years of 31. The daughter of a gentleman of age, and has left an offspring of a son forrune, in the vicinity of St. James's. and four daughters. street, absented herself from her father's There was a most viclent hurricane house on Thursday morning, and, as it is at Exeter on Thursday, which did supposed, has decamped with an officer considerable damage. A stack of chim. belonging to a regiment of cavalry. neys was blown , down at one house, The lady, who is twenty.three years which forced the doors in its way, of age, does not appear to have made and killed one of the band of the any particular preparation for her Highr. Monigomery militia, who was sitting She walked out as usual before break in a parlour, from which several of fast, but without a servant maid who his companions had just departed. A was used to attend her. She did not woman being in the arric story, was return, of course, at her usual rime, and carried down with the ruins to the

her absence caused no small degree of ground, and was extricated from | @xiety for her safery. It was ascer. them unhuri.--Many persons wounded

tained, however, in the course of the in the streets by, slates, &c., and 33 morning, that a chaise from the city large elms in Cowick park, were tora had been waiting upwards of two hours up by roots. in Berkeley-street, Piccadilly, which had Truro, Feb. 6. On Monday the inha. at length conveyed away a lady answer. bitants of this towo were alarmed by an ing the description of the fair fugitive, awful thunder storm, which ebreatened and who was accompanied by a gentle. the most serious consequences. The man. No other traces of the parties wind blew strong from the south-west were discovered yesterday, but that they during the morning, and several exbad taken the Bath road. A secret plosions were heard, but all too distant correspondence it seems had subsisted to excite any serious apprehensions, til) between the parties during a fortnight. about 11 o'clock, when a fash of light. The gallant is a lieutenant in a regiment ning, extremely vivid, was instantly fole of dragoons.

lowed by a tremendous crash of thunder, Feb. 3. The following shocking CR- which seemed to burst close down upon tastrophe befel Mrs. Simison, the wife the tops of the houses, and shattered the of an attorney in Poland-streér, Oxford- windows of the Redolion inn, Mr. streer :-The lady, who is now no more, Mudge's house, Mr. Hodge's, and see was sitting alone in the kitchen of her veral others. In the mean time the house on Monday night, waiting the electric fluid struck the church tower in arrival of Mr. S. after her family had several places, where the conductor, retired to rest. About iwelve o'clock, neutraliscd perhaps by rust, did not af. a gentleman who lodged in the house ford all the security expected from it. was alarmed by a smell of something A stone of nearly 2 cwt. was thrown burning, which induced him to go down off the south-west angle of the top of stairs, and on his approaching the kitchen the square tower, at ibe base of the door, he discovered the unfortunate Mrs. spire. As the fluid descended in a zigS. lying near the fire-place, with her zag direction, it recoiled again and clothes burned to ashes. The room was struck the base of the wall near the also on fire, and the gentleman alarmed porch with great violence, but was rethe neighbourhood; but all assistance pelled by the solid masses of granite of towards saving the life of the unfor- which it is formed. Some part of it, tunare sufferer proved unavailing, al. however, entered the church, and passe though it was the cause of a momentary ing out at the great window over the Tespite from death.-The unfortunate aliar, broke several panes of glass, and lady remained alive upril five o'clock : greatly damaged the window frames, in the morning, in the most extreme It then entered the kitchen of the Bear agony, during which time she was inn (which stands close to the N. E. sensible, and took leave of her family, angle of the church), struck a inan whom she had cxpressed a wish to have backward, but without injuring him,

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