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· Dantzic, Jan. 31. A battle has and the Greek Stephani Alexandrake, taken place between the French and have passed through this city, on their the combined Russian and Prussian way to Holland, from whence they wilt arinies, near Mohringen and Saalfeld; continue their journey to England. besides 4,000 prisoners, the French "All that we have advanced relative have lost 6,000 killed and wounded.' to the rupture between Russia and the The corps of marshals Ney and Ber- Porte is confirmed by official letters nadotte may be considered as cut off, received by the Turkish minister in or dispersed and destroyed. The Prus. this city. The Greek courier, and the sians have entered Marienwerder. Mu. Tartar, have brought dispatches rerat and Bernadotte are said to be se- specting this event to M. D'Argiropolo, verely wounded, and Bonaparte himself and stare, that besides the troops on is sick ar Warsaw of a nervous fever, the shores of the Danube, which are Graudentz has been blockaded by Heso very numerous, the grand vizier him. sian and Darmstadt troops, but they self will soon join them with a respecto had been forced to fly with loss. The able force. Rusians are said to be in Cum; the Vienna, Fib. 4. The court gazette French will find some difficulty in of this day contains the following articls, crossing the Vistula with their cannons under the head Turkey :and baggage. The bridge at Thorn is On the 220 December, the decla. said to be carried away by the ice. ration of war by the Sublime Porte This gives room to hope great things, against Russia took place : the gates of but no decisive battle has taken place Constantinople were in consequence as yet. We should hope the French shut for some days.--Since the sure, right wing will not be able to retrieve render of Belgrade, nothing of importthe bad situation of the left. The most

ance has passed between the Turks and authentic accounts state the insurgents the Servian insurgents. The report of to be 14,000 men, under Dombrowski; a formal treaty of peace having been they are ill armed, and look miserably. concluded between the Porte and the Krigsrath Peyelin, who had been coru. chjefs of the Servians is entirely unmissioner to the Russian army, accounts founded. The Russian advanced guards for Buxhovden not supporting Bennig- have already approached Widdin, lo sen at Pultusk, in the following way: which Paswan Oglou has retired. Up Kaminskoy, who left Pultusk on the to the 7th of January, no action had morning of the battle, wrote to Bux. taken place between the Turks and the hovden, before departing, that ail was Russiany, neither on the Moldau nor in lost, and advised him to make the best Wallachia; only a few straygling parretreat he could immediately. Upon'ties of the Ayan of Rudschuk have been this, Buxhovden, who was advancing, repulsed and cut to pieces.' haleed, and commenced his retreat. ll'ars 170', Feb. 4. At the battle of Kaminskoy is grown insane, of which Eylau, in which the French gained a the foregoing is a proof. Buxhovden complete victory, his imperial majesty has since been recalled, and Bennigsen cominanded in person.

The victory commands in chief.'

was so much the more brilliant, as the Warsari, Feb. 2. The emperor con. Russians fought with obsunacy. One tinues his short excursions. Yesterday of live emperor's adjutants is killed, and he passed the night at Willenberg, and marshals Lannis and Augereau are this morning he left is avain.

orean Russian

slightly wounded


The Russians, on this occasion, lost were extended on the field. The im3,000 men. The Russian fleet, which perial guard, in particular, made a horappeared in the Black Sea, it is said, rid carnage. The emperor's adjutant, is destined to occupy the mouth of the general Corbineau, was killed by a Danube.

cannon ball.

Marshal Augereau is Tborn, Feb. 14.

Marshal Lefevre wounded in the arm. The division of attacked general Roquette on the rith marshal Lannes, who was personally of February, at Marienwerder. The engaged, and was slightly wounded, latter had seven squadrons of cavalry, is now commanded, in the vicinity of one battalion of infantry, and four pieces Ostrolonka, by general Savary. of cannon.. The enemy was routed at 1j.nnd, Fib. 18. From Wallachia all points, and pursued, sword in hand, we learn, that a corps of Russians that more than four leagues. The road wis had passed the Dumbe, near Widdin, covered the whole way with dead and were joined by the troops under Czerni.. wounded. General Roquette was in- Georges. debted for his escape to the swiftness

Letters from the Turkish frontiers of his horse.

confirm the report that Passwan Oglou Banks of ibe Main, Feb. 14. The had died, in consequence of a disorder. Russian empire having put the whole Berlin, Frb. 18.' The Telegraph of of its forces in motion, in the French to-day contains as follows:- Although empire, and in the states of its allies, the following letter, dated from Prusdispositions have been made which are sian Eylau, on the gth of February, at not less formidable. N8 French army five in the evening, was written carlier was ever seen in the field so strong as

than the intelligence we gave yesterthe present is about to be made. î he day, yet we cannot refrain from com. new conscription has been attended municating it to our readers, as it with the greatest success, and the troops comes from a celebrared warrior, who are incessantly marching towards the an eye-witness of the battle of army. At first 20,000 men were des- Eylau ; we can depend upon his veratined to form the army of reserve, but city :- The battle of Eylau is one of by a new order, this plan bas been the most remarkalte events of the war. changed, and all these troops will join The Russian arıny suffered a most the grand army:

All the states of the dreadful disas er. They passed the confederation of the Rhine are obliged whole night without being able to conto have their continge's always com- centrate, and they are a march distance piece, and it is said that in case of ne- before us. They lost from 40 to 45 cessity they will be obliged to furnish pieces of cannon, at least 18 standards, the one-haif of them to the French 10 or 12,000 prisoners, and 10,000 army. It is asserted also, that Naples wounded. To state their whole loss and Switzerland, in capacity of allies at 30,000 men would be rather to lessen of France, must send troops into the than to magnify.' field; and that the kingdom of Naples Altona, Feb. 20. We are assured that alone will furnish an army of 30,000 her majesty the queen of Prussia is

expected at Schlusselburg, from whence Warsawu, Feb. 14. The battle of she will go to St. Petersburgh; it is Eylau lasted from eight in the morning said that the palace of Catherinthal is ili six in the evening. The coinbined ready to receive her. Russian and Prussian army first began Panls of the Elbe, Feb. 23. The late the engagement with three French actions up to the 8th inst. on the theatre divisions, which, on this occasion, added of war, now transferred from Poland fresh laurels to those they had already to Easi Prussia, have taken place within acquired. Afterwards the divisions of an extent of 12 German miles. The Nev and Sule lisewise took the most French army has made a





Lonlon, Feb. 24.

passed the Dardanelles without molesta YESTERDAY morning, as master ation from the Turkish batteries; but Wingrove, of Milford-lane, was pass. Sebastiani, the French intriguing aming St. Clement's, in the Strand, to bassador from France to the Ottoman school, he was thrown down by a mail Porte, made a violent remonstrance at coach, and the wheel passed over his this frigate passing the Dardanelles, but body : he was carried into the Crooked could get no redress, as our envoy, Mr. Billet public-house, where Mr. Radnor, Arbuthnot, gave in a representation of of Surrey-street, Strand, immediately the business, and placed it in its proper attended, and bied hiing but we are point of view to the satisfaction of the sorry to state he in a few minutes ex

Turkish government. pired.

There are 20 sail of the line and 15 Yesterday morning, about ten o'clock, frigates in the arsenal, but nor above as two yentlemen' were coming to town five of them half manned. Our ships from Hertford in a single-horse chalse, are all in high order and discipline. they came in contact, ia Kingsland. The Turks creat our people with the road, with a brewer's dray, when the greatest civility and attention. Res chaise was overturned, by which one of freshments of all kinds are them was killed on the spot, and the board our men of war. Our gallant other was taken to Mr. Edwards, sur. admiral and his officers, and the capgeon, near Shoreditch church, where tains and officers of the other British he soon expired.

men of war, frequently dine on shore Portsmouih, Feb. 24. Sir E. Gower with Mr. Arbuthnot. hoisted his flag this morning on board London, Feb. 27. Yesterday, Hauthe Dedalus frigate, captain Warren, field, who had been committed on during the trial of sir Home Popham. Tuesday evening on a charge of having Admiral Vashon, another of the mem. threatened Mr. Aris, the keeper of the bers, arrived here this morning, from New Prison, was brought up to the Leich.

Public Office, Hatton-garden, and disa Plyn:outh, Feb. 26. Letters received charged, no one appearing against him. here, dared in December last, from our Ile disavowed, in the most solcran man. fleet in the Dardanelles, state the fol- ner, before the magistrates, having ever

sent on

Marco 4.


under-Line, the horses which had per. morning, on board the Gladiator, at formed the stage from Congleton hav- nine o'clock. At one the court adjourn. ing been just taken off and separated, ed till to-morrow morning, the prosehearing sir Peter Warburton's fox- cution having closed, which consisted hounds in full cry, immediately started of various official documents and orders after them, with their harness on, and transmitted to him whilst at Cork, with followed the chace until the last. One the force which afterwards captured the of them, a blood mare, kept the track Cape of Good Hope. These were read with the whipper-in, and gallantly fol. by Mr. Greatham, the judge advocate. lowed him for about two hours, over Lord Melville was in the court, and every leap he took, until old reynard looked very well; he is a witness for had lei inem round in a ring-fence, sir. Home. Mr. Marsden, secretary to and ran to ground in Mr. Hibbert's the Admiralty, was also in court. plantation. These spirited horses were Harwich, Marcb 6. The last packet led back to the inn at Monk's-heath, is just arrived from the other side of and performed their stage back to Con- the water. It was sent away from gleton the same evening.

Gottenburgh at a moment's notice, and Sir Home Popham left was not permitted to wait for the mail. town in the afternoon of yesterday, on But it has brought dispatches, and I his way to Portsmouth, attended by Mr. hear it rumoured that the French have Crickitt, the marshal to the Court of attacked and gained a great victory over Admiralty ; Mr. Harrison, the barris- the Russians, 30,000 of whom were ter; and Mr. Laurie, his solicitor. Ad. killed, wounded, or made prisoners. miral sir Wm. Young is to preside, in The packet sailed in such haste, that the the room of admiral Montague.

steward of it was left behind. Portsmoutb, March 4. The court- London, Marcb 7. Yesterday mornmartial on sir Home Popham is put off ing, about five o'clock, a fire broke out till Friday; admiral Holloway and ad. at the Globe public-house and chopmiral Rowley arrived here this morn- house, in St. Saviour's church-yard, ing, to hoist their flags. Sir Home adjoining Green Dragon-court, SouthPopham, captain King, Mr. Laurie, wark. Mr. Sims, the landlord, let out Mr. M'Arthur, and Mr. Harrison, ar- several of his apartments to lodgers, and rived this afternoon. The three last nearly thirty persons slept on the pregentlemen are to assist sir Home in his mises every night. His own family defence. It will be held on board the consisted of a wife, a daughter, two Gladiator.

sons, and his wife's sister; the latter London, March 6. On Wednesday acted in the capacity of nurse to Mrs. evening, the guard on duty at the Sims, who for some time had been conguard-house, Buckingham-gate, was fined to her bed, and was in the last drawn out, as usual, to salute his ma- stage of a consumption. The fire was jesty on his leaving the queen's palace. supposed to have originated in the cel. It being very late before his majesty's lar, or vaults, where some people had chariot passed the palace to exercise the been at work the preceding day, and horses, the officer of the guard mistook was first discovered by the sister, who this for his majesty's setting off, and hearing the crackling of wood, and gare orders to the men to present arms; smelling the fire, alarmed the landlord,

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story into the court; his two boys like army in Prussia. It appears that the wise escaped through a trap.door at ardent and persevering gallantry of the the top of the house to some of the Russian general has been crowned with adjoining houses, Two persons leaped signal success: for several successive 'out of the higher windows after being days he attacked the French army, severely burnt, and were nearly killed always to advantage, but in the last on the spot. One of these unfortunate affairs to their decisive defeat, they

persons, a plumber, was taken to St. having on that occasion lost upwards of I Thomas's Hospital, and remains dan. 20,000 men, twelve eagles, and several

gerously ill: he stared, that when the pieces of cannon. fiames first caught him, he had with • Great rejoicings have taken place bim his son, about ten years of age, at St. Petersburgh, and the city was and his wife--they both struggled to illuminated at the departure of the get to the window to follow him, but messenger.'

. in vain, and became the prey of the It was said, in addition to the above furious element. A Mrs. Burrow, and bulletin, that six French eagles had a child, were among the sufferers, as been exhibited on the parade at Peters. was also a waggoner. Two more per- burgh, previously to the departure of sons, making in all scven, were dug out the messenger---that a French general, of the ruins on Saturday, but in such a who had deserted, and had arrived at state as not to be recognised.

Petersburgh, reports, that Bonaparte Plymoutb, Marcb 7.1 Came in the since he has been in Poland has lost. Insolent gun-brig, 18 guns, with French upwards of 100,000 men, prisoners from Falmouth, which were In the evening an extraordinary ga. Landed at Mill-bay.-As that fine ship zette was published. the Hibernia, captain Osbourne, was On Monday last a very large balloon passing down between the island and was ingated in the duke of York's the main, for Cawsand:bay, while the gardens, in the Stable-yard, at 11 in the boat with French prisoners lay on their morning, in the presence of his royal oars, the Frenchmen were so struck highness, general Gordon, and several with the grand appearance of the His other persons of distinction. It rose bernia majestically gliding down into in the most majestic style, continued the Sound, they one and all exclaimed, fairly in sight for about five minutes, There goes the grand coup de grace of and then took a southern direction, at Bonaparte! She got to her mourings at an immense height above the earth. three p.m. and was saluted by hearty The experiment was performed by a cheers from all the ships as she passed gentleman of distinction. It has not them, her own band playing 'several

been heard where the balloon fell. appropriate tunes on the quarter-deck, Downing-street, March 11. Lord vis. which were answered by responsive count Howick, his majesty's principal national airs from the bands and drums secretary of state for foreign affairs, has of the Rnyal Lancashire, assembled on this day notified to the ministers of the banks at Devil's Point for the oc- friendly and neutral powers resident at casion.

this court, that in consequence of the Mr. Vick the messenger recent proceedings, and the present

March 9.

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