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11 Parisian Fashions,


1 Memoirs of Mr. Pitt,

2 On Idleness,

3 Anecdute,

4 Family Anecdotes,

5 On Fashionable Distinctions,

6 On the Folly of fashionable Osten-
tation in the middle Classes of




14 A singular Story,


7 A Night Walk in January,

8 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters
from real Life,


9 Account of the new Comic Opera,
called False Alarms; or, My


5 15 Anecdotes of Sir Edward Herbert,



8 16 Marriage Settlements,




17 POETICAL ESSAYS.-Ode for the New Year-Verses addressed to Dr. Thornton-Address to a Robin-Addresstoa Butterfly-Lines to the Memory of Miss E. M. C. -Lines by Count - to his infant, Sn, while sleepin-To Miss A. B-G-, of the Strand-Lines to the Memory of the infant Son of Mr. Eaton-Description of a good Wife The Muses' Mite of Gratitude-Song--fo Anna-The Peasant's Death,

44-43 49




12 Elville Family Secrets,

32 18 Foreign News,

13 Ladies' Dresses on her Majesty's 19 Home News,

37 20 Births,

41 21 Marri ges-Deaths,

This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates : √1 An elegant FRONTISPIECE.

2 PORTRAIT of the Right Honourable WILLIAM PITT.

4 Anew PATTERN for the CROWN of a CAP..


Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Row;

Where Favours from Corrosivadente continue to be received.

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WE are much obliged to J. M. L. for the new series of WALKS which he has promised us, and of which we have inserted the first in the present Number: we hope he will favour us with other communications.

We, in like manner, hope that Mr. J. WEBB will continue to honour us with his very ingenious contributions.

Miss Yeames' pieces, which are in hand, are intended for insertion occasionally.

S. Y.'s communication, accompanied with a sketch, is not forgotten.

Enigmas should be always accompanied by their solutions; for however sagacious we may be in divining their meaning, we may be mistaken, and thus fail to perceive the merit of the composition.-We should be obliged to a very ingenious correspondent to send the solution to that she has fa voured us with.

C. M.'s request shall be attended to, and, if possible, complied with.



ANOTHER year having revolved, it becomes our pleasing duty to express our most grateful acknowledgments to the public in general, and our fair patronesses in particular, for the very liberal and constantly increasing encouragement with which our Miscellany is honoured. Our exertions for its improvement have been unremitted, and with the greatest pleasure and gratitude we avow that we are sufficiently convinced they have not been in vain.

The original plan of the Lady's MAGAZINE has been uniformly adhered to since its first establishment. It was intended to be, and we trust has been, a repository for the fugitive productions and first essays of genius, especially fe. male genius, and pleasing and instructive selections from the most approved and entertaining publications of the times; at once avoiding what might be dry and abstruse, and what might be frivolous and trifling, amusement and improvement being equally its object. The utmost care has been at all times taken to exclude from its pages every thing in the least degree tending to indelicacy or licentiousness; it has ever been devoted to the promotion of morality, virtue, and religion.

To our Correspondents, to whose invaluable assistance much of the praise we have received is certainly due, we owe the most sincere and grateful acknowledgments. We earnestly solicit the continuance of their numerous favours.

B 2

And here we cannot but repeat what we have observed in some former addresses to them, that if we are sometimes under the necessity of suppressing some of the contributions of the younger and less experienced among them, to give them an opportunity to revi e and reproduce them in a more correct form, that ought rather to stimulate them to make new exertions for improvement than to discourage them from future attempts. Our readers will at the same time perceive that we have lately been favoured with several truly valuable communications, especially of the novel class, from Correspondents of superior abilities. We are possessed, likewise, of several others, which have not been begun, but which will be given in the course of the present year.

We now enter on the THIRTY-EIGHTH VOLUME of the LADY'S MAGAZINE, inspired with gratitude for past favours, and ardour to merit their continuance; confidently trusting that our attention and exertions will be found to merit the same flattering approbation and encouragement which we have experienced from a candid public, and our amiable and generous patronesses, during a period of seven-and-thirty years.

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