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spoken to by a British line of battle mined upon Bienni' Ayres. The army ship, that boarded a schooner belanging landed 20 miles on ilus side Buercas to.Berwick that was in company.with Ayres ;, they hari seven miles to nearch the Active ; and the captain of the across swamps and marshy groind, in schooner informed captain Wilson, that which some aminunition and promo15 he had been told by the oficers of the were lost. The arny wa; divided into man of war, that they were to proi three columns, two of wiich iete super coed into Christiansand next morning's cessiul in getting porsion of part of to cut out a Danish 74 gun ship that tas the town, but the third was unsuccesso lying there.--About four weeks ago, he ful. The following je fer was this was at St. Petersburgh: says, that two morning sent to the Lord Mayos:-days before he left town, a Russian general shat had been bribed by Bonaparie

Downing Street, Sept. 1?. had thrown himself over a bridge and

• Lord Castlereagh has the honour of was downed; and it was reported that acquainting the Lord Mayor, thai disa general Bennigsen had gone to Eng- patches have been received this mora, land.

ing from lieut.-genera! Whitelocks, Cork; Sept. 10. An accident of a

dated the 10th of July, by. wliich it apsingular nature took place about a week. pears, that in an attack upon the town ago, between the city and the Cove of of Buenos Ayres, his majesty's troops Cork. As Mr. Jeremiah Alurphy, a experienced so much resistance from the merchant of that city, was driving in a

tuunutmous forde of the enemy, that, post-chaise, together with a lady and at:

after gaining possession of part of the child, near the small village catted Pas town with severe loss, on the 5th of sare, the horses suddenly took fright,

July, the lieut-general thought it prus and ran towards the cliff near Giant's

dent to enter into a negotiation with Stairs. The post-boy saved himself by

general Liniers, who commanded the throwing himself suddenly on the enemy's forces, by which he agreed to ground. At that instant the borses and evacuate South America within tuo the chaise, together with the company

months, upon condition that all prison-: in il, were precipitated to a depth of at

ers taken in the attack, as well as those least 200 feet perpendicular, to the bed

capiured at the surrender of Buenos of the river. 'It' happened to be low

Ayres, should be restored. The total water, and the corriage, by striking in less amounts in killed 316--wounded its fall against the mast of a small vessel,

674-missing 208. which was then aground close in shore, To the right hon. the Lord was dashed to pieces. It is most sur

Mayor.' prising to relate, that after this severe shock the lady and gentleman escaped the Carrier cutter, arrived last night at

Sept. 13. Lieutenant Ramsay, of with only a slight personal injury, and the Admiralty with dispatches from adthe child entirely unhurt. London, Sept. 12. Colonel Bourke of the island of Heligoland, without any

miral Russel, announcing the capture and captain Prevost arrived at Portsmonth yesterday evening in the Saracen resistance. The following letter from

an officer on that service has beco Tegin-brig, with dispatches from admiral

ceived :Murray and general Whitelocke They immediately set off for London, and are

Heligoland Roads, Sept. 6. rived early this morning.. Sir Samuel « We sailed from Yarmouth some Auchmuty and general Craufurd are dars ago, with sealed orders, which also arrived in the Saracen.

were to take this place, which was done The dispatches are of a very melan- last night by adiniral Russel. There choly nature, we have not only failed was a garrison of fifty Danish soldiers, in an attack upon Buenos Ayres, but who surrendered without firing a gun. have abandoned the river Plate by ca It is a famous blockade for the Elbe ; piwulation. --Soon after the arrival of a capital shelter for our ships in rough general Crazifurd, an attack was deter- weather; and a good lighi-houses and

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is a complete, rock, with about 2000 when his majesty's fleet and army were. inhabitants on it, chiefly fisherinen. A put in possession of the fleet and arse vessel is under weigh for England with nals of Denmark, and of the city of the dispatches.

Copenhagen.' Sept. 16. Between seven and eight The Park and Tower gung were fired this morning, colonel Cathcart arrived at eleven o'clock, and the fags were at bord Castlereagh's, and captain Col- displayed upon the different churches, lyet, of the Surveillante, at the Admiral Sept. 18. Suicide.--A very gentcelty, with the welcome dispatches from dressed elderly man called a coach off the admiral Gambier and lord Cathcart. stand at the bottom of Oxford-street, at Messengers were instantly dispatched to eleven o'clock on Wednesday night, and his majesty, to the prince of Wales, to ordered the coachman to drive to a subScotland, and to Ireland. They were scription house in St. James's-street. The charted in all the different towns in coachman had not proceeded far when their route to communicate the news in he heard the report of a pistol, and, on the following short bulletin :

alighting and opening the coach-door,

he beheld the gentleman a corpse, the Copenhagen has surrendered.

ball having entered the head under the • The Danish fleet has surrendered, left temple. The deceased, who was and is placed at his majesty's disposal. taken to a public-house in Oxford-street, It consists of eighteen sail of the line, was not owned yesterday. He is a very fifteen frigates, and forty other l'essels of tall xuan, and appears to be about sixts. different sizes. It surrendered after a bombardment of three days. Our army suffered comparatively very little loss.' The following letters were sent to the

BIRTIS. Lord Mayor :

St. James's Square, Ang. 22. At IIaughley-park, Sufe

Wednesday Morning: folk, the lady of general Jerninghamn, • Lord Castlereagh has the honour to of a son. acquaint the Lord Mayor, that dis

The right hon. lady Grantham, of patches have been received from lord son and heir. Cathcart, dated from the citadel of Co At Highwood-lill, the lady of Wit. penhagen, on the 8th instant. After a

liam Anderson, esą. of Russel-square, serere bombardment of three nights, a

of a son. capitulation was agreed to, by which

At his house, in Baker-stret, the Danish fleet, incluling vessels of all Portman-square, the lady of the bon. descriptions, were surrendered, together lieut.-colone! Plunkett, of the Calde with all naval stores, and his majesty's stream guards, of a daughter. troops pụt in possession of the citadel Lady Caroline Lambe, wife of the and dock-yard. There were 18 sail of hon. Mr. Lambe, eldesi son of lord the line, exclusive of 3 on the stocks, siscount Melbourne, of a son and beii, 15 frigates, 7 sloops, and 37 mortar and at his lordship’s house, Whitchall. run-boats, found in the port and arse

Sept. 2. At the house of lord vishal.-Tho particulars of this important the lion Mrs. Cotton, of a son.

count Deerhurst, in Devonshire-place, service will appear, with the least possible delay, in an extraordinary Ca

3. Ai Garnong, Herefordshire, the zeite.'

lady of sir John Geers Cottcrcli, bast.

(M.P. for the said county) was safely * Admiralty Office, Sept. 16. delivered of a daughter. • Lord Mulgrave has the honour to 7. At Sulbrook-park, Petersham, acquaint the Lord Mayor, that captain lady Mary Stopford, of a daughter. Coliver, of his majesty's ship Surveil. i. At Basham-hall. in the county




Aug. 26. In the fifty-ninth rear of Aug 22. At Mary-la-bon church, her age, Mrs. Leonora Thoinas, the lady Wm. Varsden, esq. to miss Wilkins, of John Thomas, esq. of Great Backlow', daughter of Charles Wilkins, esq. of one of his majesty's deputy lieutenants, Wimpole-street.

and a magistrate for the county of Essex. At Witney, by the Rev. William 28. When on a visit at Sydenham, in Collins, Thomas Bird, esq.of Salisbury- Kent, John Jones, csq. of Frankly, near street, Strand, to miss Ann Wright, Brailford, Wilts, many years in the comdaughter of John Wright, esq. deceased, missions of the peace for that county and of Middle Field, Oson.

Somersetshire. At St. Mary's, Newington, Surry, T. Sep. 6. At Bath, George Augustus P. Aspernc, son of Mr. Asperne, book- Lumley Saunderson, earlof Scarborough. seller, of Cornhill, to miss Ann King of His lordship was in his 54th year, and is Walworths.

succeederl in his titles and estates by his 25. At Mary-la-bon church, major- next brother, Richard Lumley. general Murray, brother to sir James I. Charlotte-street, Portland-place, Pulteney, to the Hon. miss Phipps, earl Deloraine, in the 71st year of his daughter of the late lord Mulgrave. age. His lordship having no male heir,

At-Tenby, in South Wales, Henry the title becomes extinct. Barues, juu. csq. to miss M. Richards, 14. At his seat at Rainham, the most daughter of Solomon Richards, esq. of noble George Marquis Townshend, Salsborough, \Vexford, Ireland. field-marshal in the army, colonel of

29. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, B. the 2d regiment of dragoon guards, lord Holme, miss Ann Simpson, lieutenant of Norfolk, governor of Jeryoungest daughter of the late Sainuel sey, in his 84th year. His lordship was Siinpsoin, esq. of Lancaster.

a Godson of his majesty George I. and At St. Lawrence Jewry church, Mr. served under George II. in the battle of Thomas Iebsun, of London, to miss Deuringen; he served also in the baules Sarah Brumfield, of Addington, Surrey. of Fontenoy, Culloden, and Lafeldt;

At Ripon, Mr. John Clark, to miss also at the memorable siege of Quebec, Mary Milner, both of Bishop Thurn- which town fell into his hands as com

mander-in-chief, after the death of the Sep. 2. At St. George's, Hanover- immortal Wolle; his lordship was also square, George Mathias, esq. of St. at the battle of Fellinghauson, and James's-place, to miss Dennison, of served a campaign in Portugal, idet. Curzon-street.

count La Lippe ; his lordship served At Pile, near Colnbrook, Nathaniel the offices of lieutenant-general and Castleton Maw, esg. of the India Com- master-general of the ordnance; and pany's Service, to Mrs. Bland, widow of filled the station of viceroy of Ireland for the late colonel Bland, chief engineer at Boinbay.

16. At Chichester, Mrs. Lane, wie Capt. Barnett, assistant quarter-mas- of Wm. Lane, esq. of the Minervater-general at Canterbury, to iniss Mo- office, Leadenhall-street. --- This lady, nins, eldest daughter of the late John who, to an excellent education, added a Monins,

esq. of the archbishop's palace. well-informed and polished inind, has At Lambeth Church, Charles Boyde, been, for several years, a promoter of eq. of the Custoin-house, to miss Hyde, literature. In manners she ingratiated only daughter of Cbarles Hyule, esq: herself with a circle of nuinerons acsurgeon, of Moor-place, in the same quaintance. Among her friends, her parish.

social disposition and hispitality were 8., At Bishopsgate-church, James proverbial

. Her family and servants Webbe 'Tobin, esą. 10 miss Jane Mul- loved her with a sincere affection, and jest, daughter of Thomas Mullett, esq: she has left a disconsolate husband te of Broad-bucet buildings.

mourn his irreparable imes.

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five years.









THIS NUMBER CONTAINS, . 1 Botanv for Ladies,

511 15 Anecdote of the late Queen of 2


550 3 Anecdote of the late Duke d'En 16 Account of the Carillons; or, ghien,


Chimes in Holland, 551 4 Character of the Spaniards and 17 POETICAL ESSAYS---The Muse Portuguese,

516 -Stanzas addressed to a Lady 5 Harriet Vernon ; or, Characters who wished her Son had a Ge froin real Life,

517 nius for Poetry-Sonnèt from 6 A Night Walk in October, 525 the Italian of Bennedeto Guidi 7 Sketches from Nature, 529 -Sonnet inscribed to H.C.-: 8 Observations on the Persons and On Marriage--Song from Peter

Dress of the English, 5.35 Pindar's Tale of the Hoy, 9 Observations on English Actors,

552-556 18 Foreign News,

557 10 London Fashions, 541 19 Home News,

500 11 Parisian Fashions, 542 20 Births,

503 12 A Critique,

543 21 Marriages--Deaths, 564 13 Another Misery of Human Life, 22 Account of the late Accident at

Sadler's Wells,

14 Fatal Consequences of dissipated



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-plates.
V/1 Botany, Plate XVI.
2 London Fashionable WALKING and AFTERNOON Dresses,
4 New and elegant Pattern for the FRONT of à Dress.


Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Row;

Where Farours from Correspondents continue to be received.


MR. Webb's Walk V. in a Country Church-Yard, shall certainly appear in our next.

We shall be glad to hear again from our Correspondent B.S. of Pentonville.

S. Y's poetical contributions are not forgotten.
We are obliged to R. T. for his Hints; they shall be attended' to.
Lines on Discontent-on leaving Matlock, &c. are received.

* Our Readers will perceive that we have subjoined to this Number four additional pages, containing a full account of the late calamitous accident at SADLER'S WELLS, collected form the most authentic inforınation.

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