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shal Migena's corps guards the shores According to the last official accounts of the Narew. The corps that was from Turkey, of the 3d March, no under marshal Augereau is incorporated treaty had yet been concluded between with the rest of the army.

the Porte and the courts of London and The enemy's line exrends along Seck. Petersburg, but the negociations with burg, Bischofisburg, Barteostein, and the English ambassador, Mr. ArbuthKonigsberg. When the letters were nor, were broken off, and the preparwritten, from which we have extracted arions for defence on the part of the these particulars, the imperial head. Turks carried on more actively than quarters were at Osterode ; but every ever.-:Why the English feer sailed thing seemed to indicate a general move. back to the Dardanelles-whether, as ment.

some supposc, its return was merely to General Oudinot's division passed be ascribed in a gale of wind, is not through here yesterday, and ro-day it known with certainty. is in motion to pass the Passarge, and Murco 31. The following intelligence, compel the enemy to retreat. The left of the dare of the 3d March, has been wing of the French army have, for received from Constantinople :three days past, been combaring the On the 28th February, the English enemy with manifest advantage; 5000 endeavoured to make a landing on prisoners, and ur pieces of cannon, are what is called th: Prince's Island, buc The fruiis of this period. The third failed in the atienpt. Their loss on corps of the army is approaching Oste this occasion, it is said, was 400 men, sode, where the imperial head-quarters killed or wounded, and 200 prisoners. bare been for these i&n days past. The next day the feet weighed anchor,

Vienna, March 28. The following and sailed towards the Dardanelles. are the demands made by the English The preparations for defence ar Con. of the Porte :

stantinople, are continued with extra. 1st. That the Porte shallimmediately ordinary vigour. The French and Spamake peace with Russia.

nish ambassadors promote them by their 2dly. She shall deliver her marine advice and activity. The council of the into the hands of the English, til! the Grand Signior is likewise permanent, conclusion of a general peace.

On the evening of the ist of March, zdiy. She shall leave the Russians in the negociations were broken off, and possession of Moldavia and WaHachia, the English ambassador sailed away with until the same period.

the feet. The English have been dis4thly. As a proof of her pacific in- app inted in their expectations of rein. tentions, she shall surrender to the forcements from Malta and the black English the outworks of Constanti Sea. pople.

The number of Turks who are Although all these demands have armed in and about Constantinople, been refused, the negeciations still con amounts to nearly 100.000, Public tinue,

order has not been in the least disturboil. March 30. After the demands which The Grand Signior has not shewn the admiral Duckworth made to the Tur- least inclination to leave Constantinople, kish miaistry, all the inhabitants of as had been falsely asserted. Constantinople, capable of bearing arms, Berlin, March 6. Official accounts were armed to the amount of 60,000 from the head-quarters at Os:crode, men; and the French engineers, which dated the 28th of Feb. state, that all aca were in the capital, were distributed counts concur in estimating the loss of amoog the different foris.

the Russians in the battle of Eylau at The English feet cut off on the sea 27 generals and 900 officers, partly side all the supplies of provisions for killed and partly wounded, and at 30,000 the populous city of Constantioople, men disabled from further service. In which circumstance induces the Oito. the battle of Ostrclenka, on the 16th of man ministry not to break off entirely February, two Russian generals were the negociations with the English. killed, and three wounded.



London, March 24.

lord Grenville, first lord of the treasury; YESTERDAY morning at nine lord H. Putty, chancellor of the excheo'clock, John Maycock was executcd on quer; earl Spencer, viscount Howick, the platform at the top of the new pri- and Mr. Wyndham, the secretaries of son in Horsemonger-lane, pur:uant to state; carl Moira, master-general of his sentence at the late King con as the ordnance; and the hon. T. Grensizes, for the murder of Mrs. Pooley. ville, first lord of the admiralty.

The same obduracy and insensibility All of whom had private audiences to his fate, which this culprit evinced of his majesty, according to their rank at the moment of receiving sentence, in office, and resigned their soals, excontinued to mark his demeanour till' cept the lord chancellor. The audiences the last moment,

Neither the entrea. lasted till near two o'clock. ties of the clergyman who attended At three o'clock his majesty held a him, nor the repeated requests of Mr. private levee, which was attended by Ives, the keeper, could induce him to The archbishop of Caorerbury; the acknowledge his guilt; for he perse- duke of Portland; 'çaris Aylesford, vered to the last in asserting his inno. Egin, Selkirk, Westmoreland, Chacence, and arraigning the injustice of tham and Camden; viscount Castlehis sentence. Such were the popular reagh; lords Arden, Hawkesbury and abhorrence and indignation, that shouts Lowther; sir S. Correrell; Messrs. proceeded from the multitude on his Sheridan, Falkener, Verney, and Mr. being launched into eternity.

Perceval. Ar half past one yesterday morning, The following had the honour of bea reprieve was received at the prison ing presentod to his majesty, and kissed from the judge who had presided in the hands on their several appointments : criminal court of Kingston, deferring Earl Westmoreland, upon his being until Thursday the execution of Wil- appointed the lord privy seal. liam Duncan, the gardener, who was The duke of Portland, upon his convicted of the murder of Mr. Chivers, being appointed first lord of the treahis master.

sury. March 26. On Tuesday night, lord Lord Hawkesbury, upon his being Grenville received a letter from his appointed secretary of state for the home majesty, stating that he would be ready department. to receive his and his colleagues resig.' Mr. Canning, upon his being apnation on the following day, at twelve pointed secretary of state for the fore go o'clock. They accordingly attended departme his majesty yesterday, at the queen's Viscount Castlereagh, upon his beo palace, at the above hour, viz. ing appointed secretary of state for

Lord Erskine, lord chancellor ; vis- the war and colonial department. count Sidinouch, lord president of the Earl Elgin, upon his being appointed council; lord Holland, lord privy seal; lord lieutenant of Fifeshire.


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The poor

Earl Selkirk, upon his heing ap- had, for nearly two years past, been una pointed ord lieutenant of Kirkcudbright fortunately in a dejected state of mind, Stewarty,

and incapable of following his indusThe ministers had audience of his trious pursuits. The unfortunate man majesty, when he delivered to them had a wife in Audley-street, and he had the seals of office.

also a comfortable home arising froin After the levee his majesty held a her industry. On the morning of Wed privy council, which sat till five nesday, the deceased informed his wife o'clock.

that he should arise and take a walk; · Murcb 27. Mr. Perceval received the but being gone longer than was expected, seais of otce yesterday, as chancellor his wife arose also, and on going into of the exchequer, and chancellor of the her sitting room, she saw a letter of duchy of Lancaster-ihe latter office her husband's hand-writing, which had during his majesty's pleasure. He been left by him to inform her that he kissed hands on the occasion, as did ivas gone to the canal to drown himself, als, the following noblemen and gentle being tired of his life. The letter exmen, on receiving their scveral ap. horted the wife not to grieve, as she pointments :

would meet her husband again in heaEarl Camden, president of the coun The wife, on reading the letter, cil.

hasted to the canal, and having been Lord Mulgrave, first lord of the ada informed by the bargemen of the course miralıy.

her husband had taken, she hasted toMr. R. S. Dundas, president of the wards the Mitre, when she beheld a board of controul.

body Boating on the water. Earl Chichester, one of the post- woman, in a frantic state, rushed into masters general.

the curreni, and brought the body on Earl Bathurst, president of the board shore, but the spark of life was extinct. of trade, and master of the mint. The landlord of the Mitre took the

Lord Charles Somerset and Mr. Long, body in, and used every effri, but in joint paymasters of the forces.

vain, to restore life. Verdict-InsaMarquis of Titchfield, one of the nity. Lords of the treasury.

March 31. Yesterday morning, Lord Lovainc, a member of the board Richard Nettlefield was taken at an of controul.

early hour from his cell to the chapel His majesty afterwards gave audio of the new gaol, Horsemonger-lane, in ences to ine duke of Portland, lords the bɔrough, where having pussed some Çamden and Hawkesbury, and Mr. time in prayer with the rev. Mr. Mann, Perceval, chancello of the exchequer. the chip’ain, he was conducted to the Ar five o'clock his majesty left town. fatal platform, and was in a few mie

Mr. Hammond and lord Fitzharris nutes launched into eternity. His beare appointed under secretaries of state haviour was as pious and resigned on in the foreign department; and Mr. the scaffold, as it was at the condemned Cooke and the hon. colonel

serinon the preceding day :-it was ove the war and colonial department; Mr. served that the deceased and Duncan, Dacre Ajams, who bilicd the office of the gardener, who was in the chapel private secretary to Mr. Pire, has been with him on Sunday, were two of the appointed to the same situation by his most pious and resigned men that have grace the duke of Portland.

ever been seun there together. –The de. March 28. An inquisition was izkin ceased, who was a res:dent at Putney, on Thursday, at the Mitre, on the Pad. suffered under the operation of lord dington canal, before G. Hodgson, esq. Ellenborou, h's act, for cutting and Cooner, on the body of Joha Taylor, maining a watchman, who had him in who was found drowned in the canal on custody at Puency under a charge of fe. the preceding day:--The deceased had lony, and tras let a wife and five small originally been a clerk in some very seo children, the youngest only six weeks. pusable houses, in S.. James's, but he old.

April t. On Saturday last, as the effected this service, embarked again, lady of Mr. Williams was going from and returned to the Contest gun-drig Mill-hill to Hendon, in her chariot, without any loss. accompanied by two of her children There are now in comin ission 713 and a gentleman, the coachman drove ships, of different descriptions; of against a cart on the road ; the shock which 145 are of the line, 20 froin so was so violent that it threw him from to 44 guns each, 166 frigates, 201 the box: the horses being much fright. slorps, and 172 vessels of a smiler de. ened, soon disentangled the carriage, scription. 2ud went off at full speed. The road April 2. A remarkable instance of along which the vehicle had to pass was sagacity and love for the human species so extremely narrow, that at any time in a dog, occurred on Monday se'nnight it required great caution to drive with in Romney Marsh.-A female child, security; nor withstanding which, the about four years old, the daughter of a carriage was not overturned. The looker, at Belgar, between Romney horses having to pass another cart, they and Lydd, having been left by its muhad che sagacity, though they were ther alone in a room where there was going at the rate of twenty miles an a fire, whilst she went abroad upon. hour, to pass on one side of it, but so some business, the clothes of the child Dear that the handle of the charior door caught the flames, and she ran terrified, was struck off by a collision with the with the garments burning, into an ada wheel. Mr. Williams was at a friend's joining apartment, where a dog was house on the road when his chariot tied up. The animal, it appears, as passed, and almost fainted on seeing soon as the child came within his reach, his wife and children in so perilous a threw her on the grounu, and tore situation. Mrs. Williams shrieked for every article of her clothes off, in: assistance to no purpose. The gentle.' which situation she crawled to a bed, man in the carriage contrived to open and wrapped herself in a coverlet. On the door and jump out, by which means the return of the mother, she discohe escaped unhurt. The horses still vered some ashes and remnants of the continued their pace; the flapping of child's clothes beside the dog, and on the door tended to increase their speed, approaching the bed, found the poor until they came to a narrow part of the infant, with one of her arms burnt, road, when providencially the door of and her side so miserabiy scorched, that the chariot became entangled in the her heart was nearly perceptible ; she hedge, which stopped for a moinent had, however, power to tell her pathe career of the animals, but they soon rent, that Shepherd, the dog's name, ran off again with great rapidity.- had taken her burning clothes off. She They broke all the traces, leaving the survived about an hour after her being carriage behind; and fortunately Mrs. discovered, and then expired. Williams and her children received no April 4. On Wednesday afternoon, injury whatever. They suffered much, as a miss Thompson, in Bishpsgatehowever, from the alarm. The coach- street, was standing too near the fire, man was taken up with three ribs bro- her train accidentally caught the Aames, ked, and so violent a concussion in his and although they were in the space of head that his recovery is despaired of. a minute extinguished, and medical

Plymoutb, April 1. The Contest gun. assistance instantly procured, yet she brig, lieut. Gregory, some days since was so much burnt as to languish till on a cruise near the chemy's coast near the following afternoon, when she died. Rochefort, observed a battery which April 6. On Friday the new members might have annoyed them, had they of the board of trade, consisting of been forced to anchor : he therefore earl Bathurst, Mr. Rose, the duke of sent his boats manned and armed to ats Montrose, sir Joseph Bunks, and Mr. tack it. The boats crew stormed the Long, met for the first time since ther battery, spiked all the guns, and drove appointments, at the office in the Trca. off the people.

Our seamen having sury, and proceeded to business.



On Friday last, his grace the duke At his house in Hunter street, the of Richmond visited the earl of Mans lady of Henry Hobhouse, esq. of a field, at his house at Caen Wood, and daughter. on Saturday he returned to town. It At Roxton, in Bedfordshire, the lady is expect that on Thursday nexe he of major-general Onslow, of a daughter. will take his final leave of his majtsty, Lady Francis Spencer, of a son, at and that on Saturday he will leave Blenheim, Oxford. town for Dublin, accordiog to his ap April 2. Mrs. C, Kemble, of a son, pointment as lord lieutenant of Ire. at her house in Newman-street. land.

3. Lady Andover, wife of captain Deal, April 3. A considerable firing Digby, of a daughter. was heard here last evening in the di At Bath, the lady of captain Purvis, rection of Bodogne, but we are ar pre

of the first (or royal) dragoons, of a sent ignorant of the cause. From the circumstance, however, of there being 4. Ac Hean Castle, Pembrokeshire, hardly a breach of wind, it is probable

the tady of Thomas Stokes, esq. of some of cur ships got becalmed under son and heir. the French batteries. Vice-admiral The lady of Edwin Martin Atkins, Rowley is exp.cted here this evening, esq. of Kingston Lisle, Berks, of a to ass'me the command in the Downs, daughter. on he departure of vice-admirai Hol

In Upper Gower-street, Mrs. lou ay fur Newfoundland. The fag John Shedden, of a daughrer. it is supposed will be hitted to-morrow At h's house in Poland-street, the morning.- A considerable naval force lady of the hon. Wm. Herbere, of a son. seems imperceptibly accumulating here, Ac Kenyon House, the lady of col. and upwards of twen'y north sea pilots Thornton, of Thornville Royal, of a are ordered to the Dwns. A strong squadron will certainly be sere into the Baltic as early as possible. The Namur and Orion have already left the Downs

MARRIAGES. for Yarmouth, which I understand is the appointed rendezvous for the fleet to assemble. If any credit may be ar

March 26. At St. Mary-le-bone cached to the reports made by the cap

church, captain Sruari, of the 16th tains of neutral ships, that are a'must

light dragoons, to Miss Anson, youngdvily arriving in the Downs, a general est daughter of the late Gcorge Anson, acrico between the Russian and Prussian esq. and sister to viscount Anson. combined forces and ihe French army,

At St. Mary-le-bone church, the hon. has certainly taken place in which the Thomas Parker, to miss Eliza Wola latier were most signally defeated. stenholme, youngest daughter of Wil,

liam Wolstenhelme, esq. of Holly-bill,

At Si. Mars-le-bone church,

David Scott, esq. of Drumnald, in the BIRTHS.

county of Forfar, to miss Caroline Grin. dall, of Portland-piace.

30. Ac Sc. James's church, Bith, March 21. Ac Manchester, the lady Charles Arthur Tisdall, esq. of Charles of pajor James Erskine, of the 48th Fort, county Meath, Ireland, to miss regiment, of a son.

Vernon, eldest daughter of Joho Ver25. At Malshshanger, near Basing non, esq. of Cluniarf castle, county stoke, Hanis, the lady of culovel Cu Dublin. nynghame, of a son.

31. At Greenwich, James Reid,'esq. At his lordship's house in Spring of the island of Jamaica, to mis Helena garden, viscouniess Fitz-Harris of a Reid, daughter of William Reid, esq.



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