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repay them.'

them, and pressed him to eat. , ' Per view, is now no more : come to me dresa is ranked amongst the number in the afternoon, and I will accomof my friends," said the cavalier, and pany you to Donna Lucinda.' Overtherefore I expect that he will lay joyed at what I heard, and without aside all restraint in my company: troubling myself to enquire the manthis lady will also join with me in ner in which he had discovered the my regard to you, we have both obli- abode of my beloved, and the illusgations to you; and must certainly trious dignity of her birth, to which

Pedrosa was struck I was certain she herself had hitherto with astonishment, but he doubted been a stranger, I fell on my knees, the reality of his good fortune, and and with the most passionate exwas afraid to enquire. "You shall pressions told him he had made me no more return to your loathsome the happiest of men. He had scarceprison,' resumed the cavalier: 'nay, ly taken his leave, when one of my do not start, my good friend Pe- servants entered, with a letter which drosa ; nothing I hope is more cer he said he believed father Jerome to tain; you have suffered a great deal have dropped in the portico of my -you have a great debt upon for- palace; looking upon the address, I tune which she is now going to pay perceived that it had been directed -to be more explicit, you now see to me, and that it was actually the before you Don Juan de Salvedra last letter I had rceived from Donna and Donna Lucinda de Valerda, two' Lucinda. This billet, I knew, I had people who by your means have left in the pocket of the Franciscan become the happiest of mortals. habit, which I had worn, as a dis• Heaven bless your honours,' said guise, that night in which I was atPedrosa, “and render you as happy tacked by four armed ruthians, who, as I wish you! but all this is a riddle I suppose, intended to assassinate to me, nor can I comprehend how and which I left in the street to fayour honours became acquainted cilitate my escape. My curiosity, with my story.' 'That is what I am however, was not sufficiently stimugoing to explain to you,' returned lated to probe to the bottom of this Don Juan. "You must know that affair : a new and more powerful the day before yesterday I was very interest had taken possession of my much surprised in the morning at heart; I was on the point of obtainseeing the grand inquisitor, who is ing all my soul held dear in this my spiritual director, enter my cham. world, the adorable Lucinda : and I ber; it being an unusual hour for few to my uncle, the chief corregidor him to make his appearance : but of Madrid, to relate to him my hapwhat was my joy when he informed piness, and san on it by his conme, that the lady for whom he sent. When I arrived at the palace knew I had conceived a passion; of that respectable magistrate, I which he had done all in his power found him busily employed in the to persuade me to suppress, was dis- examination of an old woman and covered to be his near relation, and two rutfians, who had been appreheiress of the noble house of Va- hended in endeavouring to break lerda. I have learned from her own open a house, which, from the delips,' added he, that your passion scription, I discovered to be that of is mutual, and I give you my con Don Alphono, grandfather of my sent to make you mutually happy : Lucinda : it appeared that the old her grand-father, with whom I be woman had been a domestic of this Lieve you have already had an inter- gentleman, and by what she related


concerning a person, who had come night, when Don Jerome should in the disguise of a Franciscan to have retired to a country seat of attend the dying moments of her his, at some distance from the camaster, and who had been afterwards pital, we should do every thing in taken up by the officers of the In, our power to effectuate your deli. quisition, I was no longer at a loss for verance: your jailor informed us of the source of father Jerome's intel- this concealed passage, which had ligence, nor for the manner in which been originally constructed for some he had come to the possession of reason or other, as a communicas Donna Lucinda's biliet; and was tion betwixt the prisons and the paconvinced that whoever was the face of the grand inquisitor. This person whose unlucky stars had thus man, who we make no doubt has a involved him in so much perplexity, powerful reason for wishing to withhe could have only procured my dis- draw himself from Spain, readily guise by picking it up from the spot promised for a sum of money to dewhere I had dropped it. After obtain- liver you into our hands; he has ing the consent of niy uncle to my made good his agreement, and we happiness, I aecompanied Don Jerome believe will never more be heard of. with rapture to the house which Come, Pedrosd, we give you joy of contained the treasure of my soul; your liberty, though it must be at in his presence we exchanged mu the expence of, perhaps, never more 'tual vows of fidelity, and it was beholding your native country : in a agreed upon that after the funeral few hours you must set off, and I will obsequies of Don Alphonso should engage that by the evening of to-morbe solemnised, we should be united row your wise and family will nearly for ever at the altar of our holy re- overiake you : Holland or England ligion ; after which Donna Lucinda must be the future place of your should be introduced at court in a abode; andin order to place you above manner suitable to her rank, and the the necessity of sex king for your food virtues of the noble family she was by labour, in a strange land, here is a descended from. In the mean time, bond, payable at an eminent banker's the grand inquisitor oflered my in- in Amsterdam, which shall entitle tended bride an apartment in his you to eight hundred ducats annu. palace, with full permission for me ally. And let me,' interrupted to pass as great a part of my time in Donna Lucinda, have the pleasure her company as I pleased. į still, of presenting you with this purse, to however, could not fully enjoy my defray the expences of your journey.' happiness, without being concerned Pedrosa accepted of both the prefor the fate of him to whose misfor- sents with tears in his eyes ; a variety tunel, in some measure, owed it. ļ of emotions oppressed' his agitated thought it but justice not to relax bosorn, and only the joyful thoughts any endeavours of mine to rescue of seeing his wife and children calmn. him from the fate which awaited ed the turbulence of his feelings. him. I therefore, by the assistance of Come,' said Don Juan, as he pour. a brive, tampered with the person ed out a goblet of wine, courage, whom I knew to be a jailor of the my friend Pedrosa ! every country is Inquisitorial prison, and soon learn, the same to a man, who, like you, is ed your name and sibuation. I im. possessed of a good conscience.' Peo parted my scheme to Donna Lu- drosa expressed his acquiescence to this cinja, wito was no less zealous in it sentiment; and endeavoured all in his than myseli, and we agreed that this power to become cheerful: melanie

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choly had never found a suitable ha. Pensive heav'd her snowy bosom, bitation in the boson of this simple

Grief o'erspread her languid charms :

. Ah!' she cried, • and must I lose hisn!" and good-natured fellow: he telt Then sunk into Antonio's arms. himself now in the company of

• Forgive,' he cried, 'this fond deceiving; friends, who, though far txalted

Tortur'd love had taught me art : above him in rank, endeavoured to Ever to this bosom cleaving, sooth and enliven nim. Their ef Thou art dearest to my heart.' forts were not throwo away, he in a Then what pleasure past expressing, short time became gay and animated, Kaptur'd youth, was his to prove,

When be heard her sweet confessing, and giving way to his usaal loqua

• Yes—Antonio--you I love.' city, cheerfulness begin to liven all his features : he forgot all that he Don Juan and Donna Lucinda had suffered; the horrors of the In- felt themselves every moment more quisition and the grand inquisitor and more delighted with their guest, vanished from his mind: he forgot and obligingly renewed their proall the restraint which the idea of fessions of friendship to him. Donna the superior dignity of his compa. Lucinda enquired particularly the nions had at first imposed upon him, number of his family, a thing in and a thousand wiiticisms escaped which Pedrosa was no less eager in from his fertile imagination. His satisfying her: he related with peideas, which were entirely new to caliar emphasis all the boyish pranks Donna Lucinda, afforded her inex. of bis eldest son Stephano, who was pressible entertainment; and Don about thirteen years of age; expaJuan felt himself for the time more tiated largely upon the many noamused by the untutored remarks of table qualities of Lisetta his daughPedrosa ihan he would have been ter, who was about a year and a half in the midst of the most brilliant older, and whose character he sumcircle at court. The gay and ani- med up by observing, that she was mated barber drank to the health of every way like her mother : but his patrons, in several Howing above all,' added he, if your exbumpers; and, being willing to let cellanzas saw my little Pedro, it is slip no opportunity to improve the impossible to say how much you harmony of the hour, he seized a would be delighted with hini; he is guitar, which lay on an adjoining not yet four years old, and he can table, and with no indifferent voice say almost all the Legend of St. sing the following little ballad, Anthony by heart; he is a little which he had picked up in the bashful, and I can't get him to talk streets of Madrid ; the simple and before strangers, but if your exceluacultivated harmony of which not lenzas were only to be hid in the a little entertained Donna Lucinda. dark corner of my little shop, you ·

would doubtless be surprised at his Don Antonio lov'd a maiden,

judgment,' I make no doubt of Fair and blooming as the morn;

it,' replied Don Juan, “and it enShe hir sighs and tears upbraiding, Me: his tender vows with scorn.

gages me more in your favour to see

you take so much interest in your At her window still he'd languish;

children: I believe I cannot do a Oft repeat his luckless strain : Though she saw his bosom's alguish, more acceptable service to you than buil he sigh'd, and sigh'd in vain.

to forward them in the world; and 'Till one morn at matins carly,

if you choose in a short time to Some one said ' Antonio's wed To another lov'd most dearly

place your eldest son Stephano in Mazik how quick her coleur fled.

I can ensure him a more

the army,

rapid promotion than those who Spain : let the consideration of again embrace the profession under less seeing your wife and children ani. fortunate auspices.' And I,' said mate your mind: I again repeat to Dorna Lucinda, 'take upon myself you that, upon my honour, in a day the care of the fortune of Lisetta ; or two at farthest, they shall overwhen she is about a year older send take you : in the mean time travel her to me: as for little Pedro, it is on foot to Toledo, there they may impossible to determine any thing join you ; after which you may procertain concerning him, only take ceed in what manner you please to care to procure for him such an Lisbon, where you must embark for education as may qualify him at Amsterdam: thus I have prescribed a future period to profit by our your route in the most prudent manfriendship. The tears ran plenti- ner I could think of. Farewell

, my fully from Pedrosa's eyes, but they friend, and may the happy hilarity of were the tears of joy and gratitude. your temper never forsake you !' Don Juan saw that he was too much . God bless your excellenzas !' replim d, therefore began a merry sub- ed Pedrosa, as he pressed both their ject of conversation; and again hands to his lips, ‘God bless you.'cheerfulness smiled upon the party. The words had scarcely been uttered Pedrosa told a thousand little stories, when the door burst open, and the some of which he had narrated als

party were struck motionless by the ready; but his noble anditors had the appearance of father Jerome; the goud nature again to be pleased, and grand inquisitor: he for his part again to laugh at them : he sung stood at the door in an attitude as if all his songs over to them, and it doubting the reality of his senses. was with regret that Don Juan re Pedrosa employed the first moment collected that the hour was hasten of recollection in jumping behind ing on, in which it was necessary Don Juan to shelter himself from the that Pedrosa should take bis depar- eyes of the angry and terrifying inture. “I hope it will not,' said he, quisitor : his protector was the first nuving to the window, 'be regard- who broke silence, You are no ed as a diminution of respect for doubt surprised, father Jerome,' said Day friend, if I warn him that the he, to discover Pedrosa in this time has arrived in which alone chamber.' Surprised indeed,' muthe can withdraw with satety.' 'I tered the inquisitor, while his heart am sorry for it,' said Dunna Lu- seemed bursting with the anxiety of cinda, 'I have been so much de- bis emotions. *Against him, relighted in his company.'Pedrosa arose, turned Don Juan, your anger would and, with a melancholy countenance, be most unjustly levelled. I bribed again expressed his acknowledg- his jailor ; unknown to himself i Inents. • Write to us often,' re concerted the means of his escape; sumed Donna Lucinda, and re and had not you interrupted us, he member that at least in two years would at this moment have departed after this date I expect the arrival to leave Madrid for ever. My exof your daughter.' The poor barberertions in his favour justice bound was tou much oppressed to return me to make, for it was to the mis. any other answer than by his looks. fortune of this poor honest man Take courage, Pedrosa,' said Don that I owed my own felicity,' Don Juan, as he took him familiarly by Jerome advanced to the middle of the band; perhaps circumstances the apartment; he seemed in great may yet admit of your return to agitation, while a deadly paleness

liberty from him, which, but a

overspread his countenance.

* The again insist upon reconducting him crime which this man has been guilty to his cell.' Don Juan took hold of,' said he, in a hesitating broken of the arm of the obstinate inquitone of voice, deserves the most sitor, and led him to the farther end exemplary punishment.

He has of the apartment; they spoke togedared to officiate as a minister of our ther in so low a tone of voice, that holy religion ; he has impiously the trembling and agitated Pedrosa listened to a confession, in a manner could not distinguish the sounds. which no mortal but those appointed Donna Lucinda joined them, and by God ought to have done ; but seemed most earnest in her supplithis

, however sacrilegiously obtained, cations : Don Jerome seemed to was delivered by my deceased bro- hesitate for a moment: he at last ther, in ful security on the inviolable said, in a more audible voice, Well

, Secresy ordained by the church on I give you my word--upon these these occasions : this is no trifling conditions. He then advanced to matter.

Merk me, Don Juan, I the terrified Pedrosa, and in a stera require you upon the faith and ho- voice commanded him to follow. nour of a knight, upon that sacred Pedrosa prepared to obey, for he saw character you bear as a gentleman that Don Juan and Donna Lucinda and a Spaniard, to declare whether no longer opposed it: they only callthis man has directly or indirectly ed after him in the most affectionate divulged the whole or any part of tone of friendship, • Farewell

, Pe. the confession he so impiously ob- drosa, and remember what we have tained ? upon your answer depends said to you!' T'he poor fellow kiss, my future conduct in this affair.' ed his hands with an expression of "He has not;' said Don Juan, so the most heart-felt gratitude, and lemnly laying his hand upon his prepared to follow the impatient inheart; 'and even were he so inclined quisitor. I should think myself bound in

They retraced the windings which honour not to listen to him.' Then led the way back to Pedrosa's place I am satisfied, returned the inqui- of confinement. Dɔn Jerome never

his features recovered once opened his lips, and his fearful their usual expression : your con- prisoner trembled at every step. duct in this affair, Don Juan, as

When they arrived in the middle of it proceeds from the nobleness of the apartment, the former, laying your disposition, I shall overlook; down the lamp, walked for some but for this wretch, I must insist moments backwards and forwards in upon reconducting him to his prison, the most violent agitation of mind : from which he has been illegally re

he two or three times rencated the leased.'

u never,' cried Donna word 'Pedrosa,' but the rest of the Lucinda, as she fell at his feet; it

sentence died away upon his lips : at were doubly cruel to snatch that last making an extraordinary effort

to command the turbulence of his moment ago, he' seemed' assured feelings, “ Pedrosa,' said he, the tion, replied the inquisitor, musé quainted with a secret dearer to me ferite give way to the claims of private than life itsulf: the illustrious biood of have the sole disposal-of him ; I find ed, and you alone are conscious of it. which I did not allot to him; I must wpan Boduzzo, the base-born author



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