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vo. Geal, assembly. House in dale,

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098518 .: JOURNAL.


A majority of the delegates elect being duly qualified, appeared and took their seats.

The following proclamation of the governor convening the general assembly, was read :



By the proceedings of sundry counties, in primary assemblies of the people, the desire has been expressed that the general assembly of this state should be convened in extra session. The condition of the country calls for the exercise of the best judgment of the wisest councillors of the state. The large levies of additional troops by the enemy for the devastation of our lands and the subjugation of our people, requires extraordinary exertion on our part, and every state in the Confederacy must brace itself to the impending encounter with fearless fortitude and uptiring energy. The people must prepare for the magnitude of the emergency, and each man must feel that his arm is necessary to aid in vindicating the justiçe of our cause, and that, come what may, he is prepared to meet the foe with a calm defiance that acknowledges no alternative but an unqualified recognition of our independence. No people can be conquered who feel thus and act up to that feeling with an abiding confidence in the justice of Heaven. .

I concur in the propriety of convening the general assembly, for the purpose of devising means for the public defence; to enroll an additional force of militia beyond the conscript age, for local as well as general protection ; to provide for arning and equipping such additional force, and furnishing the ineans for rendering their services available when necessary ; to give confidence to our people in our ability to repel ouy unscrupulous and worse than savage foe; to set an example to our southern sisters, by exhibiting unshaken confidence in our government and undiminished ardor in our common cause, and to invoke their united aid once more in meeting the emergency as becomes a people engaged in a righteous cause-to display not only endurance under losses and severe reverses, but, grappling with adversity. to exhibit, at il moment of anticipated weakness, power from moral example and physical exertion,

Besides this important purpose, first and uppermost in every heart, there are other matters which require our most anxious councils.


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