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different roads. And every house, down, and the carriage went over his every room, every bed in York, by an body He was taken to Mr. Grange's, incessant change of voters, at the rate of the fruiterer's, near the spoi, where he about two thousand a day, created a expired in about ten minutes. The consumption of provisions that might coachman escaped with very little obo have otherwise served this city for servation of the spectators than can lead twelve months.

to a discovery. All that was observed Lynn, June 6. A person of promising was, that he had on a white livery, chat 'circumstance and respectable connec there were three lamps in front of the tions in life, on Monday se'nnight de carriage, and cwo females in it, appacoyed a girl only twelve years of age rently servants. The deceased' proves into a barn at Terrington, near Lynn, to be a Mr. Lovenell, a gentleman of and committed a rape upon her person. considerable property. The girl, when the offender accosted 10. A serious affray took place on her, was dibbling potatoes in a field, Sunday afternoon in St. James's market. with several other persons, who were Two or three Irishmen who were passa? under his orders, and to wbom, as soon ing having been ridiculed by som as released, she complained of the treat. butchers, recorted the abuse, and blows ment she had received. A warrant for ensued. A great number came up to the apprehension of the ravisher was the assissance of each party, some of soon after procured; in consequence of whom were armed with whatever ar. wbich he absconded: but being puro ticles they could catch up at the mo sucd, was , traced to Stamford about ment. The contest lasted about three eleven o'clock on Thursday night. quarters of an hour, vatil each party Here he took the Nelson 'coach, and were so beaten that they were obliged proceeded into the north. The party to consent to a cessation of hostilities. io quest of him, set off after him, and Upwards of twenty were taken home about eight o'clock on Friday morning dangerously wounded, and eight witb found, bim at breakfast at Markham fractures and broken limbs were taken Moor. Being apprehended, he acknow to the Middlesex hospital. ledged the offence with which he was 11. Dispatches were received from charged, and said that he did not mean: Egypt this morning, with disasterous to eva e justice, but intended, after havé intelligence from the British troops in ing been into Cumberland to see his that quarter. wife and three children, who were then An expedition was sent from Alexan. residing there, to have returned into dria to take possession of Rosetta. When Norfolk to take his trial. After talking the troops arrived in the town, where no rationally and collectedly for a few mi- opposition was expected, they found puies, he requested permission to go troops posted every where, and every intn the garden, which was granted, house almost afortified place, from which and he returned. Complaining of in a gailing and incessant fire was poured disposition, he begged to reure a second upon them, Retreat from the town was time, which was permitted; but he had rendered necessary- they retreated into not been absent above two minutes, the plain, and prepared for battle. The when the report of a pistol attracted Turks, superior in numbers, (infinitely attention, and the miserable man was superior they must have been co here found to have blown his brains out: gained any advantageover Britisn,troops!) A coroner's inqui st sat on his body on attacked them, and after a dreadfui conSaturday, and ret.irned a verdicemfelo fict, it is with regret' we add, our de sp. He was immediately buried in troops were forced to retire. Our loss the cross-road near Markham Moor. is said to have amounted to 1400 med,

London, June 6. On Thursday night, The remainder of our troops are pent bereen tea and eieren o'clock, as a up in Alexandria. gentleman wa crossing Piccadilly, near Dovey, June 12. A few days back the corner of Bond street, a chariot a remarkable circumstance occurred driving furivusly along koocked lum near this town, in which the hand of

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Providence seems particularly to have luckily passing. The man, after the interposed. Two girls, one of whom accident, walked away with che uimost had the care of a child, went for a walk composure, until he was seized by Mr. with it on the heights, at the back of March, a very acrive officer, in Feetthe town, when, imprudently setting it street, near St. Dunstan's church. On down near the edge of the cliff, and his being interrogated, he would give no going a small distance from the spot, account of the transaction. Tne poor the child, in atcempiing to rise, and the man had every appearance of being a ground being on the decline, rolled lunaric. over; no assistance of course, on their part, could be rendered, as the cliff was ncarly perpendicular, with very liccle growing on it. However, on their going

BIRTHS. round, which was a great distance, shey discovered the child suspeoded by

May 21.

At her house in Thayer. ics cloches hanging to a shrub which grew out of the cliff, from whence iç De Castries, of a son.

street, Manchester-square, the duchess was with great difficulty liberated,

At his house in Henrietta-street, without receiving any injury. London, June 19. Yesterday morning Bosanquet, esq. of a son.

Cavendish-square, the lady of Samuel a very extraordinary and singular event


At his house in Portland-place, took place in Fleet-street, which was attended with serious consequences: daughter.

the lady of Robert Lang, esq. of a About ten o'clock, whilst the street was

At his house in Clarges-street, the thronged with passengers, a man, pas• lady of William Agar, esq. of a son. sing along, fired off a pistol. The ball, as

Ac his house in Somerset-street, the appears from circumstances, must have takes an oblique direction, for in its lady of Francis James Jackson, esq. of passage it grazed 'the forehead of a

28. At Southampton, the lady of lady, who happened to be passing at

Thomas Osborne, esq. of a daughter. the time, and thence pagsed through the

June 3 In Hill-street, Berkleye top window of Mr. Davison's shop, and coming in contact with some hard sub square the lady of Thomas Read Kemp,

a daughier. stance, fell to the ground, and was pick. ed up by the shopman. The lady in the lady of majır general sir George

1o. Athis house in Manchester-street, mediately on receiving the shot fell

Brathwaire Boughton, of a daughter. the ground, and was taken up quite senseless. It was found, however, that

11. At the parsonage, Hampion, the the ball had not penetrated deeply, and lady of the rev. T. Morgan of a daughter.

is. In Holles street, Cavendish there are great hopes of the lady's recovery. After having the wound dressed, square, the lady of sir George H. Bar. she was taken home in a coach to her low, bart, of a sop. residence in Hatton Garden. It does not appear that the lady had any ac.

MARRIAGES. quaintance with the man who committed the rash act. What appears most re May 20. At Ackworth church, John markable, is, that the pistol was fired Harward Jessop, esq. of Dvory, in the with so much secrecy and caution, that 'county of Longford, co Mrs. Solly, of 20 person passing at the time perceived Ackworth Park, Yorkshire. in what manner it was done. From the 25. At St. Ann's church, Philip Bar. best consideration it is supposed that rington Ainslie, esq. youngest son of the the man intended to shoor himself, and late sir Philip Ainslie, esq. of Pilton, to for that purpose had placed the pistol in miss Bridget Corrie, daughter of Edgar a slancing direction at his head; but mis- Corrie, csq. sing his aim, the ball had passed on one Jinne 3. 'At Newington church, capt. side, and struck the lady, who was un. Futheriogham, of the corps of engineers

a son.

esq. of


in the honourable East. India cnmpany's land, whn was sole heir of the body of servica, ro miss Robertson, eldest daugh. King E ward ihr Third's y. unzes ter of the lare Jarres Robertson, e q. of Thimas P antageer, of Woodstock, Thropmorion-street.

duke of Gl ucester, and of his wife lady 4. At St. George's, Hinover-square, Eleanor Bohun, eldest caugh er and sir John Shelley, hart. to miss W nch. coreir of the last Humphrey B hun, lev, daugher and sole heiress of the lare ear of Hereford, Essex, and Norrbampe Thomas Winchlrv. e q.

ton, nd lord bigh constable of England; Richard Chambers, e q. of E'v Place, and whose younger sist:r was wife of to Harrier, third daughter of John Nw. king Henry the I Veh. but from wh se man, esq. of Skinner.streer.

body there was an entire fuilure of issue 9. A St. Genre', Hanover-square, on the death of her grandson king Henry John Barnard Hankev, esg. of Fercham the Vith. Norwith-tanding the a cumu. Park, Surrev, to the hon Elizahesh lation of Plantagenet Bohun, and Stafford Blaquiere. second daughter of the right heirship, which i) came centered in lady hon. Jord De Blaquiere.

Anastasia Stafford Howard, she was 11. A. Mary.le.non-church, colonel disabled by the attainder of rer an. Elford, to miss Lownd, only daughter cestor, the last Stafford d ke of Buckand heiress of the late W. Lownds, esq. ingham, in the reign of king Henry the of Upper Clapton,

VIIIth from possessing any of the fa. Ac St James's church, John Thorn. mily digniries, except the Stafford ba. ton, esq. e!dest son of Samue Thornton, rony. She died without having ever esq. MP for the county of Surrey, to been married. Her heir is sir William mis Fliza Pupru, second daughter of Jerningham, baroner, whose grandmo. Edward Parry, esq. chairman of the ther was sister of the abwenentioned EaseIndia company.

William earl of Stafford. 13. A: Middlewich, Cheshire, by the May 25. Ac Twickenham, in the rev. W. H. Heron, Philip 75th year of his age, major Thomas of Busron, Derbyshire, io Aon, eldest Rea Cole, he served his present majesty daughrer of John Braband, esq. of the in the seven years war, and at the seige former place.

of Bellisle, at which he commanded the 20. Ai St. Martin's church, Daniel 98th regiment, was, for his good-con. Collver, esg. of Grav's Inn, to miss duct, promoted to the rank of major at Sarah Duff, the third and youngest the age of 23 years, he had also served daughter of the hon. Alexander Duff

, as chief magistrate in the town of Leeds, and niece to the earl of Fife, and to in Yorkshi e. George Skenc, of Skene, esq.

26. Ac his house at Brompton, Ni.

cholas Bond, e q. one of his majesty's DEATHS.

justices of the peace for the county of

Midilesex, &c. and for many years an On the 27th of April last, at Paris, in active and vigilant magistrate of the pothe 85 h year of her age, the right hon. lice office in B»w-street. lady Anastazia Stafford Howard, baron Jine 1. At her seat, at Glymptoness of Stafford, only surviving daughter Park, in Oxfordshire, Mrs. Anne and heir of William, earl of Stafford, Wheate, in the 76th year of her age, who died in 1734. She was sole heir last surviving daughter of the late sir of the body of sir William Howard Thomas Wheate. burt. of cha' county. viscount Stafford, the only married 9. At his father's house, Camberwell younger son of the present duke of Nor: Grove, Mr. John Culinson, of Queen's folk's ancestor, Thomas Howard earl of college, Oxford, in the 22d year of his Arundel. She was also sole heir of the

age. body of thar viscount's wife, Mary Sraf. After a long and painful illness, miss ford, baroness of Stafford, and through Rutherford, edest daughter of Jobin her, sole heir of the body of Edward Rutherford, esq. of Woburn Place, the last Stafford duke of Buckingham, Russel-square, in the zoth year of her hereditary lord high constable of Eng- age.


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FOR JULY, 1807.



373 1 Adelaide ; or, the Triumph of | 12 Advise to unmarried Ladies, Constancy,

343 13 Observations on the Credit due to
2 Madame Grassini,


375 3 A Sentimental Rhapsody,

346 | 14 On Private and Public Education, 4 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters from

976 real Life,

349 / 15 Inconstancy.--A Fragment, 377 5 On the National Character of the 16 The amiable Wife and artful Turks,


378 6 Alphonso and Almira; or, the neble 17 Anecdote of Matthew Prior, 383 Forester,

356 18 POETICAL ESSAY--The Temple of 7 A Night Walk in July,.


8 Sketches from Nature,
306 19 Foreign News,

389 9 London Fashions, 372 20 Home News,

992 10 Parisian Fashions, 372 21 Births,

395 11 A fashivnable Quere,

22 Marriages-Deaths,



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates.
Vi The Triumph of CONSTANCY.

2 Portrait of Madame GRASSINI.
3 LONDON Fashionable Walking and FULI. DRESS.
$ New and elegant Patterns for BORDERS and TRIMMINGS.


Prinzted for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Row;

here Pavours from Correspondents continue to be received.


W. M. T. will see that we have, as he wished, inserted the whole of his poem. His contributions will be always acceptable.

The continuation of the Elville Family Secrets in our next, certainly.

The Ode on the Surrender of Dantzic is received, and shall have a place,

Matilda Spencer's contributions are received.

I. G.'s long letter must be abridged before it can be admitted,

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