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gallant sheets flying and close under the wedding day was agreed on. He had Iand the most part of the day. I plainly been with his intended bride the night saw the ships in the Downs; also a brig preceding the day appointed for the of war riding open of the Queen's Chan- marriage ceremony; the hour was fixed, nel; but no notice whatever was taken and every preparation was made for the of our signals in a great pity indeed, for event, The intended bride repaired to if either of them had, the merchantmen St. Martin's church with her friends might have been retaken, and very like. at the hour appointed, and after wait. ly che privateer brought into an English ing for the intended bridegroom imit port. Out of about 70 sail only 26 the time approached when the ceremony came in; those which were not captured could not be performed, the lady with must have gone back toʻYarmouth her friends vepaired to the house of her Roads.

lover, and she was informed that he (Signed) "Wm. Garland.' had not been seen that day. On going Liverpool, Dec. 3!: The Hillsbo. into his apartment, the wretched maa rough, captain Lundy, is arrived here was discovered, with his throat cur, so from Nevis. Sbe sailed from Tortola as to sever the windpipe, quite dead. on the 19th November, with a fleet, An inquisition has been taken on the under convoy of his majesty's ships body before A. Gell, esq. and the jury Merlin and La Seinne, and parted from returned a verdict of Lunacy. It has them the 22d.

not been ascertained what was the cause Dessalines the emperor of Hayri is of the faral deed. dead. He was killed in a general in. Plymoub, Jan. 7. The captain and surrection. Christophe is his successor, supercargo of the Spanish polacre (taken and has published a proclamation invit- by the Colpoys, the Phænix 44, in sight ing all nations to trade with St. Domin. off Ferrol, some days

since, bound from go.

Monte Video to Old Spain, with a cargo London, Jan. 2. The following com. of sundries, and which arrived here on munication was this day made to the Sunday) have been examined this day merchants :

before the prize commissioners of the Downing-Street, Jan. 1. 1807. court of admiralty at this port, and par. . I have the honour of acquainting ticularly with respect to the reports cir. you for the information of the merchants culated of Buenos Ayres being in our concerned in the trade with America, possession when they left Monte Video, that the treaty of amity, navigation, and and of being recaptured by the Spaniards. commerce, between his inajesty and the The captain and supercargo declared, United States, was yesterday_signed by on being questioned, chat they heard at the commissioners respectively appoint- Monte Video, previous to their sailing cd for that purpose by both governments. on the 17th September, that Buenos The treaty will be immediately trans. Ayres was retaken (but did not know mitted to America; but until the ratifi- in what manner) on the 12th of Au. cations on both sides shall be exchanged, gust last; at least such account had been it cannot be made public.

brought to Monte Video. • I have the honour, &c. . They further state, that sir H. Pop.

Howick. ham was cruising off Monte Video with *Philip Sansom, esq. chairman to three ships, and that this polacre or

the commit:e: of American schooner escaped them in the night, and merchants.

steered direcily for Europe. This is the Jan. 3. A middle aged man of respec. princi; al part of their evidence on the tability, who resided in Orange-streer, above interesting subject, and we hope Leicester-square, put a period to his ex. without any real foundation as to the istence a few days since, under circum- recapture of Buenos Ayres. stances which rendered the act truly ex London, Jan. 8. Yesterday the prin. traordinary. He had for a length of cess Charlotte of Wales comple:ed the time paid his addresses to a female of sth year of her age. In the evening Yery respectable connections, and the she paid her respects to her royal father,

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who congratulated her most cordia!!y and fortified themselves. Whether tils upon the occasion. After leaving Carl. report is true or falie we cannot preto o'ouse, her royal bigliness had a con tend to say, but we understand some cert at Warwick house, to which, hown of the king's ships sailed from the roads ev?, pone but the persons entrusted yesterdy to the northward. with the different branches of her edu. Lindon, Jan. 12. The follosving discation were invited. At night Mr. tressing account of the colony at New Gilbert, the silversmiih, of Cockspui. Sjuh Wales is extracted froin a letrer strcer, and the other tradesmen impios. received from an officer, dated Sullivan's ed by her royal highress, had their Cove, new colony, August 4, 1806:-houses illeminated in honour of the 'The Ocan brings you this.--Our si

fuation is very badt, under inany suffcra The princess of Wales has been for ings: we have had no rations served Beveral days past confined to her chiam- laiely, mor none to serve. We have bor with the measles, at her house at nit a drop of spirits in the colony; and Blackheath; the pustules have filled up, are rery desti: ure of meat, bread, clothand are now on the turn, ller royal ing, farming and building utensils; in highness üt present is in a fair way of face of everything, even to a sheet of It covery.

paper. Toe lieutenant-governor of this Jun. 9. At the Westminsteriessions, colony is reduced to an allowance of two Daniel Turner was indicted, for utrer. pounds of rotten pork and one pour:d ing seditious expressions. Tie delen. of four per week: even at this site we dant, who, it appears, is an arust, resic! have not a sunsciene supply for one ing in Westminster, was taken into menih.' - The captain of the Ocean custody at the Lenon Trei", in the says, that he saw a merchantman going Haymarket Several witnesses proved up the river when he was coming down; that the prisoner came into the parlour, and he hopes she had supplies for the and uttered disloyal expressions, and colony. spoke in high tens of panegyric 0:1 Kirkzea'l, Jan. 17. On Christmas Bonaparte, ard drank succes to his night we were in forinud, by an express,

There did not appear, how. that the cow of a French privatecr, trer, to have been any meaning atrached wecked in Floira, hd furified them. 10 the words of the delenjani, and he s-lves there, and were comimiting de. was acquirted.

predations in the defencele's intiabita Leib, jan. g. This nigh 's north anıs, intending to scize some ressel in mail has brouwit accounts of the cren's St. Margaret's Rope, and m the their of three French privateer having made escape. Tiventy fishing smacks were . landing in Orkney, and the Thurso scuriled in St. Miryaret's Hope in convolunteers were embarking in fishing sequence of the alarm, and the crew's smacks to excel their,

offered to dislodge the Frenchmen if Oiher ierters from Leith of the roth provided with aims and ammunition give a different account; they state that from Kirkwail. A meeting was scarcia ships are mustering in sail in the course ly called in the town-house of Kikwall, of the day for th: Orkneys,' where a to consider the effor, and provide for French ship has been case ashore, the the safe:y of the ton, when we were crew of which had landed their guns informed, by a letter from Stromness, and forrified themselves.

that the whole was without foundation; Earburgh, Jim. 12. It is reported, and it has since been found to have that the same corin which disma red originated in an idle story, trid to the The Alas of Leich, in Orkney, drove a crow of a smack by a boarnan from French ship of 17? on shore, and that Floria. the people who were saved had landed


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A. Harvey, esq. to miss E. Dodd, December 23. At Maxton, near

daughter of R. Dodd, esq. marine Dever, the right hon lady Forbes, of a

painter, Parliament street.

At the Coliegitte church, Manches... At his house in Holles-street. Caven. ter, William Warner, esq. of Urroxeter, dish-square, the lady of John Larking,

to miss Norris, daughter of the bale William Norris, esq.

of Manchester. esq. of Clare-house, Kent, of a daugh.

29. By the rer. John Gilpin, at 39. Ar Tatton pork, Cheshire, the

Bulder church in the New Fores', John lady of Wilbrahain Egerton, esq. of a

Wilson, esą. of the island of St. Chris.. son and heir.

topher, to miss Irwin, eldest daughter At Winchester-huse, Chelsea, the

of the late Jaimes Irwin, esq. of Hajelady of the rev. William Garnier, of a

Ligh-hall, Essex, and one of the East. daughter.

India directors.

January 1. At Southampton, the wife of 31.

At Edinburgh, Thomas capr. Fojte, of :he royal navy, of a

Hodgson, esq. of the hon. East-lodia daughrer.

company's service (Madras establishJanuary 4. Ar Cheltenham, the lady men:), to Isabela, youngest daughter of Charles Shaw Lefevre, esq. M. P. of the late Dr. Alexander Ilamiltou, for Reading, of a still-born child.

physician in Edinburgh 7. At the pass naye-house, Great

3. Ac Morpetli, James Downing, Witchingham, in the county of Norfolk, esq. of Church-hou e, Merton, Surry, the lady of col. che hon. William Firza capt. in the 8īst regiment, to miss Isaa roy, of a sən.

beila Tylor, young st daughter of the 10. The lady of brigadier-general

late James Tyfor, of Whotion, in the the hon. Alexander Hope, of a son.

county of Northumberland. Ai Knowle, in Sussex, the lady of

At Mary-la-bonne church, lieur. lieur, colonel Alexander Beaison, of a

colonel J. Conway, late of the 53d regi.

ment, to miss Elisabeth MI Arthur, only At Hatfied, in Yorkshirc, the daughter of John N 'Arthur, esq. if lady of capr. George Eyre, of the

York-place, Portman-square.

ngry ef a daughter

6. St St. Michaei's church, in the In Upper Grosvenor-streer, the city of Coventry, by the rev. Thoinas lady of George Dering, esq. of a dauch- Cox, rector of Baghern, the rev. Robert

Simsc!), LL.B. vicar of St. Michael's 15. Ac Wonham, Surrv, the hon. and chaplain to the right hon. lord viscountess Templetown, of a soa.

Lardley, to miss Tandy, daughter of D.

Tandy, est, of London.

8. 'At Gisbroughi, by the very rex.

the dean of York, Marmaduke Consta. Dicember 24. At Camberwell

, Mr. ble, esq. to miss Octavia Hale, of the Thomas Payne, of Upper Thames. Plantation, eighth daughter of the lar: street, to Henrietta, seccod daughter of

general Wale, of that place. William Orme, esq. of Dulwich com

14. Anthony Galwey, esq. of Car. 26. At St. Mary Redciff church, beck-street.

rick on Suir, to miss Costelio, of Wulla Bristol, R. S. Wilker, esq. of that city,

19 At Mary-13-bonne church, to Eliza Julia, fifth daughter of lieut. Samuel Oito Baijer, csq of the island colonel Walton, of Cuartield, Glouces. of Antigua, to miss Edwards, eidest tershire, late of the first regiment of life daughter of the late F. B. Edwards, guards.

esg. of Jamaica. At St. Paul's, Corent-garden, the stv. Edmund Watts, of Southampton.

DEATHS. street, to miss Reeve, daughter of ine lare Andrews Reeve, esq. of Reading, December 24. In his 720 year, Mr. Berks.

Thomas Wilkinson, cf Kennington. 27. Ac church, T. APerihshore, in Worcestershire,

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1 Charles Sciwood Marriot, esq. in the George Billinghurst, esq. R. N. (ne31st year of his age.

phew of the late admiral Brodericks) 25. At Chester, Arabella Rawdon, and grandson of the late William Bi:heiress of the late sir John Chessiyre, linghurst, esq. of Myrchien-hall, in the of Hallwood, in Cheshire, and aunt to county of Surry. Before he had arthe earl of Moira.

tained his 16th year he was in the battle, 26. At his house in Craven-street, off Copenhagen, on board the Defiance; Hoxton.square, of an inflammation of where his brave conduct gained him the the brain, John Dutton, esq. clerk of high approbation of his fricod sir T. the northern poris in his majesty's cus. Graves and all his brother officers. He toms.

was interred with every mark of milita27. Ar Brecon, in the 720 year of ry honour and respect in the governor's her age, Mrs. Bold, wife of Hugh Bold chapel, Portsmouth. the elder, esq. and one of the coheiresses January 1. Mr. John Thomas, soli. of the late Jolin Puilips, esq. of Tre- citor, of Fen-court, Fenchurch-street. gare, Breconshire.

At Woodstock, Joseph Brooks, 29. At his seat at Godwood, in Sus. esq. aged 71, many years an alderman sex, his grace the duke of Richinund, in of that borough. the 73d year of his age, being born on the 3. The rev. William Gilbank, rec22d of February, 1734. His grace was tor of St. Ethelburgli, London, and of royal cxtraction, being descended from chaplain to his royal highness the duke Charles Lennox, natural son of king of Gloucester. Charles II. by lady Louisa Renne de 4. At Weymouth, Sarah, wife of Penencourt, a French lady, who came J. Palmer, esq. one of the representato England with the duchess of Orleans, tives in parliament for Bath. the king's sister; and whom his majesty At Mrs. Vassal's, at Clifton, in the not only created duchess of Portsmouth, 29th year of her age, of a rapid decline, countess of Farnham, and baroness of Mrs. Archer, wife of J. G. Archer, esq. Petersfeld, in England, but prevailed of Barbadoes, and daughter of the late on Lewis XIV. to confer on her the John Vassal, esq. of the Crescent, Barh. title of duchess of Aubigny in France Ac Exminster, near Exeter, in the The late duke was the third in succes. 86th year of his age, Henry Sawbridge, sion, and possessed the titles conferred esq. of East Haddon, in the county of on his grandfather in the reign of Northampton. Charles Il. viz, duke of Richmond in 5. In the 45th year of her age, Mrs. England, duke of Aubigny in France, Smith, wife of Mr. Smith, auctiorcer, (confirmed and registered by the par. Windsor, Berks. hainent of Paris), duke of Lennox in At his chambers in Staples inn, Isaac Scotland, earl of March in England, and Reed, esq. eminently distinguished for Darnley in Scotland, baron of Sestring. his extensive knowledge of ancient ton in England, and Turbotten and English authors, and for his judicious Methuen in Soutland: besides which he and learned annutations or Shakespeare. was created by his present majesty a 8. Jane, the wife of Clement Wrin. knight of the garter. He was also a tersley, esq. vice-lieutenant for the field-marshal of Great Britain, and a county of Leicester; she was eldest colonel of the roval regiment of horse daugtter to sir Thomas Parkins, of guards blue. He bure the arms of king Bunny, in the county of Nottingham, Charles 11. ;'and his motto was · En la and sister to the late lord Rancliffe. rose je feurie.'-in the rose i Avurish. 15. At Kuigh:sbridge, Mrs. Neviil, He married April 1,1757, Mary, eidest wife of Richard Nevill, esq. of Furnice, daughter and co-heiress to the late eard in Ireland, aged so years. of Aylesbury.

Of a typhus fever, at her house Lately in a deep decline, in his 215€ in Eltham, Kent, ma daine Grant. Fear, universally and most deserverly 17. Francis Gould, esq. one of the belired and regretted, leur. William proprietors and the manager ci wie Cries Billinghurs', RM. only sonif Opera-house. fue late highly respecies and ifcisky

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1 Biographical Sketch of she Princess, 14 Memoirs of Mr. Pitt,

91 of Wales,

59 "15 Account of the Now Play-7 The 2 On the Conversation of Men of Let. Curfew,'

98 ters,

64 16 POETICAL ESSAY.The Butier3 On Fashion,

64 fly's Ball, and the Grassbopper's 4 Botany for Ladies,


Feast The Haunted Cottage 5 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters from Address to Opulence and Compe. real Life,

1, 65 tenccm-Sonnet.-The Tear. A 6 The Downhill of Life,

69 Winter SceneThe Adieu-lhe 7 Family Anecdotes,

74 Charmer of Leadenhall Street 8 A Night Walk in February, 78 Mary Marton, a Ballad A Sonnet 9 London Fashions, 81

101-104 10 Parisian Fashions, 82 17. Foreign News,

105 11 Opera Dress, 82 L8 Home News,

108 12 On Modern Empirics,

19 Births,

111 13 Extract from the Play of Adrian 20 Marriages,

111 and Orrila,' 84 21 Deaths,


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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates : vi Portrait of her Royal Highness the Princess of WALES. V 2 BOTANY for Ladies. 3 Fashionable Evening and FULL Dress. 4 A new PATTERN for the HEADPIECE of a CAP,

Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Row;

Where Favours from Correspondents continue to be received. **************************

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