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reason to hope that the three surviv- manded him to say whatever he ing assailants would take immediate could wish to make him acquainted flight. But in this he was de- with. ceived; instead of being discouraged • You here behold,' cried the vil. by the fall of their comrade, they lain, 'the veriest wretch that ever became doubly desperate, and fell 'lived., Antonio first bribed me to lay on him with a fury that threatened the diamond ring in Alphonso's hut, him with inevitable destruction. But for stealing of which he is condemnat the very instant that a fatal blowed to the galleys, and then gave was aimed at Rinaldo, a rattle-snake me a sum of money to join three seized hold of the ruffian that was on other ruffians in setting upop you the point of giving it, and prevented in the forest. Thank Heaven, we him from doing Rinaldo any hurt, have been disappointed in our views, The gallant youth, availing himself and have met with the fate we deof this fortunate circumstance in his served.' favour, attacked the two other vil.. • The only atonement,' exclaimed lains with so much skill and success, Rinaldo, That you can possibly as to make them prefer a retreat to make, is to give a faithful account any farther attempts against his of this to the king, whenever I shall life: but in this they met a death call upon you for that purpose.' 'I infinitely worse than that they flew wish to live,' replied the wretch, from; for Rinaldo closely pursuing 'but to do all the justice in my them, they accidentally fell into a pit power-that done, I care not how that had been prepared for lions, and soon you put an end to my exother wild beasis of the forest, and istence.' in which a male lion, of prodigious Rinaldo, having promised to dissize and strength, had been for se- patch the necessary assistance for veral days. Rivaldo remained just removing him with all possible exlong enough to see the villains de pedition, immediately pursued his voured by the ferocious animal, and journey, and the same evening reachimmediaiely made after the ruffian ed the village at which the king was that had been seized by the snake, on his annual circuit, where obtainwhom he found almost expiring ing an interview, he brought his apthrough the loss of blood, and was peal in behalf of Alphonso, andobrainjust going to dispatch him, whened his majesty's promise to hear his ihe wretchi, having with great dif- case; for which purpose the king inficulty got upon his knees, humbly stantly ordered a proper guard to his beseeched Rinaldo would spare bis hut, with his royal command that he lite, at least long enough to suffer should be brought before him the bim to ease his conscience, by mak- next day. ing a full discovery of the person who had employed him to attack

CHAP. VIII. him, and every particular he knew

of the horrid business in which he

Also and 41 rare conducted

The situation of Alphonso and judgment passed on him. Alphonso Almira, during the absence of Ri- was directly unbound, and conducted naldo, was truly distressing. A with Almira to the king, who was then thousand emotions of hope and fear at the villa of one of his nobles, about alternately rent their bosoms. They twelve miles distance. But they did sometimes flattered themselves that not go, even now, without shedding the services of Rinaldo could not fail many a tear at their departure from to procure them justice; which hope a place in which they had dwelt so no sooner arose than it became long; so much does habit, and stifled by the fear that some acci- length of years, endear us even to the dent should befal Rinaldo, or Anto- worst of situations. nio cause Alphonso to be dragged to Rinaldo, who had prepared every the galleys before Rinaldo should be thing with the king, impatient for able to bring an appeal in his be- their arrival, mounted his horse, and half.

met Alphonso and Almira on their At this moment the officer entered way. Nothing could be more afthe hut, and informed Alphonso that fecting than their once again meeto he had just received fresh orders ing together. The father and daughfrom Antonio, peremptorily com- ter related to Rinaldo every circummanding him to convey him instant- stance that had happened since he ly to the galleys, unless he should had left them; and Rinaldo, in ree be suffered to make Almira his. It turn, informed them of the attack was in vain that Alphonso remon- that had been made on him, and the strated, or that Almira prayed and narrow escape he had met with. entreated. The officer knew, from Almira most gratefully embraced her Rinaldo's absence, that no farther generous lover, and thanked Hea-, bribe could be had, and was there- ven for the deliverance he had so fore determined to execute the sen- happily obtained. But no language tence passed on Alphonso. He'ac- can convey any idea of the excess of cordingly commanded the guard that joy that Alphonso felt upon being attended on him to enter the hut, and informed by Rinaldo that the king, bind their prisoner ; pointing at the having heard the nature of his case, same time to Alphonso, around was then waiting to hear the appeal whose neck Almira hung, piercing he had to make, and had even sumthe air with her shrieks and cries. moned Autonio before him, that he

Alphonso, enraged beyond the might be present, in order, if necespower of reason, suddenly forcing a sary, to defend any conduct of his sabre from one of the guards, so- that might be impeached. lemnly vowed to plunge it in the The power of the wicked, however breast of any one who should dare great and formidable for a tinie, is to molest him. At this juncture, so sure sooner or later to end in shame critical to the fate of Alphonso, a and disgrace. Alphonso's authority party of dragoons, headed by a capo' was now approaching fast towards a iain, entered the hut, who, producing period, and it was with no small dethe king's warrant, inimediately deo gree of mortification that he permanded Alphonso and his daughter. ceived it. But while the thought of The message, so opportunely brought, having the case of Alphonso brought had the same effect on Alphonso and before the king touched him to the the distressed Almira as a respite quick, he determined to hrave it i would on a criminal at the very instant out; noi desparing but that his situaof his being about to sufki r the fatal tion in the state and interest pas

the king, would enable him to suc- this ring?' By Antonio,' replied ceed against one whom he never the villain, 'who first hired nie to suspected to be any thing more than hide the ring in Alphonso's hut, a poor forester.

and afterwards engaged me, with The moment when all parties three others, to waylay his nephew, were to meet was now arrived, and Rinaldo, and prevent him, at the Alphonso and Almira were admitted peril of his life, from seeking the into the royal presence. The king king in behalf of Alphonso. This no sooner fixed his eyes on Alphonso confession, so voluntarily made, struck than a most uncommon sensation the king and the whole assembly with thrilled through every vein. Without astonishment and horror. Every eye the least knowledge of the cause, he was fixed on Antonio, nor was it found it impossible to address him, possible for him to conceal the peror look towards him, without being turbation of his mind, or hide the strongly agitated.

shame and confusion that flushed Alphonso, having obtained per- into his face. mission to speak, represented An- Rinaldo, perceiving things suffitonio's being robbed, and the laying ciently ripe for his purpose, begged the ring he had lost in his hut, as a a patient hearing of the king; which vile contrivance, protesting, in the being granted, he related his meeto most solemn manner, that he was ing with Almira, and the story of perfectly innocent of every thing laid Alphonso, excepting his illustrious io his charge. Antonio, as if in- birih, which Rinaldo thought it most sensible of shame, boldly declared proper yet for some time to conceal : that all that had been said by Al- but what most astonished all who phonso was a contempt of his au- heard it was the cause of Antonio's ihority, as well as a most audacious resentment against Alphonso, and insinuation against his honour and the fair Almira, to force whose love justice; and assured the king that he had invented the horrid plot disthe guilt of Alphonso had been fully covered by one of the ruffians he had proved and established. The king hired to assassinate him, demanded of Antonio if the finds Notwithstanding the injustice of ing the ring in Alphonso's hut was Antonio was so obviously clear to the only evidence on which he had every one, he had, nevertheless, the been convicted and being told it effrontery to give the most direct and was, his majesty farther demanded; positive contradiction to every thing who the person was that had disco- alleged against him, charging these vered it. The king no souner spoke had accused him with conspir. than the villain who had hired him. ing against his life, and demanding self to lay the ring in Alphonso's of the king his royal protection hut suddenly presented himself, and against them. humbly informed his majesty that His majesty, somewhat embarhe was the person who had found the rassed how to act between the difring. Antonio, not knowing whe- ferent parties, determined that the

This request

requested of the king, which was, expected to see Alphonso at his feet. that he might be allowed to ask a Almira gave a violent shriek, and delay of the duel until the morning, the whole assembly felt for her in order that he might have an op- distress ; but Alphonso, more disportunity of sending to the but he creet ihan his antagonist, put by had quitted, by his majesty'ś com- Antonio's sword, and immediately mands, for a valuable sword con run him through the borly. The cealed there, without which he wound was fatal, and Antonio imshould have but little hopes of suco mediately expired, anidst a general ceeding. The king appeared much shout of the whole assembly. surprised, and enquired what sword Rinaldo instantly caught Almira it was, wiihout which Alphonso in his arms, and joined her in thanks could not venture to proceed to bat- ing Heaven for the victory her father tle. Alphonso, bowing most respect- had gained. Indeed, the whole assemfully, humbly besought his majesty bly most visibly participated in their that he would be pleased to excuse joy; nor was the good old king without his silence on the subject, until the his share of satistaction, led by inproper time should come for obeying spiration, as it were, to indulge a his royal pleasure.

secret pleasure in the event of the more amazed the king than ever. day. But greater events were yet Indeed, every one present appeared to come. Alphonso, borne triumgreatly surprised at its ambiguity, phant in a car prepared for the corand the secret it was evidently meant queror, approached his majesty on to conceal.

his knee, and in an humble posture A convenient place being prepared presented him with his sword, still for the purpose, the combatants met reeking with Antonio's blood. in the morning, and appeared in the Heavens ! cried the king, perring, which was surrounded by all ceiving the inscription on the blade, the nobles that had attended the king sure this is the very sword of state, on his circuit, and the gentry resid- long lost with my only son?' It is,' ing in the neighbouring villages; exclaimed Alphonso, “and a grahis majesty being seated on a throne cious Providence now returns you under the canopy of state, in the both for; in me you now behold centre, with his officers and guards your long-lost son, Alphonso.' A around him.

general surprise now suspended every Never was attention more en- lun.gue, and all were lost in wonder grossed, or expectation higher raised, and amazement. The good old king, than on the present occasion. Every weeping through excess of joy, emeye was rivetted on Alphonso, anxi- braced first Alphonso, and then Alous for the success of his comhat, mira, drawing lears from every beuntil Almira presented herself, and holder. interested every one in her father's A profound silence prevailing, behalf. The signal for the fight was Alphonso, by the express command r.ow proclaimed by sound of trum- of lhe king, publicly gave his hispet, and the combatants advanced tory, as it had been related to him towards each other with sword in by Ursula, wiih an account of the hand; Alphonso cool and intrepid, manner in which he became posaad Antonio burning with rage, in- Sessed of the sword of state, as a somuch that, wholly under its in- proof of bis illustrious birth, whenfluence, he began the combat with ever occasion should render it nee 80 furious a lunge, that every one cessary to make it appear. Alphonso

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be hapriy.


also informed his royal father of the which he caused Alphonso to be manner in which Álmira and Ri- proclaimed heir to tbe crown. paldo became acquainted, and par- The king soon after died, and was ticularly of the part he had so ge- succeeded by Alphonso in a long nerously taken to procure him an and prosperous reign, full of hapopportunity of setting forth his in- piness and honour. nocence before the king, which he Such are the secret workings of a was fully determined to establish, gracious Providence, and such the before he ventured to disclose the triumphs of the good and the unrelationship he had the happiness to fortunate, who are sure to bursi, bear to so renowned and illustrious sooner or later, from the cloud of a prince.

adversity, covered, like Alphonso, The king instantly dispatched a with glory and renown. Heaven is courier with orders for proclaiming ever just in all its ways, and to be throughout Sardinia the discovery virtuous is the way ultimately to of the heir to the throne, and proceeded with all possible expedition on his return to his palace, where the good old king introduced his son and the lovely Almira to his people, who received the long-lost prince and his beautiful daughter

A NIGHT WALK with every demonstration of joy. The next day a public festival was

IN JULY. provided by the king, at which Alphonso and Almira appeared, at

By 7. M. L. tired in the richest dresses that could ke procured. Alphonso, being of a

The bal

hay around was thrown, stature above the middle size, made Far from the town, and quite alone,

And eve,' approaching, whisper'd peaces a most majestic appearance, espe- I gave my senses soft release.' cially as he was handsomely formed,

Author's Manuscript Poems. and of a countenance the most open and expressive that could possibly be FOR a few days I had breathed imagined. As to Almira, her dress the pure air of the sea-coast, from threw a lustre on her charms that which my present residence was captivated and enslaved, nor were about two miles distant: my alher manners less endearing and en- most constant walk was to the shore, gaging. The banquet was celebrated for the way thither lay over a most in a manner suitable to the occasion charming succession of corn and on which it was given. Happiness grass fields. It was more my walk sal on every face, and each moment at evening than at brought some new pleasure to in

• The morning-hour of life and love :' spire and exhilarate the soul.

After dinner, the king, agreeably Then I generally sought a shady reto the wish of Alphonso, caused cess near a little rivulet, that wound Almira to give her hand to Rinaldo its silent way to the all-devouring

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