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rillery arrived here two days ago from the Swedish governor availed himself of Silesia, and proceeded immediately to the superiority in numbers which he Dantzic and Graudentz. The besieg- obrained from reinforcements arrived ing artillery employed before the latter from Sweden, to attempt a sortie on the of these places, was on the 4th removed ist of April. The troops intended to to the corps which besieges Dantzic. reinforce the blockading corps not have The Prussian garrison in Dantzie has ing yet arrived, general Grandjear inade sorties, with the view of driving who commanded the blockade, was at. back or harassing the Polish troops tacked by a superior force, and thereby which invest that town. That which induced to fall back to Stettin, in order cook place on the 26th of March ap to wait for the expected reinforcements, pears to have been the most serious. under the guns of that fortress. This Memel, April 14.

His imperial retrograde movement was made with majesty attends to the labours of the the utmost order, and without the loss cabinet with uninterrupred assiduiry, of a single gun or baggage waggon. Notwithstanding the fatigue of his The regiments expected from the in. journey was very great, owing to the terior arrived a few days after, having badness of the roads and of the weather, directed their march from Berlin to on the morning of his arrival, bis majes. wards Zehdenick, and joined the division ty was up ai five, and sat down to of gen. Grandjean, at Pasewalk. At the write ; this is his daily custom. same time, marshal Mortier took with

M. De Hardenberg is the only minis-' him part of the troops employed in the ter who accompanied the iwo sovereigns siege of Colberg, to Stettin; and marto Georgenburg. This esteemed cabinet shal Brune marched with a considerabic minister received a private visit from corps against Rostock. Marshal Mortier the emperor, who staid with him two ordered the Swedes to be attacked hours apd a half.

on the 16th of April, at two o'clock in A Russian courier arrived here on the the morning, at Belling, Pasewalk, suh: he was the bearer of cleven tails Ferdinandshof, and old Cossenow; they (or Turkish standards) taken from the were defeated on all points. The Turks in an engagement, in which the French croops entered Anclam, mixed Russians gained the victory. Being with the Swedes, and the contest con. unacquainted with the Russian lan- tinued for some time in the street. The guage, we could not learn the name of French took four hundred prisoners and The nlace where the battle was fought. six pieces of cannon. The column of

The reinforcement which arrived colonel Cardels was cut off, and forced with the grand duke Constantine con to fall back to Ukemunde, whither they sists of thirty-two battalions, tweniye' are pursued by the French. Genera! seven squadrons, and ninety-two pieces Armield was wounded in the arm. of heavy ordnance, it is to be followed Hamburgb, April 18. This day or immediately by thirteen battalions ; a to-morrow we expect marshal Brune corps de reserve of 60 pr 70,000 men is to arrive here from Ratzburg; and also on its march. The voluntary con 8000 Dutch troops are on their wat tributions for carrying on the war al. hither from Pomerania. The French, ready amounted, according to the last uncertain of their success, have pry: accounts, to forty-two million six dently thrown two bridges over the hundded thousand 'rubles, and the lists river Elbe near Artenburg. Their fear from the distant provinces were noe of a British expedition is unabated, and then come in.

as great as ever; and, in fact, there was never a mere fayowrahle nortunity for

Bonararte has removed his head.

the armistice. His majesty continues days notice is to be given in case hosti. 10 reside at Malmoe.

lities should re-commence. There is no news from Constanti.


Liebert, nople, via Vienna ; but it is certain that "General of division and governor of the Russians are completely masters of

Pomerania. the greatest part of the Turkish provin Hamburgh, April 21. Yesterday morn. ces in Europe, and only need a march of ing, at four o'clock, marshal Brune sent 45 leagues to reach the capital of the to the Senate, requiring, by seven Ottomans.

o'clock, an escort of 40 dragoons and two From tbe borders of tbe Main, April 19. trumpeters, to attend him to the HamThe ruinours of an armistice and peace burgh frontiers; and at eight he took still continue. A Frankfort paper says, the road to Ratzburgh,leaving a note ado • Froin Vienna it is stated, that an im- dressed to the senate, recommending the portant declaration is very shortly ex. French custom-house officers, whom he pected on the part of that court, in left behind, about soo in number, to which Russia and Prussia will be ad- che especial care of the senare, che monished to attend to the pacific senti. members of which he holds responsible ments of the monarch of France.' In for their safety. On Sunday the Dutch a Stutgard paper we read, that the nego general Dumonceau, with his staff, ciations are continued at the French ssed through this city to join Mora head-quarters, where, besides general tier's corps. He is to be followed by St. Vincent, the prince of Lichtenstein 8000 Hollanders, now on their march has arrived with fresh proposals from through Hancver.--A camp is forming the court of Vienna. The prince has at Rarzburgh, to which the Dutch gara five state couriers in readiness to convey rison of Lubec has been ordered to res, the ultimatum of his negociation to its pair by forced marches.-The Swedish respective destination.-In a Nurem. gun-boats, on the nith, took swine. berg paper, under the head of "The munde. Danube, April 10,' the following pa Altona, April 23. Neither the Dutch, jagraph appears :- We are generally Copenhagen, nor Stralsund posts arrivassured that the mediation of the court ed yesterday evening. The Durch of Vienna has been accepted by the bcie troops at Ratzburgh are in a state of ligerent powers.

general insubordination"; seven of them Frankfort, April 20. All that has have been executed for their mutinous been said about the approaching de- conduct, on the morning of the 19th, parture of the French troops from Bran- when leaving Hamburgh. The lighes nau, and the cession of that place to the at the mouth of the Elbe having been Austrians, appears unfounded. We are discontinued, the captain of the British assured, on the contrary, that the fate frigate on that station threatened to fire of Brannau is irrevocably connected on Cuxhaven if they were not regularly with that of the Cattaro.

lighted, which has, in consequence of Slentin, April 20.-Order of the day. this threat, been done. • According to an arristice concluded Berlin, April 23. We are assured, in the night of the 18ch, at Sch'atkow, that some days before the death of the between marshal Mortier and general empress of Austria, count Stadion, the Essen, the islands of Usedom and Wols minister of foreign affairs, delivered a len will be evacuated by the Swedes on circular note to the accredited envoys of the 20th,

the belligerent powers, in which he The result of the afair of the 16th made an offer of the mediation of his sowas from 1000 to 1200 prisoners, and 6 verrign, and invited them to a congress, pieces of cannon. A whole company of to be holden at any place within the cir. Swedish light artillery was taken pri- cuit of the Austrian territory. soners.

The senators Aboville and Ferino, ap"The Swedish army is to send no relief printed military governors of the ports to Colberg and Dantzic during the armi. of Brest and Antwerp, have already stice, and to permit no foreign troops repaired to their respective destina$0 land in Swedish Pomerania. Ten tions.

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London, April 27.

standers by this shocking scene. The THIS day, about a quarter past three sheriif ordered another rope to be pre. o'clock, the black rod was in arrendance pared, but the spectators interfered, in the lobby of the house of commons, and the sheriff, distressed beyond deand soon after the speaker entered in scriprion by the shocking spectacle, state. Prayers being read, the black agreed that, before proceeding to the rod entered the house with the usual execution of the sentence, he would ceremonies, announced the royal assent wait till the will of the magi cracy to two bills, and desired its attendance should be known. The civil magistrate in the house of lords, to hear the king's not being in town, orders were sent by speech from the throne previous to pro- the coinmander in chief to carry the roguing parliament,

man back to gaol. By the time this Parliament was afterwards pro order arrived the poor fellow had rerogued.

COV red his senses.

Capt. Nicolls and Fersel', April 27. We have here wit- another gentleman rook him under the nessed a most distressing scene, which arms to conduct him, and by their has excited sensations that no language assistance he was able to walk back to aan describe. Some soldiers belonging prison. The court has decided, that the to the 341h regiment having committed whole mater shall be transmitted to the some depredations here, were brought king; and the exccution of the sentence, to tril, and two of them condemned in consequence, is suspended till his to suffer death. Only one of them, howo mejesty's pleasure be known. ever, was left for execution, named Loncion, April 29. The proclamation Hales. Saturday last was the day fixed for the dissolution of parliament was on for his execution. When he had signed by his majesty this day. The new bung about a minute and a half, the ex parliament is to mect for the dispatch of ecutioner taking hold of his convulsed business on the 22d June, and will sit body, suspended himself on it, by whose for about six weeks. additional wcight the rope gave way in Plymouth, May 2 Arrived captain such a manner, that the miserable suf. Blackwood, with dispatches from viceferer's feet touched the ground. The admiral sir J. T. Duckworth, K. B. for executioner then pulled him sideways government, ia L'Espoir, 18 She


the rigging of the main mast on fire, seized." A Frenchman, a companion, which was soon extinguished, without was lodged in the same prison, on the much damage. Our ficet des ruyed a same day, under similar cursuinstances. Turkish 64 guo ship, and several fri. They are confiaed in separate apart, gates. Owing to baffling winds our ments, and none but the officers of the ships could not get wearer Constantino- prison are suffered to see or speak to ple than six miles, and, after staying them. The remaining four have underthere some days, they returned again gone several examinations, and are irr through the Dardanelles, under a more the custody of messengers. dreadfui fire than before, as a great

Another morning paper states, that number of new batteriis had been con a French general of high rank is restructed and guns mounted on them, porced to have been brought to town it is supposed by the assistance of the on Munday evening by a king's mesa French.--Vice admiral Duckworth senger. His aid-de-camp, with wo then arrived safe at Tenedos, but whe more emigrants, are at this moment in. ther he accomplished his mission is not

Coldvath Fields prison, and two fo. mentioned. The Turkish fleet are said reign counts have been taken into custo be 14 sail of the lins, 20 frigates, tudy by a 'messenger. A French barori and a host of large gun boats.

was taken at his lodging on Monday. London, May 2. Aduel was fought near 6. The election for the city of Combe Wood, between sir Francis Bur- London commenced, when a show of dett and Mr. Paull. On the first fire hands was had for the five following can, neither of the balls took effect. Mr, didates : Pauli was asked whcther he was saus Alderman sir W. Curtis, fied, but he declared he was not unless Alderman H. C. Combe, be received an apology, and this being

Alderman sir C. Price, refused, they fired, when Mr. Paull Alderman James Shaw; and was severely wounded in the leg, and Alderman J.P. Hankey. sir Francis shot through the upper part

The sheriffs declared the shew to be of the thigh; Mr. Paull's wound is con

in favour of the four last mentioned sidered the most dangerous.

gentlemen. 6. In consequence of informa A poll was then demanded, which tion received by government, above

continued until a quarter past four, thirey warrants, according to a morning when the numbers were : Paper, have been issued against French For Sir C. Price

171 and Italian emigrants, most of them of Sir W Curtis tule.-Tne warrants were issued on Alderman Hankey

154 Thursday, since which time all the Alderman Shaw 148 messengers belonging to the alien-office, Alderinao Combe and several assistants, have been em. This election, which threatened as se; ployed in executing them. They suc vere a contest as had ever been known, ceeded last week in apprehending ten

has found a termination as awful as it of the persons of whom they were sent was unexpected. Mr. Alderman Han, in pursuit. On Saturday morning four key, one of the candidates, at the mos of them were sent off in custody of ment when he might be supposed to be three messengers for Harwich, where flushed with the hopes of success, and a vessel was in readiness to receive when the fairest promises of it were them; and on the same night they before him, has been cailed away from sailed' for Tonningen. On Sunday all the concerns of human life. He morning early, the aid-de-camp and died of an inflammation in the bowels secretary of a general was apprehended yesterday afternoon, at a quarter before by two messengers, and lodged in the six o'clock. The firse symptoms of his house of correction, in Coldbath Fields. complaint appeared about eight on the We do not believe that he has yet un. preceding evening, when he complained deryone an examination. His papers, of great fatigue and an extreme thirst. wtich are very voluminous, have been He preferred wine and water to tca,


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which had been recommended to him, into, by which the city and fortresses, and felt himself so refreshed for the with two frigates and a corvette in the moment that he actually proposed to harbour, were surrendered to his maproceed on his canvass in the neigh. jesty's armis. bourhood; but that was only a momen. Plymouth, May 11. This morning tary design, which he soon found him. sailed with dispatches and a large quanself unable to execute. His disorder tity of ordnance and naval stores for now increased with an uncommon rapi. Monte Video and the Rio de la Plata, dity. At an early period of yesterday the Wolwich store ship, of 44_guns, afternoon his approaching fate was an capt. Whire.---Letters from an officer in nounced to him, when he called for general Craufurd's expedition, dated in bis four children, the eldest of whom the beginning of February, state that the įs about nine years of age, and took an objece of this expedition was an attack affecrionatc farewell of them.

on Lima, and they expected shortly to 7. This morning the election for go round Cape Hoin for that purpose. Westminster commenced. The candi Penzance, Muy 12. Arrived this dates put in nomination, and for whom morning the Portuguese brig St. Anna, a show of hands was taken, were from Madeira in eleven days, bound to Lord Cochrane,

St. Petersburg: one of the passengers Mr. Eilior, and

that landed from her states, that on the Mr. Sheridan.

28th ult. his majesty's ship Sybille are The high bailiff declared the shew of rived at Madeira, the captain of which hands to be in favour of lord Cochrane informed him that he had spoke with sir and Mr. Elliott.- A poll was then de Samuel Hood, cruizing off the Canaries, manded for Mr. Sheridan and sir Fran. by whom he was informed that Buenos cis Burdeit.-The populace cried oui Ayres was re-captured by our troops, for the show of hands to be taken in London, May 23.

The contest for Mr. Paull's name, but the high bailiff Westminster terminated in favour of sit said that gentleman had been with. Francis Burdert and lord Cochrane.drawn from the list of candidates.

When the poll closed, the numbers stood 8. To-day Mr. Paull's name was thus: added to the list of candidates at West


5131 minster, and at the close of the poll the

Cochrane 3708 numbers were:

Sheridan 2615

Elliot 2137

Exeter, May 25. The town of Chud.

leigh, in Devonshire, has been deSheridan

stroyed by fire. The dreadful confiaPaull

gration began on Friday morning, at The following bulletin was received ten o'clock. It is su, posed that it comby the losd mayor :

menced at a bakehouse, and the greater 'Admiralty-office, May 9. number of the buildings in the town By dispatches received this inoroing being thatched, the fames spread from from vice-admiral lord Collingwood, house to house, from tenement to tenedated 27th April, enclosing a letter ment, with astonishing rapiditv. The from captain Hallowell, of the Tigre, terrified inhabitants had, ere night, the dated vif Alexandria, 24th March, it dismal prospect of every habitation en

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