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young Bullock, with the fellow's arm us with the promise of another special round her waist. The girl is mad, I train coming every instant, I should have thought, for I was beyond speech. Pres- turned round and walked myself back ently the door was dashed open, and in every step of the way to Slowmansleigh, bounced young Bullock, out of breath. and have entered an action against the

“Make haste, ma'am, make haste! railway company the very next day for We have kept a capital corner for you, “ breach of promise," and would have though it is only in a cattle truck they had the Lord Chancellor to lay the damhave put on behind.”

ages. “Away, serpent !” I cried; and sink- I


be deceived, for I am not the ing upon a chair, my feelings overcame Pope of Rome, but I believe it was halfme, and I dissolved in tears.

past ten or a quarter to eleven-I won't A piercing steam-whistle, whose ex- be particular to a minute-I only know cruciating shrillness turned my skin into the telegraph wires were buzzing so, that gooseflesh, roused me from my misery. I expected each moment they would With my fingers in my ears I rushed to off like a gun-when we saw the up sig. the door just in time to see Slowman nal turn slowly round, by which we knew dragged from an open carriage window our train was coming in at last. People which he had attempted to enter while had begun to look blank and limp with the train was moving from the platform, waiting, but now they bustled about as when the porters had secured him by the lively as crickets, and swarmed like ants heels, and pulled him ignominiously forth in and out of the offices. like a thief. I laughed scornfully, for I It is a matter of history how Jessie, was half glad to behold him punished for the Flower of Dunblane, sang his desertion and neglect of the wife of Campbells are coming," at the relief of his bosom.

Lucknow; but I never knew what it was “If ever there was a finger of Provi- to enter into her feelings, poor thing, till dence,” I said as he came up to where I I heard the whistle of the engine and saw stood, looking sheepish enough as you that train come sailing alongside the may suppose-"if ever there was a finger platform. I could have kissed the stoker of Providence, Slowman, that was one!" for joy, though he was as sooty as a sweep.

I am good-tempered enough if every. There was no room to spare, so people thing goes smooth, nobody can deny tumbled in just wherever they could. that; or if they do, I will go further and Luckily, Slowman and I found a beautiful show them that folks are never so put carriage with a lamp burning on the top out as when they are contradicted flat. to prevent taking liberties in the tunnels, No lamb but would feel mortified at be- and a wool footing up to one's ankles, ing left behind by an excursion train; no and cloth linings that would have been lanıb but would be in tantrums at it. It comfortable enongh had it been winter, is as much as to say you are not good instead of a broiling sun, and the perspienough for our company. Now I have ration running in peas down one's face. my own opinion on that matter, and I It smelt rather fusty too, that's a fact, will never sit under anybody's footstool, and I was scandalized to see the moths that I am determined. Consequently I walking in and out of holes just as they do not mind admitting, that for the next do o' Sundays in the faded green baize two hours Slowman led a pretty life of of Squire Jilly's pew in church directly it with me, and I have no doubt he was the organ begins. quite sincere in wishing himself at home A polite gentleman with large whisand me at Jericho, though he need not kers and a gold chain, worth a mint of have put himself to the trouble of repeat- money, sat opposite to me, and a more ing that wish so often as he did. If it genteel Romeo-and-Juliet looking fellow had not been that Keziah was actually I never saw. The curl of his moustachios gone on with that young Bullock, “who," spoke volumes of military romance. It said I, “if he does not take care may find seemed to me he must have been bred up himself figuring at the Xeter assize court in the Castle of Otranto, and that he held some fine day for abduction or arson, or the Horse Guards in his pocket. There something worse.” If it had not been were three others in the carriage whose for that, and that they kept on deceiving appearance I did not much regard, but he was as polite as could be, offering to with us, and there would scarcely have let up and down the windows, and help been room, I expect, even if we had ing me in all manner of ways, quite a had the balls. The polite gentleman pattern to Slowman. Besides these there with the large whiskers and watch-chain was a countryman with a large bundle took a deal of persuasion, unless, as he which he pushed in under my seat, and said, the ladies would play. I was ready a young lady, dressed to death, as they at once; but after the first game, which say, with a hat that would have turned I lost, I felt so sleepy I could not go on, Kezial's brain could she have seen it. so he made up a rubber of whist with

What with the heat and standing about, Slowman and two of the others. I could scarcely keep my eyes open; and I never woke until after three o'clock, I had not been seated a minute before I just as the train reached Xeter. Everyforgot all about the roses at the back of body was complaining of the scandalous my bonnet, and resting my head so that way in which we had been detained on they must have been squeezed into a the road, and Slowman was cursing and pancake, I dropped asleep as sound as a biting his nails worse than any. roach, and woke up three minutes after- The countryman, who, I told him, had wards under the impression we were no right in our carriage with a third-class arrived at Xeter. Nothing of the sort. ticket, wanted to get at his bundle, but There was a porter at the window asking I would not budgę an inch, till he let out to see our tickets, and Slowman was that it was a butt of bees, and that he slapping one pocket and then another as merely wished to see if they were safe. if that would create them, and then at Good gracious! I wonder I did not go last had to confess that he had handed straight out of the window, like a Jackthem over to Keziah to take care of. Of in-the-box. “Lor, missus, you needn't course the money had to be paid again, squall so," said the man (I give it in the and the gentleman opposite with the large low creature's own words; and upon my whiskers and watch-chain I fancied eyed honor I only exclaimed, “Gemini! SlowSlowman's purse quite rudely when he man!” and leapt up, creeping all over, took it out. For though it was but a as well I might.) The polite gentleman common leather bag, there was plenty with the large whiskers and watch-chain of lining to it, that is certain. Then, as caught hold of my dress; for I dare say they make a point of doing, the porter he expected to see me every instant must needs open the door and slam it through the window, and a coroner's inagain with all his might, bawling out quest sitting on me; and one of the “ All right," as if he would insult us to others made me change places with him, the last; whereby my dress got jammed, though it was but a moment before we and the next time I moved it tore a quar- all got out at Xeter station, where the ter of a yard three-cornered rent. With crowd was so great I lost sight of them a screech like my godmother used to give instantaneously, though I looked everywhen she sang,

“There was an old where to thank them for their politeness: woman all skin and bone” (which is for I was determined to shame Slowman, always associated in my mind with the who I verily believe would bave seen smell of hot punch and the wind rumb- me stung to a strawberry without lifting ling in the chimney), the engine dragged a finger, he looked so glum. us sulkily out of the station, and of course Will you believe it? The Horticulyou may suppose we were off at last. tural Exhibition was closed; and just as Nothing of the kind, bless your heart! we reached the cattle - yard a violent They simply shunted us on to the middle tempest came on, and we were drenched line, no better than so many luggage to the skin, while the lightning was vans; and there we stuck simmering and awful. spitting (that is, the engine, you under- “My dear Slowman,” I said (I am alstand) till the clock bad struck twelve, ways affectionate in a thunderstorm) the express train passing malignantly ap “my dearest husband, let us go back.” before us! I should have burst with And back we went, as fast as our legs spite had not some one sensibly proposed could carry us, to a pastry.cook's in the a game of cards. Croquêt would have High street, where we found our Keziah been more genteel, but Keziah was not and Young Bullock in the long room

New Series-VOL. I., No. 3,

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behind the shop, with a lot of others as beholding to that "-I paused to give it merry as grigs around a table covered emphasis—“ to that-gentleman. Since, with chops and steaks and sausage rolls, Mr. Slowman, you cultivate a taste for drinking Allsopp's pale ale in long

glasses gambling, and are become so childish as and talking sixteen to the dozen. It not to be capable of taking care of your was still thundering, and I had not the money, it is well for you that you have a heart to scold the girl, who indeed did wife whose purse is at your disposal. seem overjoyed to see us, and kissed me Take it,” I said, imitating, ás near as again and again, and whispered she had I could, Lady Macduff's tone, in the play, a secret to tell me. Now, if I have a when she murders sleep, and plunging weak point it is to hear a secret. I be my hand in my pocketlieve if I were fighting a deadly duel My conscience! I thought I should with broadswords, and my adversary have dropt. There was nothing in it. whispered she had a secret to tell me, I Upon examination, we found that my should throw down my arms at once. dress had been cut with a sharp instruSo I smiled at Keziah, and said there ment, and I as innocent as an unborn would be time enough for that by-and-by. babe of it, and my purse stolen. Up For one should never listen to a secret went my hands and eyes. “ Well," I directly. Waiting makes one's mouth cried, " this beats Banagher, as the Irishwater whether it is for currants or kisses. man said,” and, turning about, who And I can tell you it is much nicer to should I see at a corner table but the put a secret off for a while, like a letter, polite gentleman with the large whiskers which I always carry in my apron pocket and watch-chain, whom I knew directly, for an hour before opening.

although he was holding up a newspaper Down I sat and began to eat, for I before him. The minute he saw me he had tasted nothing all day, and the beef laid down the paper and stretched his steaks were done to a turn, and such legs, and took up his hat, and moved to baked potatoes, for all the world like the chimney-glass in a leisurely sort of snowballs in curl - papers! Slowman way, and then was about to pass by us had been out of the room with that out of the room. What possessed me I young Bullock, and now came back look-cannot think, but I touched him on the ing more cheerful than when he had a arm, and asked him if he might have legacy left him. I own it exasperated seen my purse which I had lost in the me to see him so hand and glove with railway carriage. that young fellow; and I was preparing “My good woman," he answered, as to say something biting to the young grand as Doomsday, staring like a stone scamp, who looked as if butter would above my head, “what are you talking not melt in his mouth, when we all know about? Is the creature insane ?” he Arrowmore cheese would not choke him, added, waving his hand to Keziah to let when all at once our Keziah exclaimed- him

“Why, father, do you know you have You may imagine how I felt. Mr. Bullock's purse stuck in your waist- “Do you mean to say,” I demanded, coat pocket ?”

all aghast at his impudence, “that we Slowman went immediately as red as did not travel together in the same cara lobster.

riage this morning ?“Yes, my dear," he said, hesitating, He tapped his forehead significantly, and looking at me. “The fact is, I may looking round on the others and shaking as well out with it ; I lost every penny I his head (the scoundrel !). had, playing at cards in the train with a “The poor thing ! she ought to be conlot of blessed sharpers ”—not that Slow- fined in an asylum. Never saw her in man employed the term “blessed,” but all my life before, ’pon my honor." if you understand irony you may guess A suspicion instantly darted into my what he used "and Bullock here has mind. been kind enough to offer to lend ”- “ It is my belief, you villain, you took

“No, Mr. Slowman," I interrupted, the purse yourself," I called out. cutting him short, as I laid down my He made no reply, but tried to push knife and fork, and rose with dignity. by Keziah. I was determined he should “Never shall it be said that you were not escape, if he had been a Hercules

go by.

and I a midge: so I caught hold of his the loss of a single penny-piece; for shoulder, held my breath, and clung like which you may be sure I was thankful a leech. When he found he could not enough to remember in my prayers ; not shake me off, he called for the mistress that I cared so much for the money as of the shop, and asked in a lordly man- for the little gilt thimble which had bener whether she did not know the name longed to my godmother's aunt, to whom of Captain Blackball, at the same time it had been given by her nurse's cousin, throwing down a card as if he were when she was a child in the mumps ;

and the Champion at the Queen's corona- has been an heirloom in the family ever tion. He wanted to know whether she since. called her refreshment - rooms respect- Of course there was congratulation able. He asked what she meant by it; between us all. You would have taken and declared he had been grossly in that pastrycook's shop for the Houses of sulted, and that he would prosecute Parliament in debate, there was such a " that female” (meaning myself), and jabber; and I caught myself gossipping all who aid and abetted her, with the with at least six people at once, without utmost rigor of the law. The shop- knowing one of them, and shaking woman curtsied, and said she was sure hands with young Bullock for his good she did not know any of us, but that she service, before I was aware of what I was perfectly astounded at any female was doing. I could but be grateful to accusing a captain in the army. At the him, you know. He and Slowman then same moment a gentleman and lady left us to go before the magistrates or came on out of the back room, the gen- something, and they tell me I shall mytleman calling out in a light, airy tone as self have to appear as a witness when he passed, "Good-bye, captain ; we shall those light-fingered gentry are brought see you to-night at the Park !" and then to trial. I have, however, made up stopping, apparently surprised at the my mind to be in bed that day with a scene.

sick headache or something intectious, “Oh, ma'am,” I cried to the lady, even if I have to drink mustard and whom I recognized at once by her hat, water to produce it. The barristers "did we not travel together to-day, shall never have an opportunity of playma'am, in the same carriage with this, ing off their tricks on me, with their gentleman with the large whiskers and "Now, Mrs. Slowman, speak up that the the watch-chain ?”

jury may hear® you," or "Remember She stared at me for a minute, and you are upon your oath, ma'am.” Oh, I then smiling languidly to the shopwoman, have heard and seen poor witnesses worsaid, “ There is evidently some mistake. ried into swearing black is white, and The oman is crazed. Come, captain,

Come, captain, badgered to tears many a time in the you will go with us.”

course of justice ! I could scarcely believe my senses. That was the tea we made when SlowYou might have tripped me up

with man and young Bullock returned, and gossamer. I turned to Slowman to sup- we all sat down in the pastrycook's back port my evidence; but neither he nor room, with kidneys and broiled ham young Bullock were visible, and Keziah that would have made a Jewish cardinal was crying like the rain.

break his fast of a Friday! It is my I let go my hold on the captain's coat, firm conviction, and you would never and they had reached the door, when it turn me from it were you to talk within was blocked up by young Bullock and a an inch of your life, that we should not policeman, and the next instant brought have moved to this day had not the Slowman and two or three more of the omnibus called to take us back to the police, who made no ado but slipped railway station. For Keziah had whishandcuffs at once upon the captain and pered her secret; namely, that old Mr. his fine friends, who turned out to be a Bullock, who I will say is a most respectpart of a gang of swindlers that had able man, and owns more property than been pocket picking in every direction half the gentry round — that old Mr. through the town. My purse was dis- Bullock had taken a nice estate for his covered the very first thing in the cap- son, about four miles from Slowmanstain's pocket; so I got it again without 'leigh, and that young Bullock had


Temple Bar.

There now I am beginning to cry our days, we consult a great physician or again. It is very foolish, but I cannot celebrated lawyer. It was, in short, a help it. I suppose they will be married golden age for the priests and sibyls. in the spring, and that will be the result The temple of Delphi was the most celeof our going to the Cattle-Show. brated, and the priests did all in their

power to keep up its reputation. Their means of acquiring information are thus described by M. de Caston :

“Every caravan, every deputation, every SORCERY, ANCIENT AND MODERN.

private person, coming to consult the oracle, PERFORMERS of miracles are as old as from the temple, by spies, guides, and travel

was surrounded, while still twenty leagues the world, and as eternal as human folly; ling companions, who had no difficulty in disthe pythonesses of Greece and the augurs covering the visitors' object. All the attendof Rome can shake hands, across twenty ants at the inns where the travellers halted centuries, with the spirit-rappers of Amer were devoted, body and soul, to the college ica and England. So long as magnetiz- of priests. The latter, on their side, contrived ers contented themselves with telling you to gain the requisite time for obtaining inforthe number of your watch, no great liarm, mation about the new-comers, and, by various perhaps, was done: but at present the pretexts, delayed the day when the oracle evil is proving one of a serious nature, ure of the gods, strangers amused themselves

would speak. While awaiting the good pleasfor the spiritualists are as legion, and are as best they could, by visiting the monuments indubitably exerting a very deleterious and curiosities of the country. They were influence over minds. Till the time ar- constantly accompanied by guides, who had rives when the law shall be called upon the double duty of watching and exciting to treat these impostors in the same man

them by artfully told tales. Here a large ner as it does the comparatively harmless fresco displayed the exemplary punishment fortune-tellers, there is only one weapon doubted the power of the local divinity. Far

inflicted on an incredulous man, who had which can be employed effectively against ther on, a man, hurled from the summit of a them, and that is ridicule. For this precipice, was a miser, who had not kept his laudable object we will take advantage promises to the god. In another monument, of the recent appearance of a work by the statues and admirably-modelled gold vases M. Alfred de Caston,* to give our read. were the gifts of some great man, whom the ers a cursory account of sorcery ancient oracle had saved from mortal danger. All and modern.

this naturally affected the new-comers, and According to trustworthy documents, divinity they had come to consult."

inspired them with great confidence in the India was the cradle of the occult sciences practiced by the ancient thaumaturgists.

When the priests had obtained all the From India the science of the Magi information they needed, they allowed passed to the Chaldeans, and from them the oracle to speak. Should it happen, to the Egyptians; where, through the however, that the visitor was silent, and sacerdotal organization, it soon made no information could be acquired about great progress. God's chosen people did him, the oracle still spoke ; but the annot escape infection from the prevalent swers were very enigmatical. The priests mania, and sacred history tells us that invented about a hundred phrases, which the Lord punished the Canaanites be. were half-way between an affirmative canse they employed enchantments and a negative, and, with such a system, against their enemies. We also read that it was very difficult to catch the oracle Moses, ere he became the leader of the tripping. This plan, by the way, is ex. Israelites, was educated by the daughter tensively imitated by our false prophets, of Pharaoh in the learning of the Egyp: mediums, and extra-lucid somnambulists. tians. The ancients believed that the At the same time the rulers took advangods revealed their will to mortals tage of this jugglery, and managed that through certain privileged beings. War- the prophecies should harmonize with riors, women, freemen, and slaves went their projects. Demosthenes exclaimed, to consult renowned oracles, just as, in “The Pythoness philippizes!” on seeing

the priests of Delphi constantly make * Les Marchands des Miracles : Histoire de la their oracle speak in favor of Philip of Superstition humaine. Paris: E. Dentu. Macedon. It is true that the latter prince

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