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mer, who arrived in Paris in 1779, and strong-minded man should obtain the astonished all the world by a discovery mastery over weak minds. Unhappily, which he published under the title of when a man is once convinced of the "animal magnetism." Still, though the truth of spiritualism, he will employ any German physician's conduct was in many resources; for he considers that in such points blamable, he rendered humanity a case the end will justify the means. an immense service by revealing a power Certain that he has been witness of a which had long been neglected; while fact, he will employ every sort of trickCagliostro, by blending magnetism with ery to reproduce it on a given day and his juggleries, traced the path for char. hour. And the saddest part of the busilatans who would discredit and ruin a ness is, that, as the spiritualist's decease science whose starting-point was one of is to him a reality, he will cheat almost the supreme laws of nature.

in good faith. Such appears to us to be Of all the fortune tellers known to the case with Mr. Home, who possesses history, the one who acquired the great- an ardent and mystical mind contained est reputation is incontestably Mademoi- in a fragile body, which exerts a percepselle Le Normand. For forty years court tible influence over it. and city crowded her rooms; and even Although we are not disposed to deny at the present day, in France, if you the influence of magnetism on the human tease a person for trying fortune by the body, we are forced to the painful concards, the stereotyped reply is, “Tut, viction that every man who lives by sir, the Emperor Napoleon himself con- magnetism is a charlatan. As our author sulted Mademoiselle Le Normand." This justly remarks, “ Magnetism, like all the woman was a notorious impostor; but oceult sciences, at times gives flashes, her “Sibylline Oracles," published after but never light.” He also adds, that the downfall of Napoleon I., were a dis- though he has assisted at the séances of grace to the government which permitted all the distinguished somnambulists, he their issue. Unfortunately, striking a declares that if by accident a flash of man when down is an act of cowardice truth dazzled him, it was solely the result as common 'with governments as with of legerdemain. Robert Houdin, the individuals. This wretched creature, who greatest prestidigitator of modern times, publicly preached political assassination, merely developed and augmented the has remained, up to the present day, the resources of magnetizers by creating the model for all French fortune-tellers; and anti-magnetic second sight. we may read daily in the advertising It will be'seen from our analysis that columns the announcements of charla- M. Alfred de Caston is a rough opponent tans who boast of being the pupils or of all marvel-mongers, ancient and modrivals of Malle. Le Normand.

But we cannot blame him for it. Spiritualism is a very old delusion-a It is a notorious fact that spiritualism collection of all the ancient doctrines. has led to a large increase of insanity; It borrows its form from Egpyt and and it behooves every man who has the Greece, and its practices from the rev. welfare of his fellow-beings at heart to eries of the Swedenborgs and Spinosas. strive strenuously at putting a stop to The alchemists pursued the discovery of these works of the devil and his friends. the soul of the world; the mediums and

L. W. evokers wish to force Deity to place at their disposal the soul of any man who has shuffled off the mortal coil. Their PRINCE GORTCHAKOFF. system is at once anti-christian and antilogical; for they desire to keep the soul still bound to the earth, and compel it AMONG the many noble and renownat their bidding to quit the infinite splen- ed families whose names and deeds have dors of celestial worlds in order to return adorned the Russian annals, few have among mortals. Spiritualism is divided been longer known or more distinguishinto two parties—that of facts and that ed on the roll of fame than that of of ideas. In the first we absolutely deny Prince Gortchakoff

. He is descended that matter can subjugate the mind : in from a noble family of great antiquity. the second, it is very possible that a 1 His princely title is not derived from



any modern imperial decree ; it has | Prince Michael Gortchakoff, was born been hereditary in his family from the in 1795. In 1828 he served in the foundation of the Russian empire. Russian Imperial Guard, and soon afPrince Gortchakoff, it is said, is a lin- ter directed the operations at the siege eal descendant from Prince Rurik, the of Silistra and Shumla. In the camfounder of the Russian empire in 861, at paign of Poland, in 1831, he was comNovgorod. The two brothers of Rurik mander - in-chief of the artillery, and were Princes of the Empire. The fine distinguished himself at the capture of and expressive portrait of Prince Gort- Warsaw. In 1843 he was appointed chakoff which we place at the head of the Military Governor of Warsaw. He the present number of THE ECLECTIC, commanded the Russian armies which we think bears a princely stamp and as- occupied the Danubian Principalities in pect, as his princely and affable manners 1853. In March, 1855, he was appointdo in real life.

ed to succeed Prince Menschikoff in the A few historic allusions and facts in command of the Russian forces in the relation to the Gortchakoff family, as Crimea. IIe superintended the protractillustrative of their character, will suf- ed defence of Sebastopol, and with confice for our present purpose in this brief summate skill secured the final retreat biographical sketch. Among the dis of the Russian troops from the blazing tinguished personages of this family ruins of the fortress. may be mentioned Prince Peter Gori Prince Gortchakoff, the younger chakoff

, who commanded the Russian brother, whose portrait we give, was forces at Smolensk, celebrated in history born in 1800. He was educated for the for his heroic defence of that city against career of diplomacy, in which he has the army of Sigismund III., King of always been occupied. In 1824 he bePoland, in 1609–11, when it was taken came secretary to the Russian embassy by assault. Also, in the world of litera in London. In 1830 he was chargé ture and letters, Prince Demetrius Gort- d'affaires at Florence. In 1832 he was chakoff was distinguished for his Odes, appointed counsellor to the Russian emSatires, and Letters. He was born in 1756, bassy at Vienna. In 1841 he was sent and died in 1824. Prince Alexander to Stuttgard as envoy extraordinary, and Gortchakoff served in the Russian army negotiated the marriage of the Grandunder Suwaroff against the Turks and Duchess Olga with the Prince Royal of the Poles under Kosciusko. He fought Wurtemburg. He remained at Stattagainst the French in the campaign of gard as Russian envoy to the German Switzerland, and afterwards with great Diets till he was recalled in June, 1854, distinction under Benningsen in the to receive special instructions from the campaign of 1807, when he defeated Emperor Nicholas for the special misLannes, at Heilsberg, and fought at the sion to Vienna with which he was battle of Friedland. He was the Min-charged in July, 1854. He continued ister of War to the Russian government at Vienna, occupied with the negotiain 1812. He was born in 1764, and died tions for peace between Russia and the in 1825. There are other renowned Western powers, till the conferences names in this family.

finally ceased, in 1855. In 1856 he was Prince Alexander Gortchakoff, the appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs subject of this sketch, is the younger of at St. Petersburg. This high and imthree brothers. The elder brother, portant office, next to the Emperor, he Prince Peter, was born in 1790. He still holds as the chief counsellor of the early entered the Russian army. He Emperor. fought against Napoleon in various Prince Gortchakoff is a warm friend of campaigns, from 1807 to 1812-14. He the United States. He takes a deep inwas Quartermaster-General of the Rus terest in the present struggle of our sian army under Wittgenstein, and sign-government. “All Americans are my ed the Treaty of Adrianople. He was friends," said the Prince to us, in his own afterwards appointed Lieutenant - Gen- palace at St. Petersburg in August last, eral, and in 1839 was made Governor of when he kindly presented his portrait Eastern Siberia. He retired from the from which the engraving is copied, addservice in 1851. The second brother, ling at our request bis autograph, as seen

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