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o'clock yesterday morning at the Lam- miles and an half an hour, they must bech Water-works, which raged with complete the distance of 130 miles in great fury for four bours. In spite of that time. It takes place at Newevery exertion, a part of these valuable market on the 12th October next, for works was entirely consumed. This 500 guineas a side, and although Wood calamity will occasion serious inconve- gives captain Barclay tyventy mies, he dience to a great part of the borough of is still the favourite from his astoniskSouthwark, Lambech, and other places ing speed, having lately gone, with apthat were supplied with water from parent ease, forty miles in four hours these works. The mischief done and fifty-seven minutes ! amounts to three thousand pounds.

Aug. 8. American papers are ceived to the 12th ult. They are filled with the proceedings of different meet. ings upon the subject of the affair be. tween the Leopard and Chesapeak, and are of the highest importance.

BIRTHS. The president has issued a proclama. tion, in which he delares thac it had been previously ascertained that the

July 25.

At Belle Vue, Isle of seamen demanded were native citizens Wight, the lady of G. Ward, esq. of the United States. He therefore re daughter. quires all armed vessels bearing com 28. At Beaumont Lodge, Old Windinissions under the government of Great sor, viscountess Ashbrook, of a daughter. Bricain to depart immediately from The lady of E. L. Austin, esq. of the harbours of the United States, in. Wilmington, Kent, of a daughter, who terdicting the entrance of all the said survived but a few hours. harbours to the said armed vessels; and 29. Ac Exmouth, Devon, the lady in case such vessels shall refuse to de- of Cheselden Henson, esq. of a daughpart, or shall hereafter enter the har. bours, for bidding all intercourse with At Melbourne House, lady C, Lambe them, and prohibiting all supplies from of a son. being furnished them.

30. At Harrow, the lady of lieute. Of this proclamation, the opinion of nant-colonel Wade, of the góth rifle rethe democratic party is, that it is too giment, of a daughter. moderate of the federalists, that it is At his house, Woodcore-place, Epe sufficiently firm.

som, Surry, the lady of George Smith, The American government have or. esq. of a dwughter. dered 100,000 of the militia to be call. August 6. In Hanover-square, of a ed out, the ports to be fortified, gun. son, the right hon. lady Le Despencer. boats to be fitted out and all midship

12. Ai lord Yarborough's villa, at men have been directed to repair to Chelsea, the lady of the hon. Charles Washington

A. Pelham, of a daughter. Aug. 12. The extraordinary match Ac Cam's Hall, Hanis, Mrs. Deline, between Captain Barclay and the cele of a son. brated Wood, of Lancashire, which has long agitated the sporting circles, was

MARRIAGES. finally settled ar Brighton during the laie races, which, from its extraor.

Faly 25;

At Stoke church, in the dinary nature, caused betting to pirish of Soke Damerel, in the county immense amount. The parties are to

of Devon, Charles Hazwell Towaley, undergo the prodigious faigue of going esq. of the royal navy, to miss Gleon fooi for four and rwenty successive gram, of Plymouth-dock, in the saine hours : an exertion hitherto unknown parish. in the annals of pedestrian feats; and it 30: At St. George's church, Liverit is supposed i hat, at the rate of five pool, by che rev. Jonathan Brooks, John



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French, esq. of Lawnsdown, in the Herefordshire, to miss Williams, of Veie Queen's County, youngest brotker to leanewith, in the county of Brecon. lord Ashtown, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Dr. James Currie, of Liver.

DEATHS. pool. August 1,

At St, Dunstan's, Step July 25. After a short illness, at ney, Henry Rooke, esg. of Withering, Clayton, near Manchester, Mrs. Nesh, ton, Wiltshire, to miss Nettleford, of wife of Mr. Sebastian Nash. Stepney Green.

30. In the s8th year of his age, Mr.' 4. At Kensington, sir James Innes Joseph De Boffe, of Gerard-street, soKer, bart. to miss Harriet Charlewood, ho; many years an eminent importer second daughter of the late. Benja- of foreign books. min Charlewood, esq. of Windlesham, 31. At Denham, in the 13thf yest Surry.

of his age, Frederick, youngest son of 6. By special licence, at Addis John Drummond, esq. Charing-cross. combe, the hon. James Walter Grim.

August 1.

At his aparıments, Tot. ston, only son of the viscount Grim. tenham-court-road, in the 76th year ston, to lady Charlotte Jenkinson, daugh. of his age, Mr. John Walker, author of ter of the earl of Liverpool. Imme. the Pronouncing Dictionary of the Engdiately after the ceremony, the newly- lish Language, and of several other married pair set off for Gorambury, the works. seat of lord Grimston, Hertfordshire.

3. At his house, in King-street, Ro. At Halstead, in Essex, T. R. An- therhithe, Mr. John Scarth, stockdrews, esq. of Great Portland-street, broker. London, to miss Scarlet, daughter of 4. At her house in York-street, the the late James Scarlet, esq. of the fore right hon. Sarah baroness Water.park, mer place.

relict of the late right hon. sir Henry Ai the parish church of St. Andrew; Cavendish, bart. Her ladyship is suc. Holborn, John Hopkins Foster, of ceeded in her titles by her eldest son, sir North Curry, near Taunton, Somerset, Richard Cavendish. esq. to miss Susanna Millet, eldest

8. Miss Smith, only daughter of the daughter of Mr. Charles Millet, of rev. John Smith, of Lopham, in Northe Terrace, Gray's Inn-lave, attor- folk.

of a decline, in the 27th year of her 11. At Woodford, by the rev. J.P.

age, miss Mary Taylor, eldest daughter Mosley, sir James Whalley Smythe of Mr. Taylor, surgeon, Bridge-streer. Gardiner, bart. of Roche Court Hants, to miss Frances Mosley, second daugh.. of Durham.

At Mongewell, the lady of the bishop ter of the late Oswald Mosley, esq. of At her house in Welbeck-street, Polesworth castle, Cheshire, and sister Mrs. G. Michel, wife of Charles Wil. of Sir Oswald Mosley, bart. At St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Charles the county of Hants.

liam Michel, esq. of Notherwood, ia Lush, esq. one of his majesty's deputy

Ar an advanced age, Thomas Watlieutenanis for the Tower Hamlets, lo

son, esq. of Stapleford Abbots, Essex, Mary, the second daughter of Mr. Amos,

In Southampton-row, Bloomsbury, of Hoxton-square.

mișs Mary Saver. 13. At 'Mary-le-bonne church, by the rev. Edward Fawcett, A. M. J. Mau. for the benefit of his health, captain

13. At Cheltenham, where he went ghan, esq. of the honourable East India Thomas Holmes Tidy, of the royal Company's marine, to miss Hay of Port

navy. land-place,

As Hackney, Daniel Fisher, D.D. James M. Boyle, esq. of Tullyvin,

Mrs. Richardson, wife of Mr. Ric 'county of Cavan, to miss Mary Daw. chardson, of Lincoln-in o-fields. son, daughter of Ralph Dawson, esą.

At Glouces:er Lodge, Bromp. Cootehill, north of lieland. Ad Glasbury church, Radnorshire, duchess of Gloucester.

ton, aged 72, her royal bighness the John Eckley, esq. of Creden-hill,

ney at law.



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THIS NUMBER CONTAINS, 1 The Mysterious Admonition, 455 13 Letter to Mr. John Webb, 492 2 Observations on the Persons and 14 Description of the Sound, Ísland Dress of the English, 458

of Zealand, &c.

493 3 A Visit on a Summer's Evening, 15 Anecdote of Boisrobert, 495


16 Anecdotes of Arria, 496 4 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters 17 POETICAL Essays_The Marie from real Lite,

ner's Dream — Song, by Dr. 5 Solitary Walks in a Country Walcot-To Julia, by the same Church-yard,

473 -Stanzas addressed to the young 6 The Harvest Evening, 475 Roscius-To Caterina, by W. 7 London Fashions,

M.T. --Sonnet, by the same 8 The Sword. -A Fragment, 476 Address to Twilight-Song9 A Night Walk in September, 478

Mad Song,

497-500 10 Sketches from Nature, 481 18 Foreign News,

501 11 Sympathy.-A Fragment, 488 19 Home News,

504 12 A Morning Walk in Autumn, 20 Births,

507 489 21 Marriages Deaths, 508


This Number is embellished with the following Copper-plates.

2 London Fashionable Rustic WALKING and Half Dress.
3 New and elegant DRAWING for Card Racks.
4 New and elegant PATTERN for a SLEEVE.

LONDON: Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Row;

Where Favours from Correspondents continue to be received.


THE continuation of the Elville Family Secrets in our next.

M. Spencer will excuse our giving another title to her piece: we kave not room for more Walks.-C. T, will likewise notice this observation.

The contributions of F. T. Pinner, are received, and intended for insertion.


We are much obliged to W.M.T. for his further communications, which shall certainly appear; and very sorry it should be necessary to give the following list of Errata pointed out by hin in his Temple of Health, inserted in the number for July :

Stanza 7 line 2 for lovelier read livelier

black lack
8 till

g after alas ! dele to
17: 7 for uake read work


the rustic this rustic 9 vanish'd evanish'd 37

see'st to this to thee


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ABOUT the middle of the was consigned to the tomb of his twelfth century, when the great forefathers, his son Henriquez suclords of most of the countries of ceeded to his ample possessions Europe exercised an unlimited and authority, and, for some time, power over their vassals, and were appeared to tread carefully in his nearly independent of their sove- steps, and to conciliate the esteem reign, Rodriguez, count of Ve- of all around him by the strict jusnasque, possessed large domains, tice he dispensed, and the goodand a strong castle, at the foot of ness of disposition he evinced on the Pyrenees. He was a generous various occasions. The daughter and benevolent chief, and all who of a neighbouring great lord, the * lived under his authority revered Baron de Morillo, had attracted hiin for the mildness with which his attention, and appeared to have he exercised it, and the readiness made an impression on his heart. with which he heard their com- A matrimonial union between them plaints; and, if in his power, re was spoken of; but some disputes dressed their grievances, when arising between the baron and inade known to him. He had Henriquez, relative to a certain been careful to educate his son, tract of land clainned by each, Henriquez, in the same principles, caused it to be deferred till they and instil into him an early love of should be adjusted. virtue; and his lessons and ex Estella, the daughter of the Baample appeared to have the best · ron de Morillo, was beauteous us effect on the heir to his wealth and an angel, and mild and gentle in power.

her manners.

While in her comWhen Rodriguez, to the great pany, Henriquez felt the full force regret of his affectionate subjects, of beauty and goodness, and loved

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