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niel, Nathan Gather, Albert G. Hawes, R. M. Johnson, From MAINE--John Anderson, James Bates, George Thomas A. Marshall, Christopher Tompkins, Charles A.

Joseph Lecompte, Chittenden Lyon, Robert P. Letcher, Evans, Cornelius Holland, Leonard Jarvis, Edward Kava

Wickliffe. nagh, Rufus McIntire.

TENNESSEE--Thomas D. ,Arnold, Jolin Bell, John NEW HAMPSHIRE-John Brodhead, Thomas Chand. ler, Josephi Ilammons, Henry Hubbard, Joseph M. llar: Blair

, William Fitzgerald, William Hall

, Jacob C. Isacks,

Cave Johnson, James K. Polk, James Standifer. per, Jolin W. Weeks.

OHIO--Joseph H. Crane, Eleutheros Cooke, William MASSACHUSETTS--Jolin Quincy Adams, Nathan Appleton, Isaac C: Bates, George N. Briggs, Rufus Choate, Creiglıton, jun., Thomas Corwin, James l'indlav, William Henry A. s. Dearborn, John Davis, Edward Everett, liam Russel, William Stanberry, John Thomson, Joseph

W. Irvin, William Kennon, Humphrey H. Leavitt, WilGeorge Grennell, jun., James L. Hodges, Joseph G. Ken- Vance, Samuel 1. Vinton, Elisha Whittlesey: Hull, John Reed, (one vacancy.) RIIODE ISLAND-- Tristam Durges, Dutee J. Pearce. I ward D. White.

LOUISIANA--H. A. Bullard, Philemon Thomas, EdCONNECTICUT--Noyes Barber, William W. Ells.

INDIANA--Ratliff Boon, Jolin Carr, Jonathan McCarty. worth, Jabez W. Huntington, Ralph I. Ingersoll, William

MISSISSIPPI--Franklin E. Plummer.
L. Storrs, Ebenezer Young.
VERMONT-Heman Allen, William Cahoon, Horace

ILLINOIS—Joseph Duncan.
Everett, Jonathan Hunt, William Slade.

ALABAMA-Clement C. Clay, Dixon II. Lewis, Sa

muel W. Mardis. NEW YORK-William G. Angel, Gideon H. Barstow, Joseph Bouck, William Babcock, John T. Bergen, John

MISSOURI-- William H. Ashley. C. Brothead, Samuel Beardsley, John A. Collier, Bates

DELEGATES. Cooke, C. C. Cambreleng, John Dickson, Charles Dayan,

MICHIGAN-Austin E. Wing. Ulysses F. Doubleday, William Hogan, Michael Hoff.

ARKANSAS--Ambrose H. Sevier.
man, Freeborn G. Jewett, John King, Gerrit Y. Lansing,
James Lent, Job Pierson, Nathaniel Pitcher, Edmund H.

FLORIDA- Joseph M. White.
Pendleton, Edward C. Reed, Erastus Root, Nathan Soule,
John W. Taylor, Phineas L. Tracy, Gulian C. Verplanck,

Monday, DeceMBER 5, 1831.
Frederick Whittlesey, Samuel J. Wilkin. Grattan II. This being the day appointed by the constitution for the
Wheeler, Campbell P. White, Aaron Ward, Daniel meeting of Congress, at 12 o'clock the Clerk called the

House to order, and having called the roll of the memNEW JERSEY--Lewis Condict, Silas Condict, Richard bers by States, to ascertain if a quorum was present, two M. Cooper, Thomas H. Hughes, James Fitz Randolph, hundred and two members answered to their names. d Isaac Southard.

quorum being present, PENNSYLVANIA--Robert Allison,John Banks, George The House proceeded to the election of a Speaker, and, Burd, John C. Bucher, Thomas H. Crawford, Richard on counting the ballots, the following result was announcCoulter, Harmar Denny, Lewis Dewart, Joshua Evans, ed, viz. The whole number of votes given in, 195; necesJames Ford, John Gilmore, William Heister, Henry Horn, sary to a choice, 98. Peter Ihrie, jun., Adam King, Henry King, Joel K. Mann, For ANDREW STEVExson, of Virginia, 98. Robert McCoy, Henry A. Muhlenberg, T. M. McKennan, For Joel B. SUTHENLAND, of Pennsylvania, 54. David Potts, jun., Andrew Stewart, Samuel A. Smith, For C. A. WICKLIFFE, of Kentucky, 15. Philander Stephens, Joel B. Sutherland, John G. Wat For Joux W. Taylor, of New York, 18. mough.

For Lewis Condict, of New Jersey, 4. DELAWARE--John J. Milligan.

Scattering, 6. MARYLAND–Benjamin C. Howard, Daniel Jenifer, (Mr. Cooke, of Ohio, offered his ballot to the tellers, John L. Kerr, George E. Mitchell, Benedict I. Semmes, after they had commenced counting the votes, (be having John S. Spence, Francis Thomas, George C. Washington, been accidentally without the Hall while the ballot boxes J. T. H. Worthington.

were handed round;) but some hesitation being manifested VIRGINIA--Mark Alexander, Robert Allen, William by the teliers as to the regularity of receiving the vote of S. Archer, William Armstrong, John S. Barbour, Thomas Mr. C. at that period of the proceeding, he waived pressT. Bouldin, Nathaniel H. Claiborne, Robert Craig, Joseph ing it.] W. Chinn, Richard Coke, jun., Thomas Davenport, 'The Hon. ANDREW STEVExson, of Virginia, having rePhilip Doddridge, Wm. F. Gordon, Charles C. Johnston, ceived 98 votes, (the exact number necessary for a choice,) John Y. Mason, Lewis Maxwell, Charles F. Mercer, Wil. was declared to be duly elected Speaker of the House of liam McCoy, Thomas Newton, John M. Patton, John J. Representatives: whereupon, being conducted to the Roane, Andrew Stevenson.

chair by the Hon. 'Promas Newton, of Virginia, the NORTH CAROLINA —Daniel L. Barringer, Laughlin SpeakEn addressed the House as follows: Bethune, John Branch, Samuel P. Carson, Henry W. “ GENTLEMEN: In accepting, a third time, this exalted Conner, Thomas II. Hall, Micajah T. Hawkins, James J. station, I cannot adequately express the deep sense l en. McKay, Abraham Rencher, William B. Shepard, Augus- tertain of the honor you have been pleased again to contine II. Shepperd, Jesse Speight, Lewis Williams. fer upon me, or my warm feelings of gratitude for this

SOUTH CAROLINA--Robert W. Barnwell, James distinguished proof of your continued confidence and
Blair, Warren R. Davis, William Drayton, John M. Fel. unchanging kindness.
der, J. R. Griffin, Thomas R. Mitchell, George McDuffie, “ It is an honor, too, gentlemen, which has been con.
William T. Nuckolls.

ferred in a manner, and under circumstances peculiarly GEORGIA-Thomas F. Foster, Henry G. Lamar, Da. calculated to gratify and flatter me; and I shall ever che. niel Newman, Wiley Thompson, Richard H. Wilde, James rish it as the most valuable reward for my past services. M. Wayne, (one vacancy.)

The office of Speaker of this House has, at no period in our KENTUCKY-John Adair, Chilton Allan, Henry Da history, been without its embarrassments and trials; and

Dec. 5, 6, 7, 1831.]
Fifth Census.

(H. Or R. if, in times of profound tranquillity and repose, its duties of, for each member, not to exceed the price of three daily have justly been regarded by the most eminent of the papers. distinguished individuals who have filled the chair, as ar. Adjourned. Juous and responsible, how greatly must its labors and

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6. responsibilities be enhanced in times of high political and party divisions!

On motion of Mr. TAYLOR, it was "I certainly am not vain enough to suppose that it will

Resolved, That two Chaplains, of different denominabe in my power to discharge the duties of this high office tions, be elected by Congress, one by each House, to serve in a manner suitable to its dignity and importance, or as

during the present session, who shall interchange weekly. I could myself wish; indeed, there is no man, I am very

Mr. WARD, from the joint committee appointed yesconfident, be he whom he may, who could at such a time terday to wait on the President of the United States, and assume its responsibilities, without distrusting greatly his inform him that Congress is assembled, and ready to reown abilities.' I shall not, however, despair. Actuated ceive any communication he may be pleased to make, reby an honest and manly zeal, I shall endeavor at least to ported that the committee had performed the duties of its justify the choice of my friends, and merit the confidence would make a communication to the two Houses of Con

appointment, and that the President answered that he and the respect of the House.

Whoever shall fill this chair to his own honor or the gress to-day at 12 o'clock, M. advantage of the nation, must possess not only this confi

Immediately after, a communication in writing was redence of the House, but the esteem and respect of the ceived from the President of the United States, by Mr. honorable and high minded men over whom he presides Donelson, his private Secretary; which was read.' (Sce Neither station nor power can coerce esteem or respect. Appendix:] They can only be acquired by integrity, impartiality, and

On motion of Mr. JOHNSON, of Kentucky, the said independence here. These alone can shed'honor or lus- message was committed to the Committee of the whole tre on this station, and make it, both as it regards the House on the state of the Union; and ten thousand copies llouse and the nation, what it should be.

thereof, with the documents accompanying the same, were “I unfeignedly assure you, gentlemen, that I shall need ordered to be printed for the use of the members of this

House. and expect your cordial and kind co-operation in preserving order and dignity in our deliberations, and sustaining

Adjourned. the authority of the Chair; and I earnestly hope so to discharge its duties as to ensure to its decisions not merely a

WEDNESDAY, DECEMRER 7. reluctant support, but a steady and cheerful acquiescence

FIFTH CENSUS. in their justice and propriety. “I tender you gentlemen, my cordial co-operation in of the United States, by Mr. Donelson, his private Secre.

The following message was received from the President the discharge of your high duties, and ardently pray that we may, by our conduct and deliberations, revder this

tary: House worthy of the high name and character of our be

WASHINGTON, December 7, 1831. lored country.”

I transmit herewith, for the information of Congress, The oath to support the constitution of the United States, two letters from the Secretary of State, accompanied by as prescribed by the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the statements from that department, showing the progress time and manner of administering certain oaths," was then which has been made is taking the fifth census of the inadministered to the Speaker, by Mr. Newton, one of the habitants of the Uniteå States. And also, by a printed Representatives from the State of Virginia, and the same copy of the revision of the statements heretofore transmitoath (or affirmation) was thereupon administered by the ted to Congress, of all former enumerations of the popuSPEAKER to all the other members present.

lation of the United States, and their Territories. On motion of Mr. SPEIGHT, it was

ANDREW JACKSON. Resolved, unanimously, That M. St. C. CLARKE, Clerk

The message being read, was laid on the table, and orto the late House of Representatives, be appointed Clerk dered to be printed. to this House.

The following is the recapitulation, On motion of Mr. TAYLOR, it was

Exhibiting the general aggregate amount of each description Resolved, That the rules and orders established by the of persons in the United States, by classes. late House of Representatives be deemed and taken to be the rules and orders of proceeding to be observed in Males under 5 years of age, 972,194 this House, until a revision or alteration shall have taken

of 5 and under 10, 782,637 place.

of 10

15, 671,688 On motion of Mr. POLK, it was

of 15

20, 575,614 Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform

of 20

30, 952,902 that body that a quorum of this House has assembled; that

of 30

40, 592,596 ANDREW STEVExson has been elected Speaker thereof;

of 40

50, 369,370 that this House is now ready to proceed to business; and

of 50

60, 230,500 that the Clerk do go with said message.

of 60

70, 134,910 On motion of Mr. WARD, it was

of 70

80, 58,136 Resolved, That a committee be appointed, on the part

of 80

90, 15,945 of this House, to join such committee as may be appointed

of 90

1,993 on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the

of 100 and upwards, 274-5,358,759 United States, and inform bim that Congress is assembled, Females—under 5 years of age, 920,104 and ready to receive any communication

he may be pleased

of 5 and under 10, 751,649 to make.

of 10

15, 639,063 Mr. WARD, of New York, and Mr. Bell, of Tennessee,

of 15

20, 597,713 were appointed the committee on the part this House.

of 20

30, 915,662 On motion of Mr. JOHNSON, of Kentucky, it was

of 30

40, 555,565 Resolved, That the Clerk cause the members of this

of 40

50, 355,425 House to be furnished, during the present session, with

of 50

60, 225,928 such newspapers as they may direct, the expense where

of 60

70, 130,366


66 100,

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