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Constantinople, April 11. Prussian minister, baron Harderiberg; ON the sth the capitan pacha sailed ani it is believed this marked preferwith his whole fleet, which has hitherto ence not a little contributed to procure laid at anchor near the Seven T wers, for tha minister the portfolio'fir fo. for the Dardanelles. This feet has on reign affairs. The emperor A'exander, board a corps of chosen troops. The it is said, has condescended to consult capitan pacha, a brave and experienced him in every thing ; and this confia man, his positive orders from the Porte dence has been carried to such a degree to attack the Russian Acet, which has, as seriously to disquiet the Russian miat present, only a few English ships of nister baron Budberg, who is at this war with it. We therefore hourly ex. mument at Konigsberg pect advice of a sea engagement.

According to every appearance, it 13. The grand vizier left this city on seems certain that the first mement the 7th to repair to the Danube. He is of the Russian and Prussian armies will to be followed by all the troops here. bave for its object the deliverance ofthe The Russians took upon them to detria (wo fortresses of Dantzic and Graudentz. the new Prussian envoy, baron Pilsuch, According to a.l accounts received here, some time at Bucharest. This minis- the French army is also ready to put ter has since arrived here by way of itself in motion, and waits only the sige Widdin.

nal for attack. A great barile appears Tirkisb Frontier, April 20. It is re. inevitable, and very near. ported that, as soon as the new pacha Vienna, May 9. The marching of of Widdin, the s'ccessor of P swan troops, which has lately taken place, is Oglou, heard that the pacha Suleimann a natural conequence of the changing had been killed by the Servians, after of quarters throu hout the army. his departure froin Belgrade, he ordered The Court Gizetre of this day conall the Christians of Widdin, about 3000 tains the following article from Ture in number, to be murdered.

kev :Konigsberg, May 5. The emperor of Elh Bey, the known Mameluke chief, Russia, and the king of Prussia, after died suditenlv.on the 3th of January, on having spent a weck at Georgenbourg bis juin y delween Dumanhoora and (on the frontiers of New Eastern Prusa Mahsur sia), have returned to Memel. The His majesty is expected back from Ofen two monarchs reviewed all the troops of at Vienna, with'ne taking a certain the new levy, which, by the route of journey thic had been poken of. Lithuania, are assembled in the envi. Rostock, May 11. We are in great Tons of Byalystock. The emperor want of Engi sh and colonial gods, Alexander, who has already visited rur particularly coffee and sugar, which city, is expected again heie, where he would find a ready sale provided the has been preceded by his field equi. supply was not too abundant at once, page. During his stay at Georgenbourg for the scarcity of cash is every day and Memel, it was remarked that he more and more felt. Ai Weimar trade shewed a particular preference for the is completely at a stand.



Warsaw, May 12. The grand army mand of these troops, general Ruchet forms an uninterrupted line of 70 leagues, commanding under him. from Braunsberg, on the Baltic, to the Augsburg, May 18. We expect here Narew,

to-morrow the French horse chasseurs General Hutchinson is at Bartenstein, and cuirassiers: they will be followed with the emperor of Russia and king of by the Spanish regiment of GuadalaxPrussia.

ara, and several other regiments. So Berlin, May 13. The courier Cretet, much has been said lately, of negoti. who arrived here yesterday from the ations, and the reports which have been head quarters, has brought intelligence circulated are so contradiccory, that it that his majesty the emperor of the is difficult to know what to believe. It French was on the 8th in tant at Elbing, is, however, generally believed that where he reviewed on that day 18,000 the negotiations are not so far advanc. cavalry, making part of the corps of his ed as was believed. They say, that imperial highness the grand duke of the emperor Napoleon, always anxious Berg.

to employ all the means in his power to On the right bank of the Vistula below prevent the effusion of blood, had pro. Dantzic there is a canal which forms posed peace to the emperor of Russia an island. This was defended by 1000 and the king of Prussia on very medeRussians. The French attacked the rate terms; that the two sovereigns reisland, 400 Russians were killed, and 600 plied, that they were ready to treat, but made prisoners; all the redoubts were that their connections with Great Bri. taken, and seventeen pieces of cannon. tain and Sweden did not permit them to

The French have made a lodgment act without the participation of those in the covered way of Dantzic. The courts. It is said, that France did not siege of that city proceeds with all the oppose this proposition, declaring that success that can be expected.

she wished for a general peace. The Copenbagen, May 16. The emperor principle of compensations was then of Russia and the king of Prussia, ac- proposed as the basis of peace. All cording to advices from East Prussia, these propositions have been communi. were on the 4th of May at Bartenstein, cated to the courts of London and Stock. where general Hutchinson likewise holm, but their answers have not yes was.

been received. The letters from Pa. General Rychel, who has received land say, that these communications another appointment, is succeeded in the have been made through the medium government of Konigsberg by general of aides-de-camp, but that no diplomatic Lestocq. General Blucher has received conferences have yet taken place. Bathe command of the Prussian troops. ron St. Vincent, who represents the

Scbwerin, May 17. The reports of a sovereign whose mediation has been supture of the armistice concluded be accepted, had been made acquainted tween marshal Morcier, and baron Von with what has passed; but it is feared Essen, which were circulated in conse- that the intrigues of the English minis. quence of the arrival of the king of ter will frustrate the efforts of the Sweden at Stralsund, were entirely un. friends of humanity. founded. His majesty has given baron Warsaw, May 23. The Russians Von Essen the most honourable proofs have passed the Narew at several points,

Phassacred those they took by surprise. rations are made to receive them, should Fourteen soldiers of the eighty-eighth they make an attempt upon the island were surrounded in a small intrench- of Walcheron. General Monnet has a ment, and chose rather to lose their lives camp at West Cappel. to a man than surrender. Nor one of

23. We learn from Bourdeaux that them survived. A company of grena. there is an extraordinary activity at hac diers, of the sixty-fourth, being attack- port. The administration has ordered ed by the Russians, the commandant all the vessels there of from 300 to 700 of the latter, inAated with his superior val officers have arrived to hasten the

tons to be sneathed with copper. Nasumbers, advanced with a look of contempi, and ordered the French captain preparations. Our correspondent at to surrender, when the latter, seizing a

Bourdeaux also writes that there is the musket, levelled, and shot him dead, same activity at Nantes. Many con. exclaiming This is the way a French: jectures are formed, he adds, but no man surrenders.' Threc battalions came one can facer himself with having die to the assistance of this brave coinpany,

vined the object of these movements. defeated the Russians, and pursued them This however is certain, that they are sword in hand. The latter, besides, labouring briskly in our dock-yards; their wounded, left iso dead upon the and our hopes are directed to the sea. ground. The French lost only bo inen,

Hamburgh, May 30. Advice has this and several Cossacks were drowned in moment been received by an extraordithe Narew.

nary courier, that Dantzic capitulaced Marshal Massena, as we learn, has on the 26th instant, obtained a signal advantage over the

The wane of ammunition and proenemy, but we have not yet received visions compelled the garrison to prothe details. It seems the whole army pose terms of capitulation. It was sup: is in motion.

posed that the Russian and Prussian _ Yesterday there was a report that the army would have made some attempt Russians had made an attack upon the to prevent the fall of Dantzic, but no whole line of the right wing under other attacks seem to have veen made marshal Massena, but were repulsed upon the enemy than those partial ones with considerable loss. The fifth corps

on the 16ch and 18th at Weichsel. of the army continued in pursuit of the

munde. Russians; and marshal Massena had Berlin, May 30. By letters from given orders, for the purpose of accele- Trieste of the izth, it is srated that rating the march of the army, that all the English at Alexandria are under the baggage and disposable articles great embarrassments. The Porte, im. should be sent into the rear.

mediately after admiral Duckworth's Berlin, May 26. Yesterday official retreat, had ordered considerable de. accounts were received here from the cachments of troops to nsarch from imperial head-quarters at Firkenstein, Syria to Egypt, to oppose the landing stating that at the moment an assault of the English, but though they were was ready to be made upon the Hackeis. too late for this service, it is believed berg, the city of Dantzic made propo.

the English will not receive reinforce: sals to capitulare: it is therefore proba

iments from Malia and Sicily in time ble char the French troops are now in to oppose the force collecting against possession of Danızic.

them. The death of Elfi Bey is a seri. The same letters mention the capture ous loss to the English : and what must of a fine English corvette, but as they increase their embarrassment is, the in



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London, May 26.

frigate to the westward. She made her LAST nighr, son é daring villains numb sronie iynal-post, and went on who intest Si. Gi es's, atten pred to rub tor the West Indies. a waggon as it was pass ng through Lonuun, junt i.Do Sarurday morn Broad-s reet, ana in entig 10 inx, at seven o'ck, a fire broke out in apprehend them, a Waichoal, and tuo th Silichose of Messrs. Sisajne and respecrable young men were wour aed, Mine', distiller's, at Hulborn-bridge. It su iba' t cir lives are de paired of. appears to have a isen from the sill

Brunifo. 4. May 26. ? ni election for having been over.boiled; the head flew Midd esex fio-diy ci sed this day. At off, and the fire by sone means caught ab ur ten ninu es pasi three coluas a visst i of spir is, antaíoing ab ur 140 closed, and he local p mber to each gllin', which sudi only expluded. The shortly afterwaris declared staves wist blown. through the roof, to stand thus :

which was con ploiely shatierid, fortu. For Mr. Mellish. 2706

nalety avoiding the backs, in which A r. Bing 22.08

were large quantues of spirits. It the Six C. Baynes. !


contrary nad been the cose, there is no Whereupon Mr Syers ceclared, in calcu ating on the probable damage, the usual fo:m, the dicon of ihe Ihree persons were materially burt: sheriffs, ihar Wiliam Nellish, esq, and the distilier was severely burnt and George Byng, esq. weię duly elccied. scalded : 'wo others were much cui by

Piymouit, May 30, Wert down nto The falling of ihe staves in the tery Cawsand B-y, the Foudroyani, of 84 Siale ih y were in, and one of then will, guns, rear-admiral Be vie ; she will be in all i robability, lose his left leg, I he off in a few days on a cruise coche west.. ergines, aided by the efforts ut inu vo. ward. The San Josef, of 110 guns, is Jupice cuips, cupfined the damage to strippirg in Hamorze, for the purp se 800l. The explosion was sugatal, that o b.inge the sent into dusk to bi im. ali tlie wir duws, iruin the Swan-yard nicciareiy repairer, or for the present to ihe end of Fundalone, were sbivered, Jaid up in ordinary till a dock is vacant; 2. Every day produces stronger inher ship's crimpany will be sent dications of an expedition, but as yet



On Friday last thirty-two sail of Lord Milton

11,170 mausporis, h ving on board some bat. Hon H. Lascelles 10.989 of the king's German legion, * The high sheriff, after stating the sailed from Core, for Portsmou'h, under total numbers for each candidate, de. cor voy of his majesty's bris Sragul, clared W. Wilberforce, esq. and the tain Cartwright, and Wrangler gun. right hon. lord Mlon duly elected to brig.

reprisent this county in the cosuing June 3. A cartel arrived at Ports. parliame it. mouh yesterday from France. "It Lord M leon was then chaired in the brought over captain Woodr if, late of usual manner round the castle-yard, his majerty's ship Cu cuita, wnich was and through some of the principal taken in the year 1834, on her passare spreets of his cits, accomp nied by a with cun voy' from St. Helena. by the most numerous body of his friends, in Ruc fort squadron, ater a mist daer- which he received the hearty and free mined resistance. We have put heard acclamations of many thousands of freethat the cartel has br ught any news. holders and ciljiens.

Dublin, June 1. On Thur day last, Mr. W..berfrce's illness prevented at two o'clock, a meeting took place his a, pearing on the hustings, consenear Wextoid berween Mr. Alcock quently the ceremony of sharing, on and Mr. Colclough, candidates for that his part, was dispensed with. county, when, on the first fire, the latter Thus terminated the above arduous received a shot through the heart, which struggle; a strugg.e, bv all the canins antly deprived him of existence! didates and their friends, of such The origin of this faral dispute, we strength and perseverance, as has never, understand, was in consequence of the at any period, been cqualid at any deceased procuring the tenants of a lady, county-election in the kingdom.. Ina who supported he interest of Mr. Als deed, the great exertions pue in force cock. to vote against him.

are not to be wondered at, when it is to On Sa urday lası, at two in the after. be considered, that the representation poon, Charles. Cole and Richard Lane, of this extensive, popurou», rich, and ina esq s. sheriffs of the city of Cork, dependent county of Yurk, great in her wate upon his grace the duke of manuf.ctures, was to be the high reRichmond, to whom they presented an ward of Iwo of the candidates. ad irosi from the mayor, sheriffs, and Nothing, since the days of the revocomincn council, as well as the freedom lution, has ever presented to the world of the city of Cork, in a gold box. His such a scene as nas been, for fifteen davs grace was pleased to express his sen- and nights, passing within this great i men's upon this occasion is an appro- couniy. Repose or rese have been un. priate answer. Sir Arthur Wiles ev, known in i, excepe it was seen in a was a'so presented wih the freedom of messenger, totally worn our, asleep upon the same city in a silver box.

his post-horse, or on his carriage. Every York. June 4:

A duel cook place on day the roads, in every direction, and Monday mrning last, a few miles to and from every remote corner of the from York, bet u een Mr. Mellish, of county, have been covered with vehicles that cunty, and the hon. Mariin loaded with voters; and barouches, curHawke, in which Mr. Mellish was ricles, gigs, Aying waggons, military wounded; but, ir is understood, not cars, with eight horses to them, crɔwded




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