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[With an elegant Engraving.) DON Gabriel Alvarez was a Gabriel with all the enthusiasm Castiliau gentleman of high birth of love, which became stronger and unblemished honour. In the and more violent the more frebloom of youth, elegant in his quently he saw and conversed with manners and deportinent, sensible, her. She, likewise, in her turn, brave, and generous, he possessed felt a warm and must sincere afthe most perfect esteem of all his fection for him, but this she careown sex to whom he was in the fully concealed in her breast. The least known, and the tenderest only frailty in her character was, regard of all the other sex who that exulting in her power, and

enjoyed the pleasure of con- rejoicing in the potency of versing with him. Among these charms, she delighted to alarm latter one of superior charms and and perplex her lover, and exerted merit had triumphed over all all her resolution and art to preher rivals, and firmly attached to vent his discovering the real secret herself his heart. Donna Serafina of her sentiments in his favour. Estella, the daughter of a Spanish If at any time her behaviour bad nobleman, distinguished for the been such as to fill him with hope services he had rendered the state, and confidence, she seized every was a young lady of matchless opportunity to repress the emobeauty, of great spirit and vivacity. tions of gratitude in which he was Her charms, at first sight, tired Don disposed

to indulge, by a studied

coolness and indifference, which fondly submitted, Being complunged him again into all his pletely intoxicated with that pasformer doubts and uncertainty. sion which so irresistibly sways the The state of mind to which he was beart; which subdues the mighty, thus reduced was harassing in the and makes fools of the wise. extreme, and frequently excited At length Don Gabriel received in him a resolution to break his a notice from the war-office that the bonds, and never even think of regiinent in which he held a comher more; but at the moment he mission had been ordered to march determined to enforce his resolu- to Cadiz, there to embark immetion, a favouring smile, or some diately for South America, where gracious act, as it appeared, of it was to be stationed for five peculiar kindness, would confirm years. By the same notice he was him in submission to his pleasing ordered to set out for Cadiz, and bondage, and revive all his ecsta- join his regiment within twentytic hopes. In this perpetual round four hours, as otherwise, such was of doubt and vexation, of hope and the expedition necessary to be despair, he had long continued, employed, it would rrobably sail repeatedly forming resolutions, without him. which he never had the power to

This order was like a thundere fulfil.

bolt to Don Gabriel. His beloved The brother of Serafina, Don Serafina-liis hopes and fearsMiguel, observed the conduct of his perplexing uncertainty, rushhis sister with indignation, and ed, as may naturally be imagined, expostulated with her on her be into his mind, and filled him with haviour towards a lover of such the most painful anxiety. He distinguished merit, who was so seened now likely to be comfondly, so romantically, attached pelled to fulfil those resolutions to her. What a wretched triumph which he had so often made, but is it,' would he say to her, “ to be had not been able to carry into able to boast that it has been in effect. He must now consent to your power to convert the strong separate hiinself from Serafina for sense of Don Gabriel into the a long time, and, against his will, most egregious folly. I know try the effect of those (to him) well, that in the indulgence of violent remedies - alweuce and this most idle vanity, of this most distance. contemptible coqnetry, you fre While these thoughts occupied quently give yourself pain in an his mind, and he was considering equal degree to that your strange how to proceed, his friend Don conduct creates in his breast; and Miguel waited on him. To him, also subject yourself to the hazard as inay readily be supposed, he of losing a lover who truly deserves showed the order he had just reto be, and who, I would persuade ceived :- Well,' said Miguel, myself, is actually most dear to when he had looked at it, I you notwithstanding.'

know not but this may be as it Still, however, no satisfactory should be - you will now be comanswer could be obtained from pelled to shake off the chains of Serafina ; she still continued to my coquetting sister-your honour tantalize her lover, and wantonly will now demand this sacrifice. display her power, to which he You must with all speed make


least five years.

the necessary preparations for expressions, especially when comyour departure ; – take a hastybined with the expectation of his adieu of Serafina, and I will ac- immediate departure for so long a company you to Cadiz. We must period, were too much for the set off in a very few hours. I will feelings of Serafina. She could go and prepare for my journey, no longer dissemble, no longer while you wait on my sister, and act a part so contrary to her real apprize her of your intended de- sentiments. She was constrained parture.

to unveil her heart she burst Don Gabriel hastened to Sera, into tears.'-Oh! Don Alvarez !" fina: - At last,' said he, " exclaimed she,' my heart is yours, part, and for a long time ; per-' it has long been yours, even from chance for ever ! I have received the first moment I saw you; I now an order to join my regiment, despise my own dissembling. I and proceed with it to South have been unworthy of you. But America, where it will remain at I cannot part from you without

To part with declaring what I really feel, and you certainly pains my heart in rowing to you eternal tidelity. the most acute manner, notwith Be assured that neither distance standing all that volatility and nor time can produce a change in caprice which have occasioned me my heart : yours I will be, and so many uneasy moments. Could

yours alone. I leave you with the full persua The ecstasy with which Don sion of possessing your affections, Gabriel heard this tender and sinthe distance would vanish ; the cere avowal cannot be described ; time, however anxiously its ter- it can only be imagined by those mination might be wished for, who have similar feelings, and have would be easily supportable. As enjoyed similar happiness_Now,' it is, I have but too much reason exclaimed he, • I can journey, ento fear that this separation will raptured, to the extremity of the prove eternal. I can scarcely world, if my country requires my tatter myself that I have obtained service there. The immeasurable your favourable opinion, much happiness I have this day enjoyed less that great object of my ambi- will recompense me for every hardtion, your affections--your heart. ship I may endure, for every danWhen I am gone, so slight is the ger I may encounter.' hold I have of your regard and At this moinent Don Miguel remembrance, that I must soon entered, wrapped in his cloak, and be forgotten. A crowd of admir- ready to set out in company with ers will succeed me, over whom his friend. Don Gabriel started you will exultingly display your up, and eagerly grasping his hand, power ; tili at length, with the Congratulate me,' said he'my gratification of your own caprice, dearest friend; my felicity is boundyou will condescend to make some less-But let us go where honour lover, less truly affectionate, but calls have received a sacred far more fortunate than myself, vow-Neither time nor distance superlatively happy.

can diminish my happiness.' The ardent manner, the tone Don Miguel, from the frantic joy of voice, the gesture with which of his friend, and perceiving his Don Gabriel gave vent to his sister in tears, presently guessed

what had passed, and turning to I had the honour and happiness Serafina— What,' said lie, your of associating in Ainsterdam, are volatility and coquetry are sub- very amiable, thoroughly welldued at last: they were not proof bred,well educated, speak English, against the fear of a long separa French and Gerinan, and they are tion. Well, you will now enjoy very polite and courteous to stranthe pleasure of an unaffected sin- gers: they are also remarkable for cerity, and as I have every reason their attention to decorum and to believe your repentance sincere, inodesty: The unmarried, withand that you will not relapse into out prudery are highly virtuous; your former folly, I will reuder the and the married present a pattern happiness of both of you still more of conjugal fidelity. They are complete if possible than it is also very fond of dancing, partiYou will not have to suffer the se- cularly of waltzing; and they are paration you feared. The order much attached to English country which has occasioned this happy dances, in which the most graceexplanation is a fiction of mine : ful Parisian belle seldoin appears you, Don Gabriel, are neither re to any advantage. quired to join the regiment, nor is the regiment to go to South America. I had no doubt, my sweet sis- Account of the New Comic Opeter, of the true situation of your

RA called • Two FACES UNDER heart, and was well convinced that

A Hoop,' performed for the first a real fear of losing your lover

time at the Theatre Royal, Covent would soon make you drop all dis

Garden, on Tuesday, Nov. 17. guise. I knew at the same time. The Characters were thus reprethat iny good friend Cabriel was

senteil: totally incapable of dissimulation, and could never deceive you un

Marquis Raimondi, - Mr. Bellamy.

Mr. Jones. less he were first deceived hiinself. Count Ignacio,

Don Sebastian, Mr. Incledon. I therefore practised this innocent


Mr. Farler. imposition on you both, which has


Mr. Fawcett. had all the success I could have Governor,

Mr. Thompson expected from it. You now fully Jeronimo,

Mr. Simmons. know the hearts of each other, and · Frederico,

Mr. Taylor. if you are wise you may be hap- Hector,

Mr. Liston.

Mr. King.
Serafina after this, never more

Lady Abbes.,-..

Mrs. Davenport. sported with the feelings of her Claudine,

Marchioness Raimondi Mrs. Dibdin.

Mrs. Dickons. lover, and an indissoluble union, Donna Antonia, Miss Bolton. not long afterwards, completed the Ursula,

Mrs.C. Kemble. felicity of thein both.


Mrs. Liston.


The Marquis Raimondi having CHARACTER of the LADIES of dissipated his fortune at the gamHOLLAND.

ing-table, resigns his nobility, and

quits his country to retrieve binTHE ladies of Holland, if I self by commerce, leaving Claumay judge from those with whom dine, his only daughter, to be edu


cated by a female relation, who, The characters of Martinique, Braby the father's desire, conceals from zilio, Hector, and Ursula, furnish the young lady her real rank, the materials for a minor plotwhile supposing herself the daugh- Hector and Ursula are cousins, ter of a cottager, Claudine is ad- whose unöle bas left them dressed by Ignacio, a young offi a large sum of money on concer, but the arts of Frederico, his dition they marry together-to rival, create a quarrel between the this arrangement they are equally lovers. Ignacio joins his regiment averse, but the avarice of Hector abroad; Claudine, on the death determines hiun to comply with it, of her relation, is sent to boa d in and enjoy the whole legacy, rather a convent; and all correspondence than divide it with Ursula-by a between her and Ignacio ceases. trick of Brazilio's, however, he is Four years are supposed to have enlisted for a soldier, and the fair elapsed (at the opening of the division of the legacy is the conpiece) since the separation of the dition on which he is released. lovers, at which time the Marquis Martinique is the attendant of lgRaimondi returns from his com- nacio, who, before he sees Claumercial speculations with a fortune dine at the assembly, sends him in which enables him to resume his quest of her to her former eottage rank; Claudine is inade acquaint- residence; but Martinique having ed with her birth, and quits the been let into the secret, that the convent for her father's palace. A young Marchioness is the very day is set apart for the ceremony lady to whoin he is sent, remains ofihe Marquis's public re-investi- concealed, and joins his sweetheart ture and admission to his former Ursula, to aid her lady in the inhonours, on which day Ignacio ar nocent deception practised on the rives from abroad, sces Claudine count.-Jeronimno is an old civil among the assembly, but imposed officer of the city, who assumes to on by the brilliancy of her babit, be deator blind as bis convenience and the alterations and improve- suits—and Frederico is a sea-capments which four years of absence tain, who having been formerly have effected, he does not suppose Ignacio's rival with Claudine, and her the same lady, though he is seeing her again in her cottage forcibly struck with her resemb- habit, lays a plan to carry her off, lance to his favourite cottager- and by rousing Ignacio to rescue Claudine takes advantage of his her, hastens his decision, and thus situation, and with the assistance gives him an opportunity of prosof Ursula, her waiting-maid, al- ing himself worthy of ber. --The ternately appears to him as the piece then conclusies with the triyoung marchioness and the simple ple union of Ignacio and Claudine, cottayer, endeavours to attract Antonia and Sebastian, Ursula and him in each character, and has the Martinique. satisfaction of proving at last that This opera is the production of his love is disinterested, and that Mr. Dibilin, jun. ; indeed, those he prefers the poor Claudine to who are at all i quainted with the the rich heiress. Connected with manner of that sramatist, can hy the foregoing story are the loves nomeans mistake the author. There of Antonia and Sebastian, who are is much bustle and action through friends of Ignacio and Claudine. the piece; the dialogue is lively

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