Benjamin Franklin as a Man of Letters

WESTPHALIA Press, 27/01/2016 - 312 páginas
Benjamin Franklin (1705-1790) is often given the title, "The First American" for his tireless advocacy for the colonies to form a union. He was, aside from being an inventor, politician, printer, inventor, diplomat, and scientist, a prolific author. While his published works are well known, his letters are a great source of inspiration as well, full of pithy wisdom. This volume offers a small glimpse of his prolific correspondence, highlighting his time as a diplomat to France, the development of the Farmers' Almanac, and the steps he often engineered leading to the creation of the United States. They allow readers to glimpse some of Franklin's humor, rapier wit and penetrating intellect. Far from a dry character, Franklin had a curiosity which fueled an interest in everything, and in this volume reveals himself as a true lover of all aspects of life. This edition is dedicated to Leo Ribuffo of George Washington University, professor and researcher, mentor and friend.

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