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of this contamination ; he never can tendant.on poverty and a wretched rise up to proclaim our dishonour, means of subsistence; I consider it for I have learned that he died of as an additional security for your those wounds which were given him silence to raise you above necessity, as the punishment of his guilty pre- even to a comparative state of opusumption : you are likewise ac- lence in respect to your former quainted with all the circumstances condition : wherever you are, this of this adventure; it is you alone paper will entitle you to draw upon I have to fear in this world.' 0 any mercantile house, who knows never shall your holy reverence fear the opulence of our family, for the me,' cried Pedrosa : restore me to sum of one thousand ducats; and at my liberty, my wife and children, the expiration of a year from this and the secret shall never escape my date I shall take care ta transmit lips.' — Hear me to an end,' inter another of the same kind to you. rupted the inquisitor, while the Nay, do not thank me; I scorn to frown of indignation arose upon his pretend that I do you an act of brow : 'were I not convinced that kindness, for were this moment the you came most unwillingly to the last of your existence, I should knowledge of those events, I would rejoice.' · What I am going to obe this moment insure your eternal serve to your holy reverence,' re. silence, by your death : but mark plied Pedrosa, "is, that your bouniy what I am now going to say; let my is useless ; Don Juan has already words never be absent from your provided for me, by a pension of memory: I am now to give you eight hundred ducats. The inquiyour liberty; but remember, if in sitor looked at him with great earthree hours you are seen in Madrid, and nestness for a moment:'Pedrosa,' in the same number of days in said he, in a caimer voice than be the kingdom of Spain, that moment, had hitherto used, "you are simple by all that my soul holds sacred, will and honest; these are virtues un. be the last of your existence; more known to many in your condition of over, in whatever spot of the world life; I respect them: keep what I have shall be your future residence, if you given you, you are deserving of it; dare to divulge the most distant hint you shall now obtain your liberty, of the important secrets with which but remember the conditions; whereyou are acquainted, the most excru. ever you go your steps are watched; ciating tortures await you, and all remember, your disobedience of my that is yours. Were you to fly to the commands will be followed by conmost savage desert upon earth, you sequences the most terrible. Lest would not be safe from my resent- you should meet with any interrupment: I have agenis every where, tion in your journey througlo Spain, and the most intricate labyrinths of take this seal, it is that of the holy a mine, dog to the centre of the office: if you find yourself in an

passed through a great hall, which that interruption which the singu
led to a range of dungeons, the doors larity of his manner might have oco
of which seemed to be strongly fast. casioned; and a few minutes brought
ened with large iron bars. No hirn to the upper end of the Sirada,
sound but their own footsteps were de Toledo.
heard in this dreary mansion of mi. Let us enter his humble habita-
sery; and they at last arrived at tion. It was not long after the hour
a passage which led to a door, which which, in happier times, used to
was hardly three feet in height, but call to rest the smiling family of
strongly secured in the inside. Put Pedrosa. His daughter Lisetta had
out the light,' said the inquisitor : just awaked from a short slumber,
Pedrosa tremblingly obeyed; for he and belield her mother still sitting by
could not tell what to think of an the fire bathed in tears: she arose,
order which was to involve them in and putting on a part of her clothes,
total darkness. Don Jerome with endeavoured to comfort her. The
difficulty drew back the bolts; a sud. more robust Stephano had fallen into
den gust of the external air blew a deep sleep after the fatigue of
along the passage; he took hold a third day's unsuccessful search for
of the shoulder of Pedrosa, in a his father, over most part of the
moment pushed him into the street, city of Madrid; while little Pedro,
and the door was shut with violence who had cried all day, now slumber-
behind him.'

ed, unconscious of the misery around Pedrosa stood for a moment als him. Suddenly a knocking is heard most stupified with the sudden effect at the door, accompanied with the which the open air had upon his exclamation of Rise up, Janetta, agitated nerves; at last, after move rise up and open the door ; it is I. ing forwards a few paces, he easily My father! my father! cried recollected the spot where he then Lizetta, and clapped her hands was. la his simple uncultivated together with rapture. Her mother mind, his joy began to shew itself in and she few to the door together, a thou:and different modes, which to and in a moment Pedrosa felt himself an observer would have been highly encircled in both their arms. entertaining: he stretched forth his "Where have you been?' cried Janetlimbs, ran from one side of the ta, in a tone of the fondest affection. street to the other, sometimes stop. Where have you been, father?" ping for a moment, and turning echoed Lisetta. But had Pedrosa round and round as if to assure him- been willing to have informed them, self he was free; then clapping his they were too much agiiated to have hand above his head, and leaping up, listened to him. The noise they he would burry rapidly along. in made awakened Stephano, who in this manner, like a person in a fit of stantly sprung up and flew to his intoxication, without thinking pre. father. Pedrosa kissed them all; cisely on the matter, for he was too they all hung by him, they all spoke confused to think, he, as it were to him at once : at last he entreatinstinctively, took the way to his ed them to hear what he had to say.

Janetta, my love,' said he, address The clock struck one as Pedrosa ing his wife, “ we are rich. I am turned the corner of the church no longer poor; you are a lady: but of San Nicholas ; and the streets we must go from bence immediater




Go, my


, • That is where I mistad you,' nothing but your holiday clothes," retumid he; óbut be 14 sierl, ly said bedro-a; we are rich, I tell Janetta ; we are rich, I ili


f you, my Janetta : leave every other have no inore occasion to worl: bere thing to our poor neighbours.' 'Yes, is money, and all honestly c.meliye yes ;' cried Padro, and I will leave I dare not tll you toe, only at my little wooden horse to Jaocomo, in three hours we must leave Me who cuird with me about you, fa. drid.

chillien, ani get in ther.' Juictta did as she was order. your holiday suis,

Where is my dd, and in a few minutes more they dear little Pedro ? You will all were all ready to depart. In their be made


foils. I dare not tell passage through the shop Pedrosa you any more, but I have friends could not behold, for the last time, who will do for you all.' Lisetta the well-known implements of his ran to the bed, and took up litule profession without a fresh attack Pedro in her arms: the child cried upon his feelings : he took them at first on being disturbed, but the up and laid them down several moment he knus his father had times, while the tears started in his come, he flew and clasped his little eyes. • Good heavens!' cried he, rearms around his knees.

Where collecting himself allof a suddenhave you been, father?' cried he, and to-morrow will be the eve of San sobbed aloud. Pedrosa lifted him up, Pacomo, and Fabrizio de Menes, and pressed him to his bosom. The and Sedillo Garcia, and Ambrosio misery he had suffered was now Corollo will be here, and likewise a source of the most exquisite en- Fernando Barradago, the duchess of joyment.

Mean and contemplible Fuenta's major domo: .what will as he had appeared io the prejudiced, they all think when they find that I eyes of the hanghty Don Jerome, am gone? But I am sure it is not my Pedrosa was now surrounded by fault, and I wish I could be here a little circle of which he was the still; for I am so rich I would king and the father; whose happi- shave them all for nothing.' ness was identified with his own, This family of exiles now got out who loved whatever he loved, and into the street, and ihe full moon who had scarce any other rule of con. had risen in all her majesty to light duct than what he prescribed. them on their way. Pedrosa and his

Liselta took her little brother wile gave a last melancholy look to Pedio on her knee, in orler to dress th: ir humble develling. Ah !' said him; bui he was so eager to see his Jaretta, there we tave been happy. father that he could scarrely be pista Gdkrows, Pidresa, if we shall ever Yailed upon to sit su!l. Pidrisi he si ba;!'y where you are now meanwhile ran backwarils and for leading 1: were it to the end


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and elevated : he hopped first on, one, tissue petticoat, with point Brussels leg. then on the other; burst every lace draperies, and a point lace fly unce:, now and then away from his sisicr pockft-holes richly irin med; the to his father and mother, and talked front of the draperies ornamented of a thousand things hy the way. with diamond', consisting of a large They at last arrived opposite the brilliant roseite, fiom which was susconvent of the Carthusians, where a perded a diamond bow, with dia-, brolier of the order sat telling his mond tassel; the under drapery most bcads, . Good luck to me! cried richly ornamented with diamond Pedrosa, as soon as he observed him: :, chains : a mantle to correspond, jour blessing, holy father. Run, richly trimmed with lace, Stephano, to the large rree at the side lier, Royal Highss Princess of of the ruined archway, and in a hole Bales.--The drapery and body of., near the root you will find a purse rich silver and lilactissue, embroiderof thirty ducats; bring them here, ed with emerald, topaz, and amethyst Stephano ran to the swt. Wegre, stones,, to form wine, leaves and guing upon a journeya good, fathuty! , giapis ; at the bottom of the dra. resumed Pedrosa, and shall mail, pty a venye mich silver fringe of your prayers. Toe' by retines, que pot train and petand delivered the purse to its futbolo ticoat oi silvent issue, vith a border , * Here,' said. Puarosa, this is -, a'l round, to corrispond with that on Siwa ulkona Jaun Globes not; they01',, the drapery as a rich silver fringe and your brethren, nay Tribalte, ali i und the final and petticoat; II.aso, for the repose or was, el ponny ich silver, davril to loop up the drafriend. What is the same suis try at guix k i-tulis. The heada, the friar, pulling out 2,14 citric drs,0p vidid now, asid ostrich faq piece on i;:;:1[ 11: : • D'W Alf litiken

thirs. de Valerda, millised lade sig at blive

Trimess Charlote --- A pink and monk wurie il down, and assist sikia slip, wiiil, a brauciul örushim that his requesi shona bu ceni , ii,orks to wear over it; and julied with the fresor tudies and, if Poid

ini di his haat li lich alle din suci zit

Tu By Males Pincess Elie achat gratuic; he finding they beyib.m. 11 federaţi dicot along, and sun puit Spirit inte blie si ( vid ; it iht side çf the, waulenants. They soon pärsuch ite do S4, a nags, tiek i, barcaries or the city., Lilile di dio 430 ct aur buscan det of large, giew witei, aid was liteed wir sie silver beads, daduly digidlu at back of his lusty brotdir. Courage, distance by a thicky bulliga chain of my children,' criei Bedusa ; , : We in dediler. Klicked with sküll suuts hire a caringe alicha usia

, brandi berdiriny close betweile ornamented pie sí good mulis.'

With this and

wird miss bir üldis ci laused in sis surance they hastaned (9, and its verfill, atij ia ziyou is ofch betilesa, day-break were out of sight of the

som uitliste kinel Luisting from


Princess Augusta.--A yellow crape gled with gold; diamond ear-rings silver spangled petticoat, with double and neck-lace. Head-dress, diadraperier, with an elegant silver cor- monds and feathers. don representing the ancient honey. Princess Sophia of Gloucester.-suckle; mantle to correspond, A splendid dress of white and silver,

* Princess Mary--wore a magni- superbly embroidered : the form of ficent dress of brown crape embroi- the draperies was particularly strik, dered with silver and pink roses, ing and elegant, and was much adover a petticrat of royal purple: the mired for taste and effect; the whole design of each colour contrasted with finished with a massy border at the the other had a surprising new and bottom. Her royal highness wore a elegant effect: oval draperies richly robe of lilac and silver tissue, with spangled all over, and terminated rich embroidered sleeves and front. with marking borders of dead and Princes Castelcicala.-An elegant bright foil, in Vandykes, with roses, dress of lavender-coloured crape, beautifully variegated, interspersed Auted in divisions, and trimmed with lightly in the embroidery, had a truly broad black lace, ornamented with picturesque and novel appearance. wreaths of fancy flowers, same coThe whole completed witti elegant lour as the dress, and bows of ribe cords and tassels; robe of brown pur- bands. This dress was much ad. ple and silver tissue, trimmed with mired for taste and simplicity. Robes broad Vandyke fringe, point lace, of Turkish lace, trimmed all round and diamonds.

with lavender-coloured flowers, Princess Sophiq.--A Duchess of Rutland.-Elegantly petticoat, over which an elegant scarf dressed in a beautiful pellicoat and drapery of the same colour, most train of straw.coloured crape, with magnificently embroidered in silver rich wreaths of silver vine leaves, pines and branches : on the right side and ropes of silver arrows. a wing of embroidery of uncommon Marchioness of Downshire.A richness, and on the left a drapery, white crape petticoat, richly embroi. richly spangled; a beautiful fringe dered, with silver and pearls, the round the hottom of the petticoat; design forming in front two rows of the robe of green and silver tissue, large bouquets of wheat ears, and most elegantly trimmed with silver, branches of wheat in pearls: the and looped on the sleeves with silver bottom of the petticoat embroidered chains and acorns.

Head-dress, with the same elegant design of pearl plume of green and white feathers, wheat ears and branches: the dra. and a profusion of diamonds. peries embroidered with an Etruscan

Princess Amclia.--Petticoat of border in- silver, intermixed with white crape, richly spangled, and pearl wheat ears: the train of white unique border; draperies of purple sarsnet, embroidered with the same

with silver

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