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ancient seraglio, from whence his cousin

Hamburgb, yune 19. The events of Mustapha, a son of Abdul Hamed, was rhe 4th and sih, on the banks of the brought out and proclaimed emperor. Passarge, have decided the opening of He is a very spirited young man, about the campaign in East Prussia. The 28 years of age.

emperor Napoleon, who, on the first When he came to the mosque of account of the attacks of the Russians, Achmet, he was saluted by loud accla. proceeded from Finkenstein to Salfeld, marions from the Janizarics. Mustapha arrived there on the 7th, and passed IV. the new emperor has given ine the night in the midst of marshal Ney's exultan Selim assurances of his care corps. On the 8th a slight action took and protection.

place. Seme prisoners were made, and The Kaimakan and the first Drago. it was learned from them thar the Ruse man are both reinstated in their offices: sians were in force near Gurrstadt. On Aled Effendi, , the late ambassador at the oth the passage of the Passarge was Paris, is appointed to succeed the pre forced prar Deppen. On ihac and the sent Reis Effendi, who is with the army, following day the French troops were Naples, June 9. The pricce of Hesse

constantly engaged with the Russians, Philipsthal, attended by about fifty who were driven back from position to horse men and some servants, escaped, position, and on the morning of the sith and arrived at Reggio, after siding about the French, it is said, took possession of sixty Italian miles. He complained of Gurtstadt, Heilsberg, &c. At the same the fatigues he had sus aided, and em. time the French and Bavarian troops on barked with all speed for Italy. Scarce. the Narew advanced forward, and thus ly had he set sail

, when the French all is now in mution along the whole general Abbe arrived at Reggio.

line. Vienna, June 13. The Grand Vizier's Berlin, June 19. The following head-quarters are still at Adrianople. has been published here by authority: The news in the public papers, relative “ The Freoch army on the 14th of to bariles between the Turks and Rus. June celebrated the barile of Marengo sians, are not onfirmed. On the 201h in a manner worthy the occasion. The of May, general Michelson advanced battle of Friedland will be as renowned his head quarters from Bucharest to in history as that of Marengo. The Ebe Danute. 'The Serviun insurgents Russian army, anticipated in its movehave taken Negotyn, and advance with ments, pierced in its centre, and cut off haty strides against WidelinThe from its magazines, was completely deTurkish Ayan of Phillippoli and Ruds. 'feared. Eighty pieces of cannon taken, chuck are still at variance; the former from 25 to 30,00o Russians taken pri. have nearly cut tooo of the partizani soners, killed, or drowned in the of the latter in pieces.

Alle, are the consequence of this remark. Prussian Eylau, June 13: The grand able battle. Thirty Russian' generals army has begun its march from Heilsberg were killed, taken, or severely woundto Eylau, and from Eylau en the two ed. The bodies of several Russian roads from Wittenberg and Bartenstein generals remained on the field of battle." to Konigsberg. At this moment the Berlin, June 23. We have learned Russian army is surrounded. Their no further particulars of the memorable line of operation is occupied by the day of the 14th; but general Clicke has French. The magazines and hospitals 'received fresh dispatches from Weblau, are taken. They have suffered near of the 16th, at seven in the evening. Heilsberg 'so considerably, that, in the They mention that marshal Soult entersmall town of Friedland alone, ten Rus- ed Konigsberg that morning, where he sian generals, and from two to three found large magazines, a number of thousaod men, were found dangerously wounded Russians, and between 100 wounded. Though there is as yet no and 150,000 stand of English arms. official account of the French havirg The Freoch troops had also passed entered Konigsberg, there is no doubt the Pregel, while the enemy evacuared they have taken possession of it. Wehlau without firing a 'musket. The


Russians seem to be retiring to Tilsit. to 80 pieces of canson; from 30. 10 The emperor is in goud health. 35,000 men, killed, wounded, and pri. A leiter of good authority, from

Among the enemy's generals Thorn, mencions that the Russians on killed are Pahlen and Marcoft. the rich atracked marshal Massena, in Tilsis, Jure 25.

The conference his position at Praiairz, with a much between the two emperors of Russia superior force; but that the marshal and France took place yesterday, at one, ariacked them in rurn on the 12th with o'clock in the afternoon, on a raft in the his whole corps, defeated them, and of Niemen, on which general Lavebnis. course carried the Russian works nearriere, commander of the artillery of the Ostrulenka sword in hand, and made guard, had caused one pavilion to be 5000 prisoners.

erected for their imperial majesties, and From Silesia we learn that the im. another for their attend-nis. His ma. portant fortress of Cosed has capirulated. jesty the emperor Nipoleon, attended

Berlin, June 24. An armistice was by the grand duke of Berg, prince of concluded on the 22d between Russia Neufchatel, marshal Bessieres, marshal and France. One of the articles men of the palace Duroc, and Caulaincourt, cions, chat hostilities shall not commence master of the horse, proceeded to the till a month after notice shall have been banks of the Niemen, and went on given.

board the vessel which was to take him The French and Prussian armies are to the raft. At the same time the em. to conclude a separate armistice within peror Alexander, with the grand duke the interval of the five days following. Constantine, general Bennigsen, general

His majesty the emperor of the. Ouwaroff, prince Labanoff, and his first French and his majesty the emperor of adjutant.general, count Lieben, put off Russia are immediately to nominate from the opposite banks. plenipotentiaries, to negociate the great The iwo vessels reached the raft ac work of peace : an exchange of pri- the same time; the two emperors emsoners will take place immediately. braced each other on leaving the vessels,

Hague, June 25. We have received and entered the pavilion prepared for through various channels the intelli. them. Their conicreace lasted about gence of an important victory obtained two hours, and when it was closed the by the grand army over the Russians, attendants of the two emperors were at Friedland, on the 14th instant, the admitted The emperor Alexander anniversary of the famous battle of paid many 'a handsome compliment Marengo.

to the French officers who artended On the 14th instant, the emperor Napoleon, and the latter conversed for a of the French made a general attack considerable time with the grand duke upon the Russian army, in a manner Constantine, and with general Bennig. peculiar to himself, and wbich has so sen; both en perois recurned afterwards often decided the fate of former bariles. to their vessels. He outfianked the enemy, who, in spite June 26. Last night, immedi. of the most obstinate resistance, was de. ately after the conference was over, feated and put to flight.

prince Labanoff arrived in the French In a small space, ien Russian generals head.quarters. A conveorion was con. were found killed and wounded, in the ciudess, that one balf of the town of midst of 3000 of their soldiers in the Tilsit should be considered as neutral. same situation.

H's majesty the emperor Alexander, his The French pursue the enemy, who retinue and guards, are to take up quar, are compelled to leave a great number ters in the neutral part of the town. of killed and wounded behind them. The emperor of Russia intends, we

According to the accounts received, understand, to dine this day with the we may assert it as a fact, that Konigs. French.emperor, and it is supposed the berg is in the hands of the French. king of Prussia will be of the party.

The whole loss of the enemy amounts

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London, June 30.

with gold. This equipage was drawą YESTERDAY the return of sir by four milk-white horses, richly capaFrancas Burdett for the city of West- risoned, and decorated with purple minster was celebrated. The procession ribbons. of the different parishes to Covent. The dinner at the Crown and garden, and of the whole body from Anchor was very numerously attended. thence to the house of the baronet, July 2. Yesterday, just as his ma. went by a circuitous route, then re- jesty's carriage arrived at the Queen's turning with him to Covent-garden, palace, a woman decently dressed arand from thence to the Crown and tempted to force her way into the palace Anchor tavern, in the Strand.

after his majesty. M.Manus, Towns. The procession commenced from Co- end, and Sayers, were in attendance; vent-garden at twelve o'clock, when a they seized her, and she proved to be great number of electors were assembled. the same woman whom Sayers appre.

Sir Francis Burdett ascended the car hended a few weeks since, under simi. • constructed for his reception precisely at lar circumstances. She was extremely

three o!clock. The vehicle was in violent, and said she was sent by the tended as an imitation of the ancient Almighty to see the king, who was a triumphal car, but it was by no means very good sort of man, if they would classically constructed.

It was sure let him alone. She had a petition and mounted on four wheels, superbly orna. a pamphler, which she wanted to give mented. On the more advanced part to the king. The officers took her to was the figure of Britannia, with a the secretary of state's office. Her spear crowned with ihe cap of libery. name is Margery Fletc, and she resides In the centre was a faggot firmly bound, in Star-court, Nightingale-lane, Wapthe emblem of union; and on the pos- ping. terior part of the platform was a pe July 4. Between Thursday night and destal, on which was placed a gorhịc Friday morning the synagogue in chair for the hero of the day. He sat Duke's place, was robbed of all the with his head uncovered, and his infirm charitable donations which had accumulimb tested op a purple cushion, while lated for near a twelvemonth in different the other was sustained 'on a sort of boxes, for the use of she poor-house and imperial footstool, under which the of those indigene Jews who have not monster, Corruption, was seen in an the benefit of the house. The boxes agonising attitude. On different parts were to have been opened in the course of the car were depicted the arms of the of three weeks by "he heads of the synacity of Westminster, and also the in- gogue. Four boxes were broke open, signia of the united kingdom. Orna. and ore carried away. It is imagined, mental draperies of crimson velvet and that on the congregation going away on purple silk were distributed in various Thursday nighr, the thieves remained parts, and the banners embroidered behind concealed, and let themselves out

early in the morning, by means of pick- ' before five o'clock on Monday afterlock' keys, with a large booty,

noon, bis majesty's ship Clyde, come Portsmoutb, July 6. On Saturday last manded by commodore Owen, dropped the foundation was laid on Poredown anchor immediately off the east end of Hill, near the road leading to Borchurst, the town of Gravesend. Guns were of a monumene to the memory of lord fired from Tilbury fort, and the batNelson, by the means of a subscription teries on the Kent side, and the Graves. of the officers, marines, and sailors of the end volunteer artillery fired a royal fixer under his command at the battle salute from field-pieces placed on of Trafalgar. This honourable coken Windmill-hill. Soon afterwards, one of their aitachment to hina and their of the magistrates of the corporation, nation's glory is to combine with its attended by the town.clerk, went on national utility, it being so situated from board the frigate, to make further nautical observations made, as to become arrangements for the reception of the a sea-mark for safely conducting vessels duchess of Brunswick on landing. They into Porrsmouth harbour, to avoid the were received with all possible attention; shoal of St. Helen's. It will be a and it having been determined that the very elevated pillar, although the sub. duchess should not land till the mornscription is a limited one, government ing, by which time, it was supposed having, we understand, freed the stone that the princess of Wales (to whom an of the expeace of the duty, and the express had been sent from Sheerness) farmer holding a lease of the ground on night arrive, nothing further was done which it is to be erected, as well as Mr. during that evening. Thistlethwaite, the lord of the inanor, About half past eight on Tuesday, having offered the grant of it without morning the princess arrived from purchase. The design is classically Blackheath. simple and elegant, by the same artist The mayor and corporation assembled who was architect to the celebrared at the town-hall, and afterwards pro. viila of Mr. A. Goldsmid, at Moredon. ceeded to the landing-place, wliere the

Newry, July 6. A melancholy duel volunteers also paraded. The interview took place in this town a few days ago. between the royal personages on board The officers were seated after dinner, the ship, lasted upwards of two hours. when the subject of tactics, &c. was At length, exactly ac eleven o'clock, che' introduced. Colonel — and captain standard was struck and removed to the differed, we voderstand, about the best barge, in which the princess sae on the mode of manoeuvring a regiment, on left of her mother. Repeated discharges which the colonel insisted that the cape of cannon on all sides took place during rain should instantly fight him. The her approach to the shore, Captain captain laughed, and could not believe Owen had previously rowed ashore, biin serious, unil he swore he should to receive her royal highners. All defight him before leaving the room. scriptions of persons rushed to pav cheir The door was secured-pistols produced respectful attention, and vied with each -10 ground measured – for the room other in the mode of evincing ir. The was so small, that when wheeling round princess first landed, and bowed most tu fire the muzzles of the pistols almost gracefully and courteously to the sure touched and the colonel shot the cap- rounding spectators. Upon the vener. tain in the abdomen, of which he died able duchess being led by captain Owen in an hour afterwards. The poor cap. upon the platform, the mayor and town. tain too bravely gave him satisfaction; clerk advanced towards her, when the but in place of seeking the colonel's town-clerk read the following address: life, fired his pistol into an opposite • We, his majesty's most dutiful corner. The captain has left a wife and and loyal subjects, the mayor, jurars, six children to deplore their prorector. and common councillors of the corpoThe colonel Aed through Donaghadee, ration of Gravesend and Milion, most for Scotland.

humbly beg leave to offer our congratuLondon, July 8. About a quarter lations upon your royal highness's saft

return to the dominions of our beloved and safely delivered, was seized with 23 sovereign.

insatiable appetite for food. Her hus•Called uron, at the sudden, to ex band being incapable of supporting her pre s our feelings, we are litele able to unnatural craving, obtained admission do justice to thein; but they are not the for her into Sl. Bari holomew's hospital, less sincere.

where she remains a present in a most We entreat your royal highness to dreadful situa!ion. She cats incessantly, believe that his majesty has not ony and is supplied with ihree pounds of subjects who more feruently wish a con. beef, a quartern loaf, and proportiontinuance of that happiness, which must, able quantity of drink. On one occasion upon this occasion, be mutually felt by the surgeons ordered her to be kept your royal highness and the excellent without caring one hour, and the conprincess your daughter.'

scquence was,' she raised the most The princess curtsied lowly at the shocking cries until ber craving was eçncluding sentence.

The duchess satisfied. She retains her senses, and was, throughout, sensibly affected, and constantly requests i hose about her to Rorwithstanding her tears and agira- bear with her unnatural behaviour tion, replied in the following impressive until she is cured by inedical assistance, içrins:

or death puts an end to her sufferings. • You will easily believe, sir, that Previous to this singular propensity, the my feelings also are too great, on this Unfortunate woman was known to be a occasion, to express them 28 I cuuld very moderate cater. wih; I hearily thank you all.'

Deal, July 12. In consequence of The effect upon the surrounding be the report in circolation of our expeholders was very considerable, and many dition being stopped at the Sound, it is of them also shed tears. She then pro- rumoured here that a squadror. consisting ceeded to ber carriage, in which the of eight or ten sail of he line will be princess was ready to receive her: and sent out immediately to force their a copy of the address having been de. passage to the Baltic. It does not seem livered to her, the whole party immedis unlike that there may be some truth in ately drove off for Blackheath.

this rumour, as (wo sail of the line July 9. Yesterday, about twelve arrived in the Downs this morning, o'clock, the princess Charlotte of (the Brunswick and Maida, 74's); three Wales, attended by lady De Clifford, . others have been expected up all the left her house in Warwick-street, in day, and it is thought they will be zugher carriage and four, upon a visit to menied from admiral Russell's squa. her royal mother, and pay her respects dron, off Yarmouth. to the duchess of Brunswick, her grand London, July 14. Yesterday was the mother. In the evening the princess day appointed for the first intervie w Charlotte returned to Warwick-house. of the queen, and the principal part

July 1o. Yesterday morning at ten of the royal family with the vixerible o'clock his majesty left Windsor, in his duchess of Brunswick. After breakfast travelling carriage, for Black heath, on a their majestics and the princesses left visit to his royal sister the duchess of Windsor for London, and arrived at the Brunswick, and princess of Wales. Queen's palace about twelve o'clock. His majesty arrived at the princess's The duke and duchess of York, the house about one o'clock. On his majesty's dukes of Kelt and Cambridge, came plighting from his carriage, he was re soon after. At about a quarter past ceived by the duchess and princess: the one o'clock, the duchess of Brunswick eties of the meeting can be better con and the princess of Wales arrived froia ceived than described after a separation Black heath in an open landau; they of such a number of years. His majesty came by the way of great Geurge-streei, pastook of an carly dinner, and set of Westminster, and through the Bird. pn his return to Windsor at five o'clock. cage walk, in St. James's Park, where

July 12. A few weeks since the wife the royal family oply can ride. fa labourer, after being brought to bed being generally known that the meeting

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