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For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, Circuit, For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, and District Couris of the United States, including the twenty thousand dollars. District of Columbia ; also, for jurors and witnesses, in For the salaries of the agents for claims at London and aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfei- Paris, four thousand dollars. tures, incurred in the year eighteen hundred and thirty For the expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powone, and preceding years; and, likewise, for defraying ers, thirty thousand dollars. the expenses of suits in which the United States are con For the relief and protection of American seamen, in cerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed foreign countries, twenty thousand dollars. against the United States, and for the safe keeping of pri For the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, soners, one hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

twenty-five thousand dollars. For the payment of sundry pensions granted by the For carrying into effect the act of May twenty-ninth, late and present Governments, one thousand scven hun. one thousand eight hundred and thirty, for the settledred and fifty dollars.

ment of the accounts of certain diplomatic functionaries, For the support and maintenance of light-houses, float ten thousand five hundred dollars. ing lights, beacons, buoys, and stakeages, including the For the payment of claims for property lost, captured purchase of oil, keepers' salaries, repairs and improve or destroyed, by the enemy, the balance of the appropriaments, and contingent expenses, one hundred and ninety- tion made by the act of third March, one thousand eight three thousand one hundred and fifty-six dollars.

hundred and twenty five, heretofore carried to the surFor building light-houses on Little Watt’s island, Ma- plus fumd, thirty-two thousand seventy-three dollars and ryland ; on Clay island, Maryland ; at the entrance of eighty cents. Roanoke Sound, in North Carolina ; at or near Choctaw For the compensation due to James Parker for investi. Point, in Alabama ; and near St. Mark's harbor, in Flo- gating the accounts of Robert Arnold, late Collector of rida-twenty-nine thousand eight hundred dollars, being Amboy,two hundred thirty nine dollars and sixty four cents. the amount of balances of moneys heretofore appropriated For the designating and marking the boundary line to the said objects ; which said several balances are here between the State of Louisiana and the district of Arkan. by re appropriated to the several objects specifically. sas, three thousand collars; the same to be expended

For the salaries of Registers and Receivers of Land under the direction of the Secretary of State.
Offices where there are no sales, two thousand dollars.

For preparing a revision of the former estimates of the For the salaries of two keepers of the public archives population of the United States, one thousand dollars. in Florida, one thousand dollai's.

Approved : March 2, 1831. For stationary and books for the offices of Commissioners of Loans, five hundred dollars.

AN ACT making additional appropriations for the im. For allowance to Assistant Counsel and District Attor.

provement of certain harbors, and removing obstrucney, under the act supplementary to the several acts pro tions in the mouths of certain rivers. viding for the settlement of private land claims in Flori

Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums of money da, dated twenty-third of May, one thousand eight hun. be, and the same are hereby appropriated, for carrying dred anıl twenty-eight, including contingencies, eight on and completing certain works heretofore commenced, thousand dollars, including the unexpended balance of to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherthe last year's appropriation for the same objects.

wise appropriated, viz.: For the third payment to Luigi Persico, for statues for

For removing obstructions at the mouth of Huron river, the Capitol, four thousand dollars.

Ohio, three thousand four hundred and eighty dollars. For alterations and improvements in the executive

For removing sand bar at or near the mouth of Black buildings, and painting the same, six thousand five hun. river, Ohio, nine thousanủ two hundred and seventy-five dred dollars."

dollars. For surveying the public lands, including the amount

For completing the improvement of Cleaveland harbor, of arrearages due for the last year, one hundred and Ohio, three thousand six hundred and seventy dollars. thirty thousand dollars.

For completing the removal of obstructions at the For the salaries of the Ministers of the United States mouth of Grand river, Ohio, five thoksand six hundred to Great Britain, France, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, and eighty dollars. and Colombia, fifty four thousand dollars.

For completing the removal of obstructions at the For the salaries of the Secretaries of Legation to the mouth of Ashtabula creek, Ohio, seven thousand and fif. same places, twelve thousand dollars.

teen dollars. For the salaries of the Chargé des Affaires to Portugal,

For improving the navigation of Conneaut creek, Ohio, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chili, Peru, six thousand three hundred and seventy dollars. Mexico, and Guatemala, forty thousand five hundred

For completing the improvement of the harbor of dollars.

Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, one thousand seven hundred For outfit of the present Minister to Russia, nine thou. dollars. sand dollars.

For improving the navigation of Genesee river, New For outfits of the Chargé des Affaires at Peru, Chili, York, sixteen thousand six hundred and seventy dollars. Brazil, and Guatemala, eighteen thousand dollars.

For removing obstructions at the mouth of Big Sodus For the outfit and salary of a Chargé des Affaires, for bay, New York, seventeen thousand four hundred and the salary of a Drogoman at Constantinople, and for the fifty dollars. contingent expenses of the Legation, thirty-six thousand five hundred dollars : to wit--for the outfit of a Chargé thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars and ninety

For completing piers at Oswego, New York, two des Affaires, four thousand five hundred dollars; for sa. two cents. lary of a Chargé des Affaires, four thousand five hundred For claim of contractors for losses by storms in eighdollars ; for salary of a Droguman two thousand five hun. teen hundred and twenty-nine, five hundred and nineteen dred dollars ; for the contingent expenses of the Lega-dollars. tion, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For balance due contractors for said piers, eighty-four For the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse ; in dollars and ninety-two cents. addition to the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars For securing the works of Oswego harbor, New York, hereinafter appropriated, the sum of fifteen thousand by a stone pier-lead and mole, eighteen thousand six dollars,

hundred dollars. Vol. VII-C.

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For completing the pier, at the mouth of Buffalo For repairs and improrem.nts of navy yards, two hun. harbor, New York, twelve thousand nine hundred doldred and forty-four thousand dollars. Jars.

For the erection of a wharf at the navy yard at PensaFor securing and completing the works at the bar cola, i wenty.eight thousand two hundred and fifty dolbor of Dunkirk, New York, six thousand four hundred lars. dollars.

For defraying expenses that may accrue during the For further protection and preservation of the beach year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one for the of Provincetown, Massachusetts, two thousand and fifty following purposes, viz: dollars.

For freighi and transportation of materials and stores For the repair and completion of the breakwater at of every description; for wharfage and dockage, storage the mouth of Merrimack river, Massachusetts, sixteen and rent, travelling expenses of officers, and transporta. thousand dollars.

tion of seamen, house rent, chamber money, and fuel, For completing repairs to piers at the entrance of Ken and candles to officers, other than those attached to navy nebunk river, Maine, one thousand one hundred and se yards and stations, and for officers in sick quarters,where venty-five dollars.

there is no hospital, and for funeral expenses; for comFor completing the sea wall for the preservation of missions, clerk 'hire, and office rent, stationary and fuel DeerIsland, Boston harbor, Massachusetts, twelve thousand to navy agents; for premiums and incidental expenses of three hundred and ninety dollars.

recruiting; for apprehending deserters; for compensation For repairing Plynouth beach, Massachusetts, two to judge advocates; for per diem allowances for persons thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars.

attending courts martial and courts of inquiry; and for For completing the breakwater at Hyannis harbor, officers engaged in extra service beyond the limits of Massachusetts, eight thousand four hundred dollars.

their stations; for printing and stationary of every deFor removing the bar at the mouth of Nantucket har- scription, and for books, maps, charts, and mathematical bor, Massachusetts, eight thousand two hundred and six. and nautical instruments, chronometers, models and ty five dollars.

drawings, for purchase and repair of steam and fire enFor improving the harbors of New Castle, Marcus gines, and for machinery; for purchase and maintenance Hook, Chester and Port Penn, in the Delaware river, four of oxen and horses, and for carts, timber wheels, and thousand dollars.

workmen's tools of every description; fur postage of letFor improving Cape Fear river, below Wilmington, ters on public service; för pilotage; for cabin furniture of North Carolina, twenty-five thousand seven hundred and vessels in commission ; and for furniture of officers' five dollars.

houses at navy yards; for taxes on navy yards and public For carrying on the works for the improvements of property; for assistance rendered to vessels in distress; Ocracock inlet, North Carolina, sevenieen thousand for incidental labor at navy yards, not applicable to any dollars.

other appropriation ; for coal and other fuel for forges, For completing the removal of obstructions in the ri-foundaries, and stea:n engines; for candles, oil, and fuel ver and harbor of St. Mark's Florida, seven thousand four for vessels in commission and in ordinary; for repairs of hundred and thirty dollars.

magazines and powder houses; for preparing moulds for For completing the removal of obstructions in the Apo ships to be built; and for no other object or purpose palachicola river, Florida, eight thousand dollars.

whatever, two hundred and fills thousand dollars. For arrearage due Major Birch for survey of the Raft

For contingent expenses for objects arising during the of Red river, Louisiana, one hundred and eighty-seve year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, and dollars and fifty cents.

not herein before enumerated, five thousand dollars. For arrearage due the superintendent of the works at For pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers, and Black Rock harbor, New York, one thousand eight hun privates and for subsistence of officers of the marine dred dollars.

corps, one hundred an:1 nine thousand three hundred and For arrearage due for materials delivered to the works seventy-three dollars; the pay, subsistence, emoluments, at Dunkirk harbor, New York, seven hundred and two and allowances of the saict officers, non-commissioned dollars fifty cents.

officers, and privates, to be le same as they were preFor carrying on the work of the Delaware breakwater, viously to the first of April

, one thousand eight lundred two hundred and eight thousand dollars.

and twenty-nine. Approved, March 2, 1831.

For subsistence for four hundred and sixty-one nonAN ACT making appropriations for the naval service erwomen serving on shore, twenty thousand one hundred

commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, and wası; for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty- and ninety-one dollars.

For clothing, twenty eight thousand seven hundred and Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and they sixty-five dollars. are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money's For fuel, nine thousand and ninety-eight dollars. in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated:

For contingent expenses, fourteen thousand dollars. For pay and substance of the officers of the navy, and For military stores, two thousand dollars. pay of seamen,one million two hundred and seventy-eight For medicines, two thousand three hundred and sixty. thousand six hundred and ninety-four dollars.

nine dollars. For pay of superintendents, naval constructors, and all the civil establishment of the several navy yards and sta- the slave trade, including the support in the United States

For carrying into effect the acts for the suppression of tions, fifty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty dol- and for a terın not exceeding six inonths after their arrival lars.

in Africa, of all persons removed from the United States For provisions, one hundred seventy-three thousand under the said acts, ten thousand dollars. four hundred and sixty-three dollars. For repairs of vessels in ordinary, and the wear and several objects of appropriation abovementioned, in de

The said several sums to be respectively applied to the tear of vessels in commission, six hundred and fifteen) dition to the unexpended balances of appropriation for thousand four hundred dollars.

similar objects in the year one thousand eight hundred For medicines, surgical instruments, hospital stores,and and thirty: other expenses on account of the sick, twenty-five thou. For the support of certain Africans brought into the port sand five hundred dollars.

of New Orleans in the Spanish schooner Fenix, and now



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in the charge of the Marshal of the eastern district of work, or payment of any account, until the order of the Louisiana, six thousand dollars, to be applied to their President is received. support under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, To open a road from Washington, in Arkansas Territoat a rate not exceeding twenty cents per day.

sy, to Jackson, in said Territory, fifteen thousand dollars. To enable the President of the United States lo allow Approved : March 2, 1831. compensation to Captain William B. Finch, for extra services and expenses in command of the sloop of war Vin, AN ACT making appropriations for carrying into effect cennes, in the years one thousand eight hundred anıl

certain Indian treaties. twenty nine, and one thousand eight hundred and thirty,

Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and five thousand dollars; the accounts for such services and expenses to be settled under the direction of the Presi- the same are hereby, appropriated for the service of the dent.

year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one : For compensation to Captain Benjamin Pendleton for Indian youth, as stipulated for by the sixth article of the

For the annual support of a school for the education of moneys paid by him for cancelling the charter party, and outfit and demurrage of the brig Seraph, of stoning: treaty of the fifth of August, one thousand eight hundred ton, for his pay as a Lieutenant of the Navy, and for mo

and twenty-six, with the Chippewa tribe of Indians, one

thousand dollars. neys paid by him to the ship keeper of the said vessel, four thousand seven hundred and sixty-three dollars.

For the payment of the annuity of two thousand dol. For re-building and removing the monument erected lars, and also the sum of two thousand dollars for educa. in the navy yard at Washington by the officers of the tion, as stipulated for by the third article of the treaty of American Navy, to the memory of those who fell in battle the sixteenth October, one thousand eight hundred and in the Tripolitan war, a sum not exceeding twenty-one twenty-six, with the Potawattamies, the annual sum of hundred dollars, to be expended under the orders of the

four thousand dollars. Secretary of the Navy.

For the annual support of a blacksmith and miller, and Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that the sum here for furnishing, annually, one hundred and sixty bushels of tofore appropriated for the erection of a marine barracks salt, under the same treaty, one thousand five hundred at Philadelphia, and which has passed 10 thie surplus

and twenty dollars. fund, he, ani the same is hereby, l'e-appropriated to the ties provided for by the second article of the treaty with

For the payment of the permanent and limited annui. said object. Approved, March 2, 1831.

the Potawattamies of the twentieth of September, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, annually the

sum of three thousand dollars. AN ACT making appropriations for carrying on certain For tobacco, iron, steel, education, annuity to the prin.

roads and works of Internal improvement, and for pro- cipal chief, and employment of laborers, by same article, viding for surveys.

one thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and the article of the treaty with the Miamies of the twenty-third

For payment of permanent annuity under the fourth same are hereby, appropriated to the several objects re of October, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, spectively herein named, to be applied during the year twenty-five thousand dollars. one thousand eight hundrell and, the same to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise

For iron, stoel, tobacco, and laborers, by same article,

one thousand one hundrerl dollars. appropriatel, viz : For continuing the road from Detroit towards Chicago, under the sixth article of said treaty, two thousand dollars.

For support of the poor and infirm, and for education, Michigan, ten thousand dollars. For continuing the road from Detroit, to Fort Gratiot, buildings and improvements at the Dwight Mission estab

For payment of the expenses incurred in the erection of Michigan, eight thousand dollars. For continuing the road from Detroit to Saganaw Bay, children, according to the filth article of the treaty with

lishment, by the society engaged in instructing Cherokee eight thousand dollars

Por arrearages due to T. S. Knapp, fourteen dollars and the Cherokee Indians west of the Mississippi, of the sixth seventy five cents.

of May, one thousand cight hundred and twenty-eight,

eleven thousand six loundreci and fifteen dollars, the said For defraying the expenses, incidental to making examinations and surveys under the act of the thirtieth day society agreeing and stipulating to expend the amount so of April, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, for like purposes, in the country ceded to the Cherokees

paid in the erection of other buildings and improvements twenty-five thousand dollars.

For improving the navigation of the Ohio and Missis. by the same treaty. For the payment in full of the value sippi rivers, to be expended under the existing laws, fifty

of improvements abandoned by the Cherokees of Arkan. thousand dollars.

sas who have emigrated from the country ceded by them be, and the same is hereby appropriated to the improve main of the sum of thirty-seven thousand dollars, appro. That the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars by the treaty aforesaid, as assessed according to the provi.

sions thereof, in addition to the balance which may rement of the navigation of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers from Pittsburg to New Orleans, in removing the obstruc- priated by an act of March the second, one thousand tions in the channels at the shoal places and ripples, and hundred and nine dollars and thirty-nine cents : For pay:

eight hundred and twenty-nine, forty-five thousand eight by such other means as may be deemed best for the deepening of the channels of the Ohio river, which said ment for five hundred rifles delivered in one thousand sun shall be expended under the direction of the Presi- eight hundred and twenty-nine for the emigrating Che. dent of the United States, by the superintendent appoint- sand dollars.

rokees, including the cost of transportation, seven thoued to execute saill works of improvement ; and the President is hereby authorized and required to take bund

Approved, March 2, 1831. with approved security in fifty thousand ollars, condi. tionert for the faithfuil performance of the duties requi.

AN ACT to carry into effect certain Indian Treaties. red of him under such instructions as may be given him Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and the for the improvement of the navigation of said river's, and same are hereby, appropriated to pay the expenses in. that an officer of engineers be associated with said super- curred in negotiating, and for carrying into effect the intendent, withi authority to suspend the operation of any treaty of peace and friendship, and the treaty of cession,

[blocks in formation]

entered into at Prairie du Chien on the fifteenth day of For salaries to chiefs and others, and suits of clothes July, eighteen hundred and thirty, with the Mississippi and broadswords for ninety-nine captains as stipulated by and Missouri bands of Sioux, the Sacs and Foxes, Winne. fifteenth article, nine thousand five hundred and ninetybagoes and Menoinonies, Ottoes, Omahas, Missouries, three dollars. and Ioways tribes of Indians, víz:

For expenses in fulfilling the sixteenth article in relaFor presents, provisions, pay of commissioners and se tiun to cattle, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. cretary, transportation, and all other expenses attending For education as stipulated by the twentieth article, the negotiation of said treaties, twenty-four thousand two ten thousand dollars. hundred and fourteen dollars and seventy-two cents. For building council houses, houses for chiefs, and

For annuities stipulated for by the fourth article of the churches, as stipulated by the same article, ten thousand treaty of cession, annually, for ten years, viz: to the Sacs, dollars. three thousand dollars; Foxes, three thousand dollars ; For expenses of teachers, blacksmiths and shops, and Sioux of Mississippi, two thousand dollars ; Yancton and a mill wrighi, by the saine article, five thousand five hunSantie bands, three thousand dollars ; Omahas, two thou- dred dollars. sand five bundred dollars ; Ottoes and Missouries, two For blankets, rifles, ammunition, axes, hoes, ploughs, thousand five hundred dollars ; Ioways, two thousand spinning wheels, carols, looms, iron and steel, twentyfive hundred dollars ; Sacs of Missouri River, five hun. seven thousand six hundred and fifty-five dollars. dred dollars.

For transportation and contingencies, five thousand For support of a blacksmith, and for tools, as stipulated dollars : which said appropriation, to carry into effect the by the same article, annually, for ten years, viz : for the said treaty with the Choctaw tribe of Indians, shall be Sioux of Mississippi, one thousand dollars ; Yancton and paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise apSantie bands, one thousand dollars ; Omahas, one thou- propriated. sand dollars ; Ottoes and Missouries, one thousand dol Approved: March 2, 1831. lars ; Ioways, three hundred dollars ; Sacs of Missouri River, seven hundred dollars.

AN ACT ma king appropriations for the military service For agricultural implements, as stipulated by same ar for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one. ticle, annually, for ten years, viz: for the Sioux of Mis Be it enacted, &c. That the following sums be, and the sissippi, seven hundred dollars; Yancton and Santie same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any unbands, four hundred dollars ; Omahas, five hundred dol- appropriated money in the Treasury, for the service of lars ; Ottoes and Missourics, five hundred dollars ; the military establishment for the year one thousand eight Ioways, six hundred dollars ; Sacs of Missouri River, two hundred and thirty-one, viz: hundred dollars.

For pay of the army and subsistence of the officers, For transportation of annuities, tools, and agricultural one million one hundred and eighit thousand sis hundred implements, three thousand two hundred dollars. and twelve dollars.

For expenses of education, as stipulated by the fifth For forage for officers, forty-eighit thousand six hun. article, for ten years, to be applied in the discretion of dred and nineteen dollars. the President of the United States, annually, three thou. For clothing for the servanta of officers twenty-two sand dollars.

thousand two hundred and ninety dollars. For expenses of running the lines as agreed by the For subsistence, exclusive of that of officers, in addi. seventh article of said treaty, nine thousand dollars. tion to an unexpended balance of seventy-five thousand

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following dollars, two hundred and sixty-six thousand three hun. sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated to carry dred dollars. into effect the supplementary article, concluded at Coun. For clothing of the army, camp equipage, cooking cil Camp, on James' Fork of White River, Missouri, the utensils, and hospital furniture, in addition to materials twenty-fourth of September, eighteen hundred and twen- and clothing on land, amounting to eighty-five thousand ty-nine, to the treaty with the Delawares of the third day dollars, one hundred and thirteen thousand seven hundred of October, eighteen hundred and eighteen, viz : and furty-seven dollars.

For furnishing forty horses for the Delawares, one thou For the Medical and Hospital Department, thirty thou. sand six hundred dollars.

Suund dollars. For

expense of six wago's and ox teams to assist them For various expenses in the Quartermaster's Departin removing, one thousand six hundred and twenty dol- ment, viz : For fuel, forage, straw, stationary, blanks, re, lars.

pairing of officers' quarters, barracks,store-houses, and For expense of farming utensils, and tools for building hospitals; for erecting temporary cantonments and gun houses, four thousand dollars.

houses; for rent of quarters, store-houses, and land; for For provisions on their journey, and one year after postage of letters on lic service ; for expenses of - their removal to their new country, forty-five thousand courts martial, including compensation of judge advodollars.

cates, members, and witnesses; for extra pay to soldiers For building a grist and saw mill, three thousand employed on extra labor, under the act of March second, dollars.

one thousand eight hundred and nineteen ; for expenses For the payment of the permanent annuity to the Del- of expresses, escorts to paymasters, and other contingenawares, one thousand dollars.

gencies of the Quartermaster's Department, two hundred For expenses of surveying the lines of the land as- and twenty-six thousand eight hundred dollars. signed to the Delawares by said article, four thousand For transportation of officer's baggage, and allowance one hundred and nine dollars and cents. for travel, in lieu of transportation, and for per diem al

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, that the aforesaid lowance to officers on topographical duty fifty seven sums of money be paid out of any money in the 'Treasu. thousand dollars. ry not otherwise appropriated.

For transportation of clothing, subsistence, ordnance, Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That for carrying and of lead from the mines, and for transportation of the into effect the treaty with the Choctaw tribe of Indians, army, and funds for pay of the army, including the seve. concluded at Dancing Rabbit on the fifteenth day of Sep-ral contingencies and items of expenditure at the sere. tember, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, the sum ral stations and garrisons, usually estimated under the of eighty thousand two hundred and forty eight dollars head of transportation of the army, one hundred and are hereby appropriated, to wit:

ten thousand dollars.

[blocks in formation]

For the completion of the barracks at Fort Winneba- AN ACT for the relief of certain insolvent debtors of go, five thousand dollars, being the balance of an ap

the United States. propriation heretofore made for the erection of bar. Be it rated, &c. That any person who was an insol. racks at Green Bay, and not needed for that service, vent debtor on or before the first day of January last, and which balance is hereby transferred and appropriated to who is indebted to the United States for any sum of mo. the purpose above named.


then due, which he is unable to pay, unless such perFor the payment of certuin mounted volunteers of the son be indebted as the principal in an official bond, or for Territory of Arkansas, whilst in the service of the Unie public money received by him, and not paid over or ac. ted States, in the year one thousand eight hundred and counted for according to law, or for any fine, forfeiture, twenty-eight, the sum of five hundred and eighty dollars or penalty, incurred by the violation of any law of and eighty-three cents.

of the United States, may make application in writing, For the payment of the claim of the State of Missouri under oath or affirmation, to the Secretary of the Treasu. against the United States, for the services of her militia ry, for the purpose of obtaining a release or discharge of against the Indians, in the year one thousand eight hun the said debt; which application shall state, as near as dred and twenty-nine, the sum of nine thousand and may be, the time when the applicant became insolvent, eighty-five dollars and fifty-four cents : Provided, That how soon thereafter he made known his insolvency to his the Secretary of War shall, upon a full investigation, be creditors, the cause er causes, and the amount of such satisfied that the United States are liable for the payment insolvency; and, also, all the estate, real and personal, of the said militia, under the second paragraph of the which the said applicant owned at the time of his insol. tenth section of the first article of the Constitution of the vency, and the manner in which such estate has been disUnited States.

posed of ; and what estate, iť any, he has since owned, For defraying the expenses of the Board of Visiters and still owns. at West Point, fifteen hundred dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary For fuel, forage, stationary, printing, transportation, of the Treasury is hereby directed to transmit to the Disa and postage for the Military Academy, eight thuusand trict Attorney of the United States for the District or four hundred dollars.

Territory within which the said applicant shall reside, a For repairs and improvements of buildings and grounds certificate copy of the said application, with such instrucat West Point three thousand four hundred dollars. tions as he may think proper ; and it shall be the duty

For pay of adjutant's clerk and Quarterınaster's clerk, of the said District Attorney to lay the said copy of such nine hundrell dollars.

application before the Cominissioner or Com:nissioners of For increase and expenses of the library, fourteen insolvency to be appointed by virtue of this act, and to hundred collars.

appear and act before them as counsel in behalf of the For philosophical apparatus, two thousand dollars. United States.

For molels for fortifications, one thousand eight hun Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary dred dollars.

of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to apFor models for drawing, for repairing instruments, for point any number of commissioners of insolvency he may chemical and mineralogical apparatus, seven bundred and think proper, not exceeding three in each judicial Disfifty dollars.

trict or Territory of the United States, who, before they For miscellaneous items and incidental expenses of the enter upon the duties of their appointment, shall severAcadeiny, one thousand six hundred dollars.

ally take an oath or affirmation before one of the Justices For fuel for the first quarter of the year one thousands of the Supreme Court, or before any Judge of a District eight hundred and thirty-two, two thousand three hun-Court of the United States, that they will faithfully exedred dollars.

cute the trust committed to them : and it shall be the du. For contingencies of the army, ten thousand dollars. ty of the said commissioner or commissioners to proceed

For the national armories, three hundred and sixty publicly to examine the books, papers, and vouchers of thousand dollars.

each of the said applicants ; and they, or either of them, For the armament of the fortifications, one hundred shall also be authorized to examine each of the said apthousand dollars.

plicants, or any other person or persons, upon oath or afFor the current expenses of the ordnance service, six. firmation, touching the said application : and it shall be ty-eight thousand dollars.

the duty of the said commissioner or cominissioners to For arsenals, ninety-four thousand four hundred dol- make a report, in writing, to the said Secretary, of the result tars.

of their examination in each case, therein particularly For the recruiting service, thirty-five thousand six stating, as near as may be, the tiine when the applicant hundred and ninety-six dollars, in addition to an unex- became insolvent, bow soon thereafter he made known pended balance of four thousand dollars.

his insolvency to his creditors, the cause or causes, and For contingent expenses of the recruiting service, ff. the amount of such insolvency; and, also, all the estate, teen thousand nine bundred and fifty-two dollars, in adl. real and personal, which the said applicant owned at the dition to an unexpended balance of five thousand dollars. time of his insolvency, and the manner in which such es

To Thomas Fitzgerald, an invalid pensioner, two hun. tate has been disposed of; and what estate, if any, he dred and eighty-four dollars twenty-two cents, being ar. has since owned, and still owns. rearages of pension due him by law.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary For arrearages prior to the first day of July, one thou. of the Treasury, after he shall have received the report sand eight hundred and fifteen, five thousand dollars. of the said commissioner or commissioners, shall proceed

To enable the Secretary of War to pay for medals to to examine the circumstances of each case ; and if it shall be distributed amongst the Indian chiefs, three thousand have been proved to his satisfaction that the said deblor is dollars.

unable to pay the said debt or debts wbich be owes to the For completing the Mars hill Road in Maine, and mak. United States; that he hath done no act fraudulently to de. ing bridges on the same, five thousand dollars.

prive the United States of their legal priority ; that he For the further extension, and the completion of the has not been guilty of any fraud, nor made any conveywalls and embankınents for conveying water to the works unce of liis estate, real or personal, in trust for himself, or at Harper's Ferry Armory, Virginia, seven thousand five with an intent to defraud the United States, or whereby hundred dollars.

to expect any benefit or advantage to himself or family ; Approved, March 2, 1831.

then and in that case, the said Secretary may compromise

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