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posal, signify it only to your old king of Hungary: NotwithstandMentor, and it shall be his busi- ing the geographical absurdity of ness, not only to lay down a plan this assertion, it was readily creo for carrying it into effect, but to dited by the ignorant vulgar. It interest' our trustees for manu appears probable that they drew factures, who will most cordially their origin from Wallachia, or the second your operations; in the neighbouring countries, as they are mean time you may order a fit still to be met with in great numperson to be secured for teaching bers in Hungary, Servia, Bulgaria, the children to spin and to knit; and Macedonia. Whether they and the only thing that will be ex- were expelled from their native pected from your grace, besides dens, or left them spontaneously, your countenance (which is all in it is certain that at this period they all), is to encourage children to began to appear in the Western exert themselves, by some small provinces, and by their fraudulent premiuins' to those who are the arts were able to gain a footing most deserving

there, though by nature ever adSo much for serious matters ; dicted to a vagabond life. They and now to a lighter theme, if my were neither cultivators of the soil, paper leaves room for it. From nor artisans, but found an inexfifty years experience I can vouch baustible supply for their necessithat the pleasantest companions ties in theft, rapine, and deceit. for conversation are those who pass - Although their way of life was some time in their closets in read- not unknown to the Italians, their ing and reflecting. Will you give infamous practices were tolerated, me authority to purchase for you, because they made simple people from time to time, a few books of believe that a penance was impostaste and useful knowledge, which ed upon them of wandering about will agreeably fill up your hours for seven years; and still more, beof leisure ? Does the duke give cause they pretended to the gift his commissions to any particular of divination, and foretelling fubookseller in Edinburgh ? In ture events. An opinion long prethis and every other capacity com- vailed that they were forbidden to mand your real friend and faith- remain longer than three days in ful servant, ,

one place, and that they had a Henry HOME. privilege from the Pope of provid

ing themselves with necessary food wherever, they should be. The

time in which these Zingani, or On the FIRST APPEARANCE' of Zingari, first made their appearGYPSIES in EUROPE. ance in Italy may be collected from

the Miscella Bolognese, published [From Muratori's Antichita Italiane.] in the 18th vol. of the Rerum

Italicacæ. It contains the followIT was not before the year 1480 ing notice:-- On July 18, 1422, that this singular race of people there came to Bologna a duke of issued from their concealments, Egypt, named duke Andrew, topretending that Egypt was their gether with men, women, and native country, and that they were children of his own country, in deprived of their settlements by a number about 100. They had a

The grave,

decree from the King of Hungary, tians and Bvhemians, and in Spain, who. was Emperor, authorizing where they were named Gittanos. them to rob, wheresoever they They are also found in the Turkish should go, for the space of seven dominions. Although they have years, without being amenable to been frequently banished from vajustice. When they arrived at rious districts, and severe ediets Bologna they lodged within and have been issued against them, without the Porto di Galliera, and they still contrive to keep up their slept under porticos, except the race, and carry on the trade of Duke. who was lodged at the petty pillage and deception. King's Hotel. They remained bere fifteen days, during which time many persons visited them, on account of the Duke's wife, SOLITARY WALKS who understood divination, and could tell what was to be a person's IX A COUNTRY CHURCH-YARD. fortune, his condition, how many children he was to have ; whether

BY JOIN WEBB. a woman was good or bad, and the like. In many things she spoke

WALK V. truth, and when people went to have their fortunes told, few es. caped without having their pockets Where rest and mortals are no longer

That seat of rest, that mansion of repose, picked, or, if women, their clothes stripped of their ornaments. Their Where counsellors are hush'd, and women went by six or eight through mighty kings the city, entering the houses of (O happy turn) no inore are wtetelied the citizeris, and prating with them, things. at the same time filching what they

Yousti could lay their hands upon. They also went into the shops, pretend- the horizon, and every whispering

THE sun was descended below ing to buy something, whilst some of the party were employed in pil- to rest with the grand luminary.

breeze and playful zephyr was sunk fering.' Italy did not suffice for this crew,

The fair rising moon which was gradually augmented Hung ap her ready lamp, and with mild by accessions from the men and lustre women of the countries through Drove back the hov'ring shades,' which they passed. Krants, in his history of Saxony, writes that they and invited to another solitary began to be seen in that country ramble among the tombs. in the year 1417; and he gives a The first grave that met my oblively description of their customs servation was a new-made one', And cheats under the name of Zi- upon whose earthy hillock the geni, or Zigeuni. Aventine also grass had not begun to vegetate. mentions their arrival in Bavaria, An aged relative here found a and their misdeeds, in 1411. They quiet resting-place, having for spread in like manner through more than ninety years trod the Flanders and France, in which stage of life, and of whom I can country they were called Egyp- with truth declare

foes :

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The noblest character he acted well, that never, and a heart that seldom, And Heaven applauded when the cur- ached, and he sunk at last into tain fell.'

the shades of death, as the sumGARRICK.

mer's sun sets at eve, in hopes, Hlad his capacious mind and like the orb of day, of rising again, pregnant intellectual faculties been with dazzling splendor on the last illunnined by the rays of science, he

dread moru. might have shone conspicuous

-Sure the last end among the literati of the age, Of the good man is peace. How calm

his exit! • But knowledge to his eyes her ample The night-dews fall not gentler to the page,

ground, Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er Nor weary worn-out winds expire - so unroll;

Chill Penury repressid his noble rage,

Behold him in the eventide of life.
And froze the genial current of the A life well spent, whose early care it

Full many a gem of purest ray serene

His riper years should not upbraid hís
The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean

youth: bear;

By unperceiv’d degrees he wears away; Full many a fower is born to blush

Yet like the sun seeins larger at his set

ting! unscen, And wate its sweetness on the desart See the glad gates of sight are wide air.'


To let new glories in, the first fair fruits
Of the fast-coming harvest. How he

But why regret his want of learn- To have his passport sign'd, and be dis-
ing, as it proves, as Cowper ob miss'd!
serves, too oft a snare? Without 'Tis done ;--and now he's happy :-ine
literary acquirements, Voltaire, glad soul
D'Alembert, and the rest of the il. Has not a wish uncrown'd.'
luminati, could not have spread the

BLAIR. poison of Atheism over Europe, and Not far distant stands the tomb, set such political principles afloat within whose gloomy cavern Cleas have lit the most enlightened ricus, the accomplished Clericus part of the globe in flames, which reposes, who was snatched from life have been quenched only by the when all its blushing honours beblood of its inhabitants.

gan to bloom around him. His My venerable old friend could splendid natural abilities were imread his Bible, and instead of pry- proved by scientific lore. He was ing into forbidden mysteries, start a proticient in music, and played ing objections occasioned only by the organ with almost unrivalled the real ignorance of the objector, skill: and what can seldom be said


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access to a well-furnished library : of Time, from the weather-beaten thus was one source of knowledge tower, admonished me to depart, and amusement dried up, and I I left the dreary spot abruptly. found by experience that his exit Haverhill. • left,' as Dr. Johnson

says, .'a chasın in society.' • How oft does sorrow bend the head

SKETCHES FROM NATURE. Before we dwell among the dead : Scarce in the years of inanly prime

Oft have I wept the wrecks of time.'

In a Series of Letters.

Turning the chancel, a tall
tomb-stone brought to my recol-

(Continued from p. 535.) lection the history of the person whose memory it was placed to perpetuate. He was a respectable

LETTER VII. practitioner of the healing art, and was generally esteemed in this neighbourhood.-But, alas! when Right Hon. Charles Baderly to sit death approached,

Robert Lego.xton. • Proud !Esculapins' son !

Walsingham-hall. Where were thy boasted implements of

WELL, Bob, I am just returnart, And all thy well-cramı'd magazines of ed from the play, and not being Health?

sleepy I'll give thee a bit of the Nor hill nor dale, as far as ship cou'd go,

drama. Nor margin of the gravel-bottom'd brouk, From the play! What art in Escap'd thy rifling hand: from stubborn town !-no such thing, my boy; shrubs

look at my date. The town has Thou wrung’st their shy retiring virtues

come to me. Drury-Lane perout, And vex'd them in the fire; nor Ay,

formers, Drury-Lane dresses, aye,

and Drury-Lane house itself, if I nor insect, Nor writhy snake, escap'd thy deep re

were to credit a bill with large search.

red letters, now staring me in the But why this apparatus ? Why this cost?

face. But I have seen their perTell me, thou doughty keeper from the formance, their dresses, and their

house, and, upon my soul, they Where are thy recipes and cordials now? are laughable beyond imaginaAlas! he speaks not!

tion. Blair.

The names of the principal He was arrested by the messenger London performers are very faithof fate, in the prime of life, in the fully transmitted, and they have bloom of health, and expanding taken care to burlesque both their reputation. By his death society assumed characters. Poor Cleo

grave !

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in me.--Now no more the juice of tony; though his trappings were Egypt's grape shall moist this lip.' somew bat altered, being half

In the agitation of her speech equipped for the farce. she marched up in a parallel line I for my part was very glad to with me; and blew on me such a find him alive and well; and exgale from her mouth--not of the pected to see Cleopatra fly into scent of Egypt's grape, but the his arms; and fly she did, but more common, and less costly with no amicable intent: no, the juice of juniper berries. But An- soft, the languishing, the dying tony, the noble-minded Antony! Cleopatra raised one of her huge Faith, Bob! I have not words in red tists, (which, by the by, I beiny vocabulary to do Autony jus- lieve would have felled an ox,) tice, or give you any idea of the and gave the reinonstrating Anfellow's clamorous vociferation. tony such a sudden and violent He began his despondent speech blow on the face, that his noble of · ) Sun! thy uprise shall I blood besprinkled the ground on see no more !' with such a sudden which the body of the unfortunate start of passion, that he almost hero had been stretched. He once choked himself; and absolutely more rose, and with incredible fury made me start.

attacked the triumphant queen. In one of the scenes where a The battle now raged with great sideboard of plate should have heat on both sides, when the been, a deal board, covered with prompter's voice ordered the curgreen baize, and two or three pots, tain to be let down; but the borrowed from the village ale- bustle continued behind it, and house, met with an unfortunate the words nasty trapes, and shabby, adventure. The voluptuous queen paltry fellow, were very distintaking her asp from a pottle, with guishable. an unlucky flourish snatched the Champly was clamorous for the green covering from the deal blanket to be pulled up to see fair board, and discovered two poor play, but he was not attended to. fellows, the living supporters of The risibility of all ranks was this ambitious deal board ; so true so great, that I am persuaded there it is that pretenders are often dis never was a merrier end to a tracovered when they think them- gedy in this world. selves figuring away with more We did not stay to see the farce, than common elegance.

for really it would have been too The heroic Cleopatra went on extravagant to enjoy so much farce with her speech.

• Comne, mortal wretch! with thy We had had a sufficient quansharp teeth ;' but one of the late- tity of laughter to last a month ; discovered heroes found his honour but I shall have another peep at

at once.

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